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  1. hi eeezzzyy, i had the same offer from them, 50% reduction of the hp for my car. i still had over 6k to pay on the car, reduced to 3100. valid for 31days. got it reduced again on the 30th day. paid just 2500 to clear hp on car.
  2. ok say no more, will check it out, would be interesting as i dont own my home. thanks again for the letter, will send that off. should i sent a copy to my local department also?
  3. are you saying that they have secured the loan on property?
  4. hi, have no idea why it say stuff about the land registry, i have an unsecured loan, paid for two years with no statements, i havnt see the agreement for the car, car was taken out jan 08. sent requests first week in feb 09, paid loan for two years and only found out after a telephone call with them in jan 09 that i was paying for ppi on the loan
  5. its for car on hp. lol still waiting on s.a.r for both accounts and not even one letter from colpliance regarding ppi.
  6. hi post, have done that and have the figures in writing,valid for 31 days with dates. did you guess the type of account??. land registry etc?.
  7. forgot to mention that the letter they sent on the 25th of last month was sent second class and arrived after the end of the month. lol
  8. hi guys , i have two accounts with welcome, got this the other day- we refer to your enquiry in which you requested a settlement figure along with a request that we provide an undertaking to remove our interest. you may accept this letter as our undertaking that upon receipt of the full settlement the discharge documents will be sent to the relevent land registry district to remove our interest. can anyone guess the type of account this refers to , well guys what do you think?. received this on the 25th of last month with a 50% discount to settle and was only valid till the e
  9. it is against OFT guidelines for them to call you at work.? hi, can someone show me the link that says they cannot phone me at work please. still getting calls from them, have told them before not to call. better still i have a password set up on my account, when they call me at home they ask for the password but if they call me at work they dont. called again at work on thursday, wf/ hi is that XXXXXXXXXXX me/ yes wf/ when are you making payment for your car??. no questions to check my id, makes the data protection a laff. all calls come through a switchboard and then direct
  10. Cattles asked accountancy firm Deloitte to review its books to work out what level of provisions it needs to take. Deloitte has completed the ask and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Cattles' long-standing auditors, are considering the numbers. i thought del were still in there going through the mess..
  11. hi, had call from welcome today, asking for payment before the first of may, no complete cca no sar. still waiting. lol
  12. hi, if you dont have service for 28days or more then you can cancel service with talk talk with no leaving fee.
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