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  1. Hi, sounds like you are having a VERY big problem with them like i have had earlier this year. Firstly, they cannot demand that a full payment to be made within the next 7days - that's ridiculous and im sure unlawful - they are bullying you and trying to scare you into paying - DON'T. What i would do is write them a letter stating that you can only afford XX per month and that you will pay by standing order to your account and you'd like that info as soon as possible. I would send the letter to them registered (79p extra it costs) but then you know they have signed for it and keep all letter
  2. I have letters from :- Triton Credit Services PO Box 183 telford TF2 2BU at the end of the letter it states - triton credit services is a trading name of the royal bank of scotland plc. the royal bank of scotland plc registered in scotland No 90312. Reg office : 36 Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2YB. i had tried a few mths back to phone natwest from the Nos that were used in 2007 and 2008 and i questioned who it was when they answered and they said triton. when i asked the girl (no lady trust me- with that attitude!) she said they were triton and i said but i phoned natwest and
  3. No, I have written professional letters to them stopping phone calls, wanting proof of the original debt that they have and what i would suggest is going to the citizens advice and seeing what could be sorted out, if anything. I am at the present moment disputing items on the bank acct and also wanting to know all info what they have in regards to the joint loan.
  4. Hi to you all. Have been busy but wanted to say thank you so much for all the advice you have all given to me and i have taken it all on board. I sent the letters today recorded and di not put my signature on them. I wrote my signature in capital letters as in printed it so definitely not a signature at all. Thank you once again. I feel a bit at ease for now....
  5. Hi new to this so here we go! - glad i found this site! Took out Natwest loan in March 2003 with ex-husband and then a loan with Moben kitchens in 2004. (I had a great credit rating then!) Husband was put onto my bank acct to obtain Natwest loan and rang the bill up to £3600 OD and then as he was an additional card holder on the Natwest credit card he rang that up to £3500 too, amongst other things like store cards etc etc. He left Sept 2004 leaving me to pay all debts. Due to him being (at the time) in the Army they are not obliged to give debt people his details and my ex-husband is lik
  6. Personally, I would re-write to them yet again - send it recorded and state that you have already given them the info but maybe add the acct no + sortcode again just to be nice (probably don't deserve it) and then tell them exactly what you have stated in your previous threads on here; that they have breached your subject access request, include any dates etc etc and then give them a date to reply by. If they go past that date again then get more advice from on here. Im new to this and have been reading through quite a lot of posts and threads. Good luck anyway.
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