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  1. Bexleydave: This isn't fraud at all. Banks and credit card companies all change their T&C's and only notify you of an update. If they so wished, they could add clauses to those terms and conditions that would be of a greater disadvantage to us. And who would know? How many people do you know that actually read them in their entirety? Like the judge in the above article states, in relation to T&C's, the use of "I didn't read them" is used all the time. It is no defense in these cases and it has shown here. Terms & conditions in contracts are ALWAYS negotiab
  2. If the intercooler pipe wasn't fixed properly then this would mean your engine was running at a higher temperature than it should have been while still trying to boost. That turbo would have been cooking over time which would have resulted in the seals failing. I know enough about turbo's to know that they never just blow without any sort of tell tale warning. Common symptoms are either a loud high pitched noise, or a sound that seems foreign to the normal behaviour of the car and you only here when accelerating or, they allow oil to bypass the seals which burns off through the exhaust w
  3. Perhaps a combined civil case could be made here. I would seriously look at getting together to take this guy to court. Especially if Trading Standards are prosecuting him. Just wait until their case is finished and then you go ahead with your civil claim. The fact that Trading Standards are prosecuting will give your cases much more validity and strength overall.
  4. Ahhh! David Evans. A man that can't admit that the DVLA is failing in its simple duties and is effectively using fraud as a means to get money. Clearly some things have to change. Some may ask why the government hasn't stepped in to deal with this issue. I can name a couple of reasons but primarily, they turn a blind eye to it because the DVLA does make a lot money through the fear and ignorance of peoples' rights as per my original post. I agree with MIKE770 with regards to how the judicial process is run/led within the magistrates courts. There does seem to be a measure of
  5. The woman in question was definitely the court clerk as she had her clip board with a list of names case numbers. Though she overstepped her boundary when telling the gentleman that he would be fined, she was clearly a clerk. There were a number of cases being held that day and the prosecutor could be seen with her case load on the desk. I believe this prosecutor to be quite overburdened and may have 'recruited' the clerk to apply some scare tactics to those of us out in the waiting area.
  6. Hi, I'm not even sure if its worth the attention from the news papers to be honest. The behaviour of the DVLA in how it conducts cases doesn't seem to be an issue in the mainstream media and I have only read a couple of stories similar to those in these sub- forums on online based news sites or small independent papers which have little popularity outside of their individual towns or cities. It amazes me that the financial waste of taking these cases to court in the first place hasn't got the attention it deserves when you consider that the DVLA have lost, or backed out of, more ca
  7. Hi all, Now, this kind of story will have some resonance with other users of this forum. And my contribution is my 4+ month fight with the DVLA for allegedly not notifying them of a change of keeper.. It started back in October when my partner (named driver) received a letter from the DVLA that stated someone was trying to register the car in their name. My partner rang the DVLA to let them know that the car had been sold on eBay back on the 22nd of June (not May as I had mistakenly stated in another thread) and that the V5C was posted to them on the same day as the sale wa
  8. I'm having the same issue as most on here. Sold the car last May, got a letter in October demanding a fine, rang to say that the car had been sold and that I had sent the V5C the same day as the buyer collected the car. I got another letter not long after asking for the details of the new owner (which I don't have) and also demanding £55 for the privilege of not taking me to court. Wrote back giving them a printout of the auction (eBay) and advised them that I no longer have the details of the buyer as that information was on the remainder of the V5C document which was sent to them.
  9. I figured i would update this thread as i had forgotten to do it initially after the last update. After the phone call conversation i had with the Comet representative, i awaited the letter that she said she would send which would detail our conversation. And after waiting the obligatory 4 weeks i had received nothing. It's not surprising that i haven't received anything from them as they were obviously not going to accept any sort of reliability. The annoying thing is that after the repeated repairs, i'm still left with a bill of insurance for covering the machine (which i felt
  10. Hi, I need some advice on the possibility of getting a refund for payments taken by the Child Support Agency. It has recently come to light that my ex partner had made a claim under a pseudonym comprised of her middle name and her mothers maiden name. My case goes back to 2002 where i was contacted by the CSA for maintenance payments for my child that i was already looking after and paying towards. It caused a huge row between me and my ex and i made sure that i complied with the CSA as much i could and i was assured that i would receive my money back should it found that
  11. Hi all, I'm not sure on whether this is in the correct category and i apologise in advance if it is not. I bought a two and three seat sofa from SCS in 2010 and took delivery of them on the 8th of September 2010. At the same time we also took out extra cover for accidental damage as the salesman said it covered everything for 5 years. In around April of this year, one of the seat cushion covers had started to separate at the seam on the three seater sofa and this also happened on the back cushion for the two seater sofa. We called SCS who then gave us the number for the co
  12. Well here's the update. Just received a call from someone at Comets head office. Probably public relations of some sort. She basically said that because it couldn't be proven that there was a manufacturing defect at the time of sale, and that the manufacturer hasn't reported any issues which would give them a reason to repair or replace the machine, they would not be refunding the cost of the warranty plan i have taken with Domestic and General. She also made a point of telling me that they had not had the opportunity they requested to inspect the machine on the previous occasions th
  13. Isn't it the case that you can reject the goods for a full refund and the seller (Comet) has to prove that there is no fault rather than the buyer (Ronny) proving there is one? I'm still learning.
  14. Thanks buddy. I'll send an email later on and as soon as i get a response i will let you know what, if any, the outcome is.
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