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  1. Hi TT, so High Court Enforcement Company is just that - a limited company and not a Government judiciary department that is called the High Court Enforcement Office? TIA DPM
  2. Hi TT, is there a difference between High Court Enforcement Office and High Court Enforcement Company? I notice that the OP mentions Sherforce and I'm a bit confused (I know, not difficult!) as to whether Sherforce is the High Court Enforcement Office or whether Sherforce is the High Court Enforcement Company or none of the above. TIA DPM
  3. Just watched tea time telly where they showed that the average person uses 140 - 150 litres of water a day. I'm down to less than 80 by using the rhyme (although I found that there can be a build up of calcium due to the hard water. This needs chipping off every few months). I also use rain water for flushing the loo and just about everything else where quality doesn't matter. I also save about £500 a year by not having a regular contract on my mobile. I just use pay as you go. That costs me £20 a year rather than the £40 - 50 a month that I was paying. I just use the mobile for in coming and emergency calls. I use Skype for all outgoing calls. My total phone bill is now about £40 - 50 a year and that includes a lot of overseas calls.
  4. Having had a look at all the info that you've published then it would be a sad day for the lady with the scales if you didn't win. A lot of people will be watching (apart from the guests!) DPM
  5. Be prepared for a long wait for some kind of reaction from ICO. I put in a complaint about info being held back and 3 months later I got a phone call from ICO asking if I still wanted to pursue the complaint to which I answered "Yes". Another 4 months later I received a letter from ICO with their decision. They did not uphold my complaint because of the wording in my original SAR which was taken from a standard SAR template letter on CAG. 7 months wasted. Good luck - you'll need it. DPM
  6. Hi GL, don't forget to try it on something that you don't mind throwing away and replacing. DPM
  7. Hey Abby, glad to see that I'm not the only person confused. It would appear that the banks are throwing lots of money at convincing the judiciary that the CCA doesn't apply to banks. The aggravating fact is that in many cases it's our money! DPM
  8. Thanks Cerberus. I went off to watch the news - Lloyds topping the number of complaints - and when I came back I'd been timed out but the floating menu with the chevrons was there so I clicked the chevrons and got full width again. This floating menu seems to come and go. I opened another tab on my browser and it didn't have it either but it's appeared now. All very strange. DPM
  9. I do not see this box. Was it a floating menu? I remember seeing one some time back but I may have closed it down for good. DPM
  10. Originally when I asked the question I didn't know the answer but since then I have sought advice elsewhere. DPM
  11. Can't see it myself. I appreciate that the team are doing loads of mods so I'll be patient and find other ways of getting logged in. Re the UR I tend to agree with PB. I thought I had a good case for UR because everybody says that an invalid DN followed by a termination will give you a case of UR but having taken advice it would appear not to be the case. So beware and do your research. Make sure it's relevant to your case and don't breeze in with UR. It's not that simple. DPM
  12. Why is everything so narrow? I'm seeing everything as though it's in a newspaper column but there's a lot of space on either side. There's a lot of overprinting. Am I using the wrong browser? Or just the wrong settings on it? The log in fields at the top of the page are not working on my browser - I have to force an error to get a proper log in field. Anybody else have this problem? DPM
  13. He may well have, don't underestimate a judge. They're a lot smarter than most of us and not all of them are living in the 18th century! DPM
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