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  1. ok, i went to the county court yesterday and was told there was no duty officer to talk to and that i wouldnt beable to see one until the court date, then i produced a letter from the council saying that they plan to ask the judge to generaly adjurn the case but the clerk at the court checked and said they have not recived a letter from the council so they couldnt do any thing. I have also called the legal sevices dept for assistance but they started going on about legel aid which i dont think i would get because i have been doing lots of overtime to pay this and other bills. so it looks like am off to court.
  2. So there is no way of stoping it before it goes to court ?
  3. Thank you, i will do that first thing tomorrow.
  4. Oh i think so, I have since been in to my local shelter and am waiting for a call back but they have advised to defo attend court and seemed a little surprised that even tho i have no rent arrears now it was still going to court, which ofcourse i want to avoid.
  5. Hi All, i hope someone can give me some advice about this. On the 26 of Jan i got a letter from court saying the council has made a claim for possession for my home. I have a secure tenancy. On the 2nd of Feb which was a tuesday i called the council and paid my rent and arrears fully uptodate i was then told that i had to pay my rent every week and that i had to have a £100 in credit on the day of the court hearing (25 feb) for the costs. Firstly, is this right because i have had dodgy and downright wrong information from my council before. I had used nearly all my wages to clear the arrears and have nearly 3 weeks to wait till next pay day. So i have arranged to borrow rent money every week but i dont know if i can make the £100 Could i get the case delayed as the 25 is only a few days before i get paid again and would then have the £100 no problem. And now because i paid in the 1st week rent on the 4th and there was no rent due they have taken it off the court costs and now they have debited the rent account as its a new week i'm showing as being in arrears again:-x
  6. Thanks i will defo do that, does anyone know what County Court Act i should quote? I am quite willing to look for it if someone can give me a starting point but i have to have this in tomorrow. I have been working 8am-8pm since friday which is why i have not been on this sooner.
  7. ok i have finally gotten through to the court and have been assured that the amended claim was put before the Judge, i explained that cap1 1 defaulted me on a disputed account and have been told to hand in a letter stating that i want to carry on with my amened claim. I am wondering if i should also state again in my letter why i have amended my claim as i have a feeling what i'm trying to do is not understood by the courts. In my amended claim i even put in copies of the default notice and the cap1 letter that says they have given a full refund and high lighted the dates.
  8. On Sat the postie gave me this from the courts "Your application was referred to the District Judge for directions, who had made the following comments" "Send the claimant a copy of the Defendant's letter dated 4/09/2009. The claimant is to reply to the court in seven days as to how this affects her application and whether or not she wishes to amend it." The copy of Cap1 letter is simply a letter to the courts advising them that they have refunded my claim, but nothing about the fact they closed my account whilst it was in disputed which is what i (and all those who helped me) did so i'm not really sure what my next step is or how i tell them i want to continue my amended claim.
  9. I just want to thank everyone for their help, today has been so much better knowing i'm not stuck there for the next month or so and just to make it clear my job was advertised as various shifts and days and at my interview i told my boss the days and hours i wanted to work and he ok'd it. I never even been given a sheet of paper stating my job title and duties, contracted hours or rate of pay never mind anything like a contract, the only thing i signed was a standard company application form and a form for a enhanced crb. This is the best bit of news i've had since last xmas apart from beating Littlewoods, Capital One, Studio and NatWest at the unfair charges game, full refunds + awaiting to hear about a default removal (thanks crap1) and second time for Vanquis! I'm still in debt but i have reduced it by 75%
  10. Thanks all, i am beaming Elpulpo, the only things i signed was a few sheets of paper along with 20 other people, stating a had been on various traning courses. Beau Brummie, I know its a right! tho try telling them that! I know people who have left and they didnt get it or had to fight for ages for it but i will put it in, infact the bit about the one weeks notice link i'm gonna print off and enclose it with my notice and if i can find it the one about the holiday pay then that too. i just want to be ready if/when my manager tells me i have to give a months notice or no contract cos i think they will defo!!!
  11. Thank you Thank you Thank you You have made a bad day all bright again !!! I dont even mind losing the week or so holiday pay that they will no doubt withold. Now another question i take it i should state in my notice letter that the reason i'm giving one week is because i've not signed a contract.
  12. Hi All, i hope someone can help me this is my situation. I started working for a healthcare company as a healthcare assistant in early May of this year but i have never signed a contract, i usually work 33 hrs per week. I had decided pretty much in the first month that i wanted to leave but being in so much debt i decided to try and stick it out and see if it got better, which it has not infact its worse much worse. Due to a much increased work load, a change of managers and their attitude i now really need to leave. I know that once you sign a contract with them you need to give a months notice but i kind of jobs i like and have experience in are mostly asap starts or only want to wait a week or so, i dont want to hand in my notice with having another job and they have doubled my hours without even telling me i found out on the rota sheet and they are all 12hours shifts and they are backbreakers! I honestly dont think my body and mind could last another 6-8 weeks there. So my question is: can i give 1 weeks notice as i have not signed a contact or have i been there too long??
  13. Done! and handed in the the county court today, thanks for helping me. I am fighting littlewoods as well and they say i'm being unreasonable and may ask the court for me to pay their fees if i carry on with my case!! Sometimes it feels like just when i got one critter sorted for the time being another one comes along!!
  14. I wonder if you can read through this and let me know what you think Facts: I put in my claim upto and including July in on 28/08/09 for chages £200. + £8.81 8% interest Littlewoods own account statement in July shows a Total £201.91 In August and September i had charges totaling £24.00 Littlewoods own account statement in September shows a total of £225.91 I sent a email to a Mr Connelly at the legal dept of Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited merely pointing out the fact i knew Littlewoods had charged me twice more and they had that only credited back what they had charged me in the first place! and that i would carry on with my claim as they forgot to give me the 8% which i can claim at court. This is what i got back that very same afternoon I suggest you review your case. A total of £212 of charges have been applied to your account. However you have not paid this amount and have no legal right to reclaim charges that you have not paid. At most, 3 of those default charges, totalling £32, were actually paid i.e. those dated 3/3/07 (£12), 19/7/08 (£10) and 21/8/08 (£10) as no payment was received after 28/8/08. Accordingly, any statutory interest claim could only relate to charges actually paid and would equate to less than £5. In actual fact, the defendant has credited you £225.91 i.e. an amount in excess of the £212 plus the aforementioned interest. This was done simply to zero the balance and close your account. The company will not be making any further payment to you. If you continue your claim and force the defendant to incur unnecessary costs as a result, the defendant will make application to the Court for you to pay these costs on the basis that your behaviour is unreasonable i.e. it has credited you an amount in excess of any valid claim. I trust this clarifies the defendant's position. Two more facts: My account is still open and i still owe them money !!!
  15. Thanks for that Shadow, This is what i'm stuck on Question 4 Have you attached a draft of this order you are applying for ? Question 5 How do you want the application to be dealt with: i have put at a hearing Question 6 how long will the hearing take: i have left blank Question 7 Details of fixed trial or period: left blank Question 8 What level of judge: dont know Question 10 What info will you be relying on: i put the statement of case then write attached in the box below. If some could tell me what bits are right or wrong i would be gratefull because i'm not sure in anyway what i'm doing. thanks
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