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  1. We'll have to agree to disagree Blue. I'd like to thankyou though for offering your opinion this morning in the chatroom. And also thanks for the offer to look over my spreadsheet. I may just take you up on that later.
  2. Well ,I spoke to some nice folk in the CAG chatroom and most of them are of the opinion that it would be dishonest of me to continue the claim if I think I am claiming too much interest (I may be out by a couple hundred pounds). I'm not so sure that it's dishonest. I think I may just have made a miscalculation and I'm sure the judge at court wouldn't hang me for that. If I've made a mistake, as the Halifax must think, then surely it's up to them to furnish me with evidence and tell me what the TRUE interest they have stolen from me is? They have the huge team of qualified accountants, i'm just
  3. 18th August I check my account to discover that £1843 was deposited on the 17th. Now, this is the amount I was offered by letter on the 17th....It's half of what I am claiming. So now I REALLY need some advice as I don't know what the Halifax are up to here. Do they expect me to accept this now that it's in my account and drop the claim for the rest? Are they going to pay the rest in from a diffeent source? Will I win if this goes to court? Is it likely to go to court? Please can someone respond? I'm not doubting myself or the procedure I have followed so far, I just haven't come across
  4. Lucky you. My claim was acknowledged 04/08/06 and they still haven't settled
  5. 17 August receive docs from the court with the little box 'I intend to defend all of this claim' ticked. I'd appreciate any comments or advice as previously asked please.
  6. Oh and if you and I do both need to go to court, it'll probably be on the same day. If you don't mind riding pillion on a 900cc Triumph Trophy, I'll be happy to split the fuel with ya!
  7. Alex, the letters I have been receiving, including today's offer of just under 2K all came on paper headed with Bank Of Scotland, with their Dunfermline address. It seems to make no difference whatsoever.
  8. Aye Alex about the jurisdiction. it seems like anyone in Scotland can claim using English rules and regs. All you need is an English address for the court to send the documents too. As a matter of interest, I actually made a mistake on the moneyclaim online court papers as regards my friend's address in England: I forgot to put the number of his house down. But it made little difference, as the court in Northampton sent me a letter saying that there was an error in the address for documentation and Royal mail had returned the docs to them as undelivered. The good thing is that the court includ
  9. 16 August I receive a letter from Rosie Hewer, CR Manager. The jist of the letter says that they will defend the claim, but on a purely commercial basis it will cost them too much. So they are offering me £1723 (approx half of what I am claiming), plus the £120 court costs. I'd like opinions/advice on the following paragraph of the letter please: The Halifax does not consider that you are entitled to the further £1844.72 that you are claiming. Unless you can provide evidence of this further loss the Halifax will file a defence in respect of this part of your claim. Now, let's sa
  10. Don't you think the prudent course of action is to use the reclaimed charges to pay your overdraft and therefore you won't be in the red with the bank? I hardly think demanding an overdraft of 2 grand so you can spend 2 grand is going to cut any ice with the bank. Look, you got back 2 and a quarter thousand pounds that you thought was lost forever. You had a 2 grand overdraft. It seems to me that you now have no overdraft and you are 200 sponds up. I'd take the chocolate watch you won and be happy. But that's just my opinion.
  11. Didn't your spirit guides or your fortune tellers or your angel bodyguards tell you that Royal Mail would lose your letter? Oh, and while I'm on the subject, what do your spirit guides have to say about this claim? What date will you get your charges back?
  12. I'm right beside you every step of the way Hannah
  13. Alex, this is the particulars of my claim: I have a contract with the defendant bank which is conducted on their standard terms and conditions. I am claiming the return of money taken by the defendant in the way charges over the last 6 years plus the interest they have levied on those charges. The bank's charges are a disproportionate penalty and therefore unenforceable as they are contrary to common law. Further, as a disproportionate penalty they are invalid under the Unfair (Contracts) Terms Act 1977 s.4 and under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulat
  14. Hannah, I think that as both our claims were acknowledged on the same day, I am not a day ahead. It'll be interesting for the members to see any discrepancies in payout times between us. Keep posting here with any developments
  15. 4 August Bank acknowledge court papers. They have 28 days to reply.
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