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  1. Hi pat (again!) Yes there is - on all forms it does state and request that if you are registered disabled you must state it. Although it may not matter anymore, you do still have to prove that you are disabled and I'm sure that Walshy and his work do have all the documents in this situation. Heb
  2. Hi There If this is the case, and your union has stated that you have a cast iron case, along with your solicitor, I would suggest that after your grievance has been heard, that you do go to a tribunal as it does seem from what you're saying that the procedures haven't been followed correctly and that you've been treated not well at all. Let me know how you get on. best wishes and don't forget, you're not alone in this. Heb
  3. Hi Sparkz I would suggest that you contact your HR department and ask for a copy of your full contract - they will definately have a copy. As above, I would now instigate a grievance and again speak to your HR department who will advise you on their grievance procedures. Best of luck Heb
  4. Hi Shifty I don't wish to get into detail but if a company is misusing medical information - for what purpose would that be for? PM me if you wish but I'm very suprised that they we'ren't supportive as they've helped me out immensly and again would suggest that everyone joins a union. Heb
  5. Blimey, you are in it good and thick. I would suggest that you do claim for constructive dismissal as your union states that you do have a case but you will need to wait until your grievance is completed. Bit of a bummer I know but rules is rules. In terms of your sick notes, has your gp or works doctor ever documented "reactive depression"? This is a code word for workplace bullying and could be crucial in any tribunal however, all the doctors have to go on is your word about how you feel and what's happened and that's how your work will view it. Whilst I understand that you a
  6. Hi there Does your contract state that you are to specifically work weekends? Does your manager try and get you work within the week to make up your hours? Do the other colleagues work in the week as well as the weekends? Have you spoken with your HR department about this - they are there to help if you have any issues? Heb
  7. Hi there What is your solicitor doing in respect of breach of contract? Have you spoken with your union officials regarding this matter - what have they said? Why has it taken so long for your grievance to be heard when they have 28 days to respond and yet from your notes, they haven't met with you? I would strongly suggest that you speak with your union rep and solicitor immediately to find out what is going on. Let me know how you get on Heb
  8. Hi Is it your own laptop? Is your laptop security coded? Have you contacted your provider of the network to see what security you have? Best not to use the laptop at work if you are researching stuff which could be viewed as being contentious. Heb
  9. Hi there Have you spoken to the HR department of the company or the person who agreed the sabbatical? Ask them first and then make your decision. Heb
  10. Hi There With agencies, they won't process your payment until they recieve the signed timesheet authorising their charge to them which would produce your wages. Why hasn't your time sheet been authorised? Would the agency call the employer to discuss the timesheet request? Let me know how you get on Heb
  11. Hi Betty I'm not really sure where to go on this one - you're in a union which is great and your shop steward knows what they are talking about. All I can say on this one is to wait and see what happens with the redundancy meeting and your union will take it from there if there is any issues. Best Wishes Heb
  12. Hi there Thanks for the info. Yes, I was taken on permanently after my extended probation - I was then promoted to a senior person within the team as I proved myself to be very valuable - the only reason that my probation was extended was because some a***hole decided he was going to cause ructions but he was proved wrong and he left shortly after. Anyway, lets get back to you. I'm glad to see that your husband has put forward his plan of action and that some people are coming in to help - regardless of where they are from, the company has acknowledged that there is a probl
  13. Hi There I would certainly get on to the Employment Tribunal and ask if they have received a copy of the response from the employer. Additionally, go either to your union rep if you have one, or go to the CAB. This situation is tricky as you've got ACAS trying to resolve it - by the way, how did they get involved? Also contact ACAS and see what they say. Best wishes Heb
  14. Hi Jets Under the disability discrimination act, you are entitled to help from your employer in order to carry on working. I see from your comments that you've had your job changed but you mention that steps were not followed through by your line manager? Were these steps discussed with HR and were these steps agreed by your line manager? In respect of your son being in hospital, I do hope that he is better, however some companies would given compassionate leave in respect of this but it does depend upon the seriousness of the illness. I know being in hospital is very concerning
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