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  1. Hi all well, we've had the preliminary hearing, and the judge refused to strike out, despite all of the above and the fact that they were 90 days out of time ordered by the judge at the previous hearing. Judge said he couldn't strike out because the previous judge hadn't included that as a sanction in the order that was ignored. He just went ahead with the draft directions submitted by the claimant. Sorry to keep asking advice on this one, but does anyone know if we can appeal against what happens in a preliminary hearing, or do we have grounds to apply separately to have it struck ou
  2. Only concern re statute barred is, does it run 6 yrs back from now or 6 yrs back from when they first lodged their claim 1 year ago?
  3. Hi all I am putting together my defense and found something i think may be very significant. HSL have terminated the credit agreement twice in a 2 year period. i realise that once terminated an agreement can't be terminated again, but not sure quite how this impacts on the case. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 42man, thanks for your continued interest in this. The loans are old style mortgage type. HSL have not really changed their particulars of claim, so my original defense is still relevant. Just revisited the paperwork and find that they have sent me 7 default notices for this debt, 1 of which is in dollars ($) ! Surely this cannot be legal. How many default notices can they issue on one debt. Thanks everyone for your comments and support.
  5. Hi 42man Thanks for taking time to look at this case. The amended particulars of claim that have been filed (64 days later than ordered at the previous hearing) relate to student loans dated 1995, 1996 and 1997 allegedly sold by Student Loans Company to Honours Student Loans in in 1999. I put HSL to strict proof before the last hearing and all they have provided so far is poor photocopies and blank templates "of the sort of notices that we send in these instances." After 2 SARs we are still short of several documents, including any notice of assignment. So far I've been se
  6. Hi all. just signing in to give an update of this long running matter. Things have moved on somewhat since the last post. It's normally my partner who posts hear, so I'm taking my turn, please excuse a novice! We had a hearing in October. judge said honours case was a disgrace for several reasons i.e. providing reams of documents the day before the hearing that they then wanted to rely on . sending me a bill for solicitors fees of £2000.00 the day before the hearing (small claims case). not providing original documents. not complying with SARs Judge said their behaviour was in
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