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  1. Post 3 - yet more spam. Do they really believe having arrived here anybody is going to go there again?? Camuser - keep going with the emails, offer them what you can reasonably afford. There are a number of us here with their bank details if you want to start repayment to them in the interim and one cagger who started me on my way even has the contact details for their CEO! A well placed pm or two will get you these details if needed They will not make it at all easy and there are one or two horror stories here about their excesses but with persistance you should be able to move th
  2. Hiya Doogal, Sorry to hear you have also hit difficulties with Uncle Buck As you say they are a nightmare - alongside Toothfairy and Wonga probably the worst of the bunch (although in fairness to the later they do seem to eventually agree repayment plans). Some good advice already - definetly attempt to reclaim money from the bank in relation to account with Uncle Buck being in dispute. Posted some general idea's of which some may be of help to you in Nuggsy thread. What they are doing is questionable and might well be arguable as to legality but unfortunately their (and othe
  3. Hiya Nuggsy, Sorry to hear of your predicament. I was preparing my little missive for you yesterday and suffered IT problems so crashed out before posting! All fixed now so will try again! Kind words from T2upnorth - very grateful, trust you are also well! Also sound advice as always to get you started As T2 says, I started in some very similar proverbial (actually worse! ) in this "market" but with the help and encouragement of the good folk here I am on my way back from the "dark side..." and generally trying to do my little bit to help others along the way.... O
  4. Hiya bankbandit, Sound advice here already. If you cancel (within the 14 days) and borrow from friend/more reputable source then would be best. If you absolutely can pay them back as scheduled then fair enough and good for you This lot are particularly difficult - if they are prepared to return the cheques then 100% get them back. If not, I would cancel them with the bank (were they guaranteed?). Banking rules dictate that for correctly guaranteed cheques, the first one to a company written on a particular date has to be honoured ( I have been here in detail! This is even on a clo
  5. Hi Ozzy, Sound advice already from Old Andrew and robjam. My two pence worth: Do not let them have your card details - they will indeed try any and all ways to access the funds. Most favoured tactics are either using the banking system to claim that by providing your card details you have agreed to a "continuous payment authority" (rarely if ever in any of these firms small print) or repeated attempts at processing card payments (either small to large sums or the other way around) until they are successful! Agree with robjam - they are attempting to bully you! Attachment of
  6. Hi Fine & Dandy - welcome to CAG, Sound advice from dx. If any of them have been sold on then around 10% for a starting point on full and final would be reasonable. However if they are just "acting for" might cause you more grief than it is worth to full and final them first (given that you have a standing arrangement in place). Did you recieve default notice, followed by termination followed by a notice of assignment? The likelihood would be not so whilst this does not necessarily mean they have not sold the debt on if they have sold it without these steps then it would not have bee
  7. Hello ZW and all, A most excellent thread and ZW I salute you! Very empowering stuff (and a few giggles along the way) Your first scanned letter in this thread was I think April 2008, role forward to August 2009 and MJC making first tentative steps on the road back from the dark debt mountain with CCA requests including Cap 1 and I have recieved exactly the same as you (but with my own details on it) for an account opened in excess of five years ago when I was at a different address (I have also repaid the original amount owed several times and not claimed any charges). Long way to
  8. Hi all, Do you know what, I think you have reinforced my contention that a Cap 1 agreement is re-constructed! I thank you kind folk I have what looks like a template with my current address and card details typed into it but on reflection I am in the same boat as hardup - I was at a different address when all this started! I have sent them an account in dispute letter and we will see ... Many thanks
  9. No idea - it was a long one as well! Sure there would be a good reason, might be worth enquiring of site team?
  10. Hi Meerkat, Already much excellent advice here, I am guessing Northern Ireland does not have access to payplan or CCCS (CCCS website talks about "UK" debts and nothing obvious either way on payplan site. www.payplan.com and www.cccs.co.uk . Both will offer free advice and can manage a DMP if there is enough disposable income and the challenge on the grounds of irresponsible lending did not work). Also if you can access either of these then with due respect and deference to CAB I think much more accessible (they are both busy at moment though). Probably already considered this, apologies
  11. Good morning Vint, Good of you to come back to my thread (you have already helped me in so many others - Halifax now "perplexed" at my acceptance of their repudiation via dodgy DN followed by termination notice followed by communicating with me as if nothing ever happened followed by please send us a copy of our dodgy DN and termination notice because they do not have them on file!! ). I was really clear that I did not think Cap 1 had complied but one of the beauties of this site (apart from very supportive folk) is that you get a very helpful sounding board that also provides altern
  12. Hiya Jogs, Very informative read (both links!) - you have been through the mill with this lot! Many thanks I am wondering if an alternate tack would be rather than argue the point over their response to the initial request I maybe just confirm I am not satisfied and seperately go for a SAR (could do without the £10 fee) first. If this does not produce the agreement (with account in arrears and "over" limit - although due to charges!) then the CPR route as advocated by PT? (on basis of unenforceable agreement, possibility of litigation either way and penalty charges - I know have pa
  13. Hiya Jogs, I am on a very steep learning curve here so all input is very gratefully recieved! You said in post 2 that it was compliant with the request and initially I thought fair enough - but on closer inspection it does seem to be a combination of reconstructed template with my typed details on and a "current" terms leaflet. If it is reconstructed then does this not bring in to question if it is a "true copy" and therefore compliance? (I accept I may have this wrong of course). If it is compliant then would the next step by SAR to try and access an agreement (or confirm either w
  14. Little addendum to my earlier questions - Cap 1 have actually responded well within their 12+2 days (even if it is likely unenforceable!). Do I write straight back with Vints letter or wait for the 12+2 days (in case they send any more??). I know unlikely but as this is the first one with a questionable response do not want to muck it up!
  15. Excellent as always - Had been thinking along these lines (although this is stronger!). Will let you know how I go. Tried to add to your rep but won't let me at the moment Basically we have this is what your terms and conditions would have been /are spread across a number of pages with no clear indication other than a generic space for name, address, card number and credit limit that they in any way relate to me specifically! I am sure will be the first of many like this General impression I had (and still have having spent far to long here! ) is that if they have the agreement the
  16. Not yet enjoy ..... quiet satisfaction at present.... but we are getting there
  17. Hi Vint, You are correct save two places - the covering letter, and page 3 (signed by Stephanie) where account number, credit limit and name/address details are typed into what appears to be template letter (guessing a few of these requests have passed their way of late!). I know this because in the life of my interactions with Cap 1 they have changed their corporate letter heads, branding etc and this is definetly in the new style. I am not at all convinced this is enforceable or even properly compliant but just looking for some expert guidance as to if I am right/wrong and what t
  18. Well done discod! Have been waiting for this moment to happen to me (not yet but early days!) - like you think this site has given me the tools to tell them (politely) where to go!
  19. Well the first of the many CCA requests has dropped on the door mat this afternoon. Cap 1 credit card, cannot be sure of exact date of account opening but in excess of five years ago. Attached total of six "pages" but to explain - Page 1 and 2 covering letter, double sided. Page 3 and 4, "current" terms of agreement with them Page 5 and 6, two sides of what appears to be standard leaflet, no obvious sign of a date on it anywhere From what I have read here not at all sure any of this adds up to an excutable or enforceable agreement of any description but I may well
  20. Many thanks BB and Vint (still legend rather than Leg end in my humble view! ) You two and many others of the more established here have shown me the way back from the brink - long way to go yet but we have some stability and even a bit of peace (nice to have them running around after me!). The 12+2 is ticking down......
  21. Will do BB and thanks - is it fair to say that a PO Box is not accepted as a "registered address"?
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