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  1. Thanks for the info re. Muck Hall & Leeds loosers unholy union, I look foreward to the ensuing battle. Not had any dealings with any of the DC Industry this year however last year after some long struggles I got 2 letters of no CCA & No further action, a reduction of other payments of £325 /month down to £55 / month & I overturned a CCJ in the County Court.(Ah happy days)
  2. I wonder if they have just inherited a job lot because yesterday I recieved exactly the same as you from them for a [email protected] One account & I was thinking exactly the same about where were all the previous letters. Only thing that I don't understand is that the "Persuers" are Lowell Portfolio 1 & they have never contacted me about this account (had dealings over 18 months ago over another account & closed of due to lack of CCA).
  3. I have a friend who is receiving the same letters from Iqor, I have delved into it a bit for them & the best I can ascertain the debt is for ebay sellers fees because if it were a chargeback from a transaction it would be from Paypal not ebay. Iqor's reference numbers do not match anything that ebay use, item numbers, account names, account ID, invoice number etc. Nothing matches whatsoever. There is no indication what the so called debt is for at all. Incidentally my fiend has NEVER sold a single item on bay so cannot have incurred seller fees, hence I believe these letters are
  4. After closer inspection the CCA they have sent as a "True Copy" has regulations on it that were not put into place til 31st October 2004 which is some time AFTER they claim the CCA was sent & the account opened. Have they complied with their obligations under s78 of the CCA 1974 even though what they have sent was not in existance when the account was opened? any advice appreciated Morph
  5. Just found out that the "Financial Sevices (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004" came into force on the 31st October 2004 which is AFTER BOTH of the agreements were taken out. So how can my mum have signed 2 agreements that included regulations that didn't exist yet? I hope that's a good enough reson to put the accounts in legal dispute but would value other opinions. Morph
  6. Can anyone clarify something for me please. Have CCA'd 2 catalogues from N Brown/JD Williams & had had 1 response here :-http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mail-order-catalogues/214555-n-group-jd-williams.html I have now had a response for 2nd account & received exactly the same format CCA with the same hand written details on it, this account was opened in 1998 & the CCA they are stating is a "True Copy" has a clause about "Financial Sevices (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004" on the back. Their letter quotes "We are therefore enclosing a "True Copy" of t
  7. Hi Welshwizard, the CPR route can be found in pt2537's excellent thread here:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/173201-why-you-shouldnt-use.html It's a LONG read at 73 pages:eek: but well worth the read Personally after consultation with my mum, we're going to ride out the storm of toothless threats until they threaten court & then use CPR pre court protocol to stop them in their tracks as there is no signed agreement. If they sell it off to a DCA then it's just a new set of idiots to play threat tennis with:rolleyes: Morph
  8. Thanks Steven, great info, looks like CPR route to prove theres no signed agreement then:confused: Many thanks Morph
  9. Personally I'd put the account into legal dispute by sending template letter 20 here:-http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/571-failiure-to-provide-a-copy-of-the-agreement-within-the-prescribed-timescale Getting them to admit they have no CCA (not just miss filed) & to stop processing your data is about as likely as Gordon brown saying sorry. They will undoubtedly place defaults on your file even thogh they shouldn't, so it's up to you really you could stop paying til a CCA turns up or offer a full & final & see what they say. M
  10. HI afw, yes the data signature thingy was 2006 IIRC previously they still needed to send an agreement for signing even with an online application, doesn't apply in my case coz the only time my 76 year old mum holds a computer is when I'm showing her something to do with her favourite tv shows on the laptop:D Morph
  11. Could someone cast an eye over a CCA response I've had that I've posted over in the mail order catalogue forum pretty please:confused: Link:-http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mail-order-catalogues/214555-n-group-jd-williams.html many thanks Morph
  12. Hi, I've posted my thread in this forum (Mail order etc) & I've added my response to Philip Harland also, hopefully it may be of help to people. Morph
  13. I may as well post up my SAR questionairre letter now, It'll be in the post box in the morning anyway:- P.F. Harland Data Protection Officer Griffin House 40 Lever Street Manchester M60 6ES Account Numbers: 123456 & 654321 In the name of: Morph's Mum Dear Sir, In correspondence dated Xth August 2009 you have stipulated that you require proof of my identity and a questionnaire completed before you comply with my Subject Access Request, may I bring the following to your attention; “Data Protection Act Good Practice Notes:
  14. I have been asked by my mum to tackle the parasites that are bleeding her dry, namely JD Williams & Special Collection. I have CCA'd & SAR'd the parent company namely N Brown group & have received their standard SAR delaying tactic of a questionairre to prove identity & a request for £10 per account. I'll come back to the SAR & my reply letter to Mr Harland later but I have received a CCA response as follows:- True Copy CCA with name & address hand written in biro Back of True Copy CCA Now my mum is sure that she has never s
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