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  1. As I said before we have all information welcome have on us as they had to supply us a copy of their defence for court which was all data on us Thank you
  2. Judgement was passed on the total amount owing which because they are saying we signed a second agreement extra fees were added and we submitted to court how much we have paid etc and where they are asking for nearly £6k there is a shortfall of a considerable amount
  3. Not sure what lies welcome told them at court we do know they said they never received our defence papers in time for the court hearing - wish we had been able to attend was so confident that them not having this second agreement that there would be no problem in winning
  4. Do you feel that them not having a signed second agreement is sufficient to appeal - we of course do but they are stating we verbally agreed (to my knowledge do not recall) and therefore have no proof It is so frustrating and when you are in our position you feel you are so right in appealing but we are so wrapped up in our belief trying to convince someone else is another matter
  5. Thank you for your help I will keep you informed and hopefully it is good news
  6. Thank you for your advice No nothing else has been received so yes they have messed up We would like to appeal further as feel we do not owe the money they are requesting Have we not gone over the threshold of time to still appeal Also what do we do when this person visits the door with the order for questioning notice Typical welcome finance not doing things the right way!! We have lived in the same property for 15 years and they even sent a judgement to the wrong address a couple of years ago and probably sent many letters to this wrong address too I ho
  7. No the wording is the defendant do pay the sum of £.... In respect of the claim, the sum of £.... In respect of interest there in from September 2010 to the date hereof at the rate of 4% per annum and the court fees in the sum of £... (In total the sum of £....)
  8. We thought that when welcome contacted us we would then let them know we would be appealing Naive I know we should of done it straight away but not used to all this legal stuff - learnt a lot now though
  9. Yes we did and phoned the court straight away spoke to a clerk and she asked told us that as they hadn't set a date on the judgement for payment to wait till welcome contacted us Fast forward to now and we receive a letter to tell us someone attending to issue a court for questioning letter so now not sure if we gone over time limit to appeal
  10. Not strict proof but have asked on numerous occasions has always been our argument What makes my laugh is that we firstly requested a telephone hearing to sort this out as I was working away and welcome didn't bother to attend and when it was adjourned and a court date set I last minute was called away and could not attend and ended up losing Hate the company have had nothing but stress and grief over this just so annoyed that it has come to this and the last thing I want is to have to pay them any money but when you get a judgement the last thing I need
  11. No there is no signed second agreement and further to my post above they have admitted that in there witness statement They basically refinanced the car without my signature which then incurred more costs we have been in dispute with them for years
  12. I have all documentation as what they had in court I was given a copy of all information relating to me
  13. On their witness statement regarding the second agreement this is what is written A copy of the original agreement has been provided along with statement of accounts for both agreements. The claimant does not hold a copy of the second agreement however the second agreement provided credit to settle the first agreement. The defendant admits the balance owed on the first agreement So as they have stated do not have a signed second agreement and I do not recall agreeing to any additional charges I had telephoned them as I had taken ill and needed to reduce payments for a short while bu
  14. Yes that is the argument thank you I think I mainly lost as I work away and was unable to attend last minute which I emailed court and they also say I lodged my defence late? Which I don't think I did but irrespective I am not paying something I don't owe Do you think I can just write to the court? Also how do I deal with someone who is serving me with the order of questioning who is due in a weeks time? Thanks
  15. Just googled it - request for disclosure of specific information But I doubt they will answer as in their eyes they have won without it I am not sure but surely I have to apply to the court in some way to let them know they have made a mistake as the claimant has no proof
  16. Yes but not sure if I have left it too late and which form I need to do this
  17. conditional I think but to be truthful once I sort out this judgement I will then relook at any charges I can claim back My main priority is to not to attend court for questioning on my finances to pay this debt As previously said they did not submit a signed second agreement which they say I signed and never did but because I could not attend lost the case and they won! Have I left it too late now
  18. The Ccj was gained on 25 November 2015 My partner whose name is on Ccj contacted the court on his return from working away and because it never advised us of date of payments etc they advised us to wait till we heard from them on then take action? We never directly phone welcome as we have had years of been pushed from pillar to post and false promises and lied
  19. I have not been issued it yet we received a letter in the post to say someone is coming and gave a date and time to say they will be serving a order to attend court for questioning
  20. Thank you very much for your help I will read some posts tomorrow
  21. So what is the best way forward now can we try again to defend ourselves?
  22. Just said judgement had been awarded to welcome finance Unfortunately could not attend and told court they advised to write a letter defending ourselves think it might of been too much info and not all digested by judge? and god knows how they succeeded There is still no signed second agreement so now have to go to court for questioning of financial position Still have loads of paperwork of their defence which they used in court but only signed first agreement in there What should we do now to contest this judgement?
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