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  1. Hello, Have you been into your local currys store? They should be able to organise an exchange. As a company we have 28 days to fix your product if we can't we can offer you an exchange. It seems this has went on far to long. Since the 1st repair was within the 1st year and has been the same fault since the exchange shouldn't be an issue. Chris The Tech Guys
  2. Hi, At the moment there is a huge delay on laptops getting dispatched due to previous weather conditions and now a back log at the work shop and hubs. I know this will not help your situation but will give you a clearer answer to why its taking longer then usual, but its currently out of our control. I can check if your job is completed if you wish though. Chris Tech Guys
  3. Hi Cosmetic damage isn't covered, if it doesn't effect the working of the product. Chris TG
  4. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Have you tried getting someone to call the medics in store and getting them to sort it. They can push issues through, when speaking to customer service, they're normally just emailing someone else, where the medics will deal with it hands on. May resolve this issue quicker. By time letters are wrote, i think you'll have vouchers or the laptop back. Chris TG
  5. Hello, Hopefully i can help or point you in the right direction. PC Perforamnce, Whatever Happens or Coverplan all cover you for unlimited repairs and will repair your product as many times as need to keep it running until it becomes uneconomical to do so. Where this doesn't apply is if the fault is recurring, if the same fault happens again within 7 days of getting it back, its classed as the same fault, you would book it again and your 42 day rule would start from when you original booked it. For example. If you booked it on November 1st, got it back on November 4th, then found the fault was still there on november 6th when you rebooked with you would already be 6 days into your 42 day write off period. If it misses this 7 day window its classed as a new fault, if it is a recurring fault it has to of happened 4 times in that one year. Hope this helps Chris Tech Guys
  6. Just to clarify at the moment is the mac with Apple at there repair centre? Chris TG
  7. Customer service will guarantee you a response. Chris
  8. Hello, Although its a one year warranty, if the repair was carried out on the 12 month for example the warranty on that particular part (example touchpad) would be extended for 3 months. May be worth writing to customer services as they may be able to sort this out for you, if this is the case. I can provide the address if you need it. Chris TG
  9. If the first original repair hasn't went over 42 days then the guys on the phone will be right in what they're saying Chris TG
  10. Hello humandynamics Just to get a better understanding of the problem your facing, How old is the laptop? When was your first repair? and when did it go faulty again? I may be able to guide you further with the response to those questions. Chris Tech Guys
  11. Coverplan will do as it says in the policy "unlimited repairs" unless its beyond economical repair. If its had 3 repairs in the space of such a short time, book it for repair, then wait a few days then call them back up and ask for a write off. Thats the way its usually done, if you book it for a write off it simply be fixed and sent back. So book it again, then call in a few days once its at the work shop and put your write off request in. Chris Tech Guys
  12. Hello, Is it under 1st yea gurentee or Coverplan? Whatever the answer your entitled to a replacment if the fault isn't down as misuse. 1st Year, the store will swap it over for no voucher needed. If out of 1st year, coverplan should / will issue you a voucher for a repalcment. Not sure why Apples not covering it if 1st years, it would still come with 1 year warrenty. Let me know Chris Tech Guys
  13. Great news, i know the team in Sunderland great bunch, glad everything got sorted out. Chris Tech Guys
  14. Hello, Sorry to hear about the issues your having. Just to clarify did you send it from the store or the home address? (With Premier club, you must state you want a loan laptop, and it MUST be getting collected and returned to your home address) I know its under whatever happens premier club, but if there's no accidental damage to it and just a manufacturing fault, the store could of really sorted this out for, shame they haven't. If you send me over your job number in a private message, i'll look into it and escalate it, if needs be. Chris Tech Guys
  15. Hello, Just to clarify, did they have the tv from the 15th to the 17th of aug? The 28 days starts from when they collect the product from your door step, so if the fault is still there, then you need to get it rebooked as the 28 days have started. Chris Tech Guys
  16. Hello, Sorry to hear about the troubles your having. What you need to do is go into the store and the store needs to call coverplan internally and request "A Voucher Increase Form" which will be sent through via email. The store then needs to fill this out with the reasons and email it back, coverplan will then review it. Its regardless about how much it was, its spec for spec. Ideally you need to pick a feature from the old camera and pick it on a new camera and state it needs to be spec for spec Hope this helps Chris Tech Guys
  17. Sent you a reply in a pm. Chris TG
  18. Hello, The policy the Tech Guys have is simple, 'No Fix No Fee' Although they did do diagnostics on the machine, no fault was found or if it was they didn't offer you a solution to get it fixed, so £70 should be refunded. Id suggest going back into the store and telling them that even on the tech guys website / posters it states 'no fix no fee' If you still have no luck, write the store a letter personally, address will be on Find Computers, Laptops, iPods, Printers, TVs, Gaming and more at PC World - The UK's Largest Computing Superstore or you can ring customer services on 0844 5610000 and they'll take it up for you. Hope this helps Chris Tech Guys
  19. Hello, When any product is written off by cover plan, its for an equivalent specification, which doesn't take into consideration or brand, nor does this have to be the product you have to purchase, but would cover the cost of an equivalent. The vouchers are usually organised before they are dispatched, the vouchers can be raised but its not something the store can do (as far as i'm aware) but they can call for you and explain the situation for you. Chris T.G
  20. Hello again, I've continued to look into this, again as i said before this isn't my area unfortunately. The replies i got didn't give me any great direction into where this can be taken, just because i don't have the correct people to contact. I got the following details for you to make an enquiry: - 0844 561 4000 - Customer Services, PO BOX 1686, Sheffield. S2 5YB, England This may be one of the rules they have on kitcehn appliances, for pc''s i know what they class as mis-use, for kitchen appliances i don't. I think the best thing to do is to go to your local currys, speak to customer service desk and tell them the problem. They may of heard of it and be able to tell you straight away, if they can't ask them if they can chase it for you, your more likely to get further forward if your at the store, even if the store them selves can't help you. Sorry i can't be more assistance with this one. Chris T.G
  21. This seems to of taken a new turn, So how many laptops are now at repair? 2? and you have someone elses aswell? pm job numbers if needs be. Chris T.G
  22. I've sent you a update Mary, with a few extra details. May be Sunday before i can get a full answer on the situation though, waiting on a few replies from people. Chris TG
  23. Hello, Hopefully i can help you out, if you message me your job number i can look into this for you. Or if you could get a consignment number from dpd i'll be able to track where it is for you. Also is it under first year? coverplan or is it a fixed price laptop repair? Recently the tech guys have been sending repairs back to the customer direct, which has lead to a lot of confusion etc + huge delays look forward to your reply Chris Tech Guys
  24. I've sent you a reply Mary, like i say i'm more pc world laptops / pc's but i can't defiantly look into this for you if you send me the requested details. I do think it may be a case that is reviewed on an individual basis rather then a set rule. Chris T.G
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