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  1. At a guess, the difference maybe to do with the Vat change a while back..
  2. This has made excellent reading Labrat and your questions were brilliant. I also am confused with the bit about if payment is accepted for goods then no action is taken, as with the very kind help of Martin, I wrote to RLP with a great letter explaining that I had paid for my goods, and also more goods after the incident and they still are threatening me with Court Action.
  3. Should I write a letter to TK Maxx or RLP, or just wait to see if they send a 4th letter.
  4. Just thought I would share my 3rd Letter from RLP. Having considered all the information provided by you, we would inform you it has no legal basis as a defence to our client's claim and does not extinguish your liability, nor does it negate the fact that our client has suffered loss as a result of your wrongful Actions. We take this opportunity to advise you that we are not prepared to enter into any further corresponance on any of the points you have raised thus far as we have already addressed the issues raised which have a legal basis. Should this case proceed to the civil c
  5. Hi Martin. My 3rd letter does not mention the word "Debt" Shall I PM letter to you, or put on here leaving out my details.
  6. I am wondering if I should reply to the letter with a copy of the receipts, or just leave it and see what happens.
  7. Well just recieved my 3rd letter from RLP demanding £137.00 and threatening court action. I wrote to TK Maxx legal Dept (who I have not heard back from) and RLP a while ago, stating my defence. They wrote back to say that there Client (TK Maxx) has suffered loss as a result from my wrongful actions and that they are not prepared to enter into any further correspondance on any of the points I have raised as they have already addressed the issues raised which have a legal basis and they go on to say that TK Maxx is fully prepared to issue court proceedings in this matter to recover the full amou
  8. In my case with TK Maxx I was told by the security guard that if I paid for the goods in question, that would be the end of the matter. I did and got a receipt for them. I now have my 3rd letter from RLP demanding money and threatening court action. So even if the sweets were paid for after the incident, there probably would have been a letter from RLP sent out to the 2 boys.
  9. I think in the case of TK Maxx, as soon as they have your name and address even if its for most minor incident, they will pass it onto RLP. I even paid for my goods in question (which I have a reciept for), and i still got a letter from RLP asking for £137.00. I think that both TK MAXX and RLP are just seeing the pound signs, without a second thought to the upset they are causing some people..
  10. I have never heard of the police searching your house and confiscating your possessions, because of a mistake (by Boots) on a till receipt. This does not seem right. Surely if the mistake was pointed out to the customer and they were given the opportunity, to either pay for the goods, or return them, then there would have been no reason to call the police or contact RLP. It could have easily been sorted out in the shop. If this was to happen in cases like this where there was no actual theft commited but a genuine mistake/confusion, companies like RLP would lose alot of money. They seem to be
  11. RLP do not hold a CCL as they claim they do not need one, as they are only seeking compensation not a debt. I think they should have one as they are asking for money on behalf of another company. Surely this then becomes a debt, regardless of what it is.
  12. To be honest, I am getting a little confused now. I am not sure if I should complain or not. It seems from other threads, that they were warned that they would be hearing from RLP. I was in the office for 5 mins max and nothing was mentioned to me that my details would be forwarded on to a civil recovery comp. My partner and 2 sons were also shopping in TK maxx as well, and the man who questioned me said "don't worry they don't even have to know you have been in here." Luckily, I did mention to my partner straight away what happened as I would have been very embarrassed after getting a lette
  13. I will be ringing the ICO tomorrow to make a complaint about RLP. When TK Maxx took my name and address, they did not once mention to me that it would be passed onto RLP or anyone else. I thought is was purely for there records. This is a breach of the Data protection Act..
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