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  1. Oh gosh I don't even remember writing that! I was alot younger back then and I'm embarrassed to admit I buried my head in the sand and left it. I didn't hear anything for a long time and it was only in November last year that I started getting letters from a company called Marlin in response to the debt. I paid them a token payment of £10 at the time, but then their letters got more threatening and they started added "charges" onto the debt. It then got passed onto their "solicitors" and as mentioned I got a letter from Resolvecall a few weeks ago saying they were now dealing with it. I d
  2. Hi All, I was in the shower this morning when I missed a visit from a DCA called "Resolvecall". They had written to me a few weeks ago threatening a doorstep visit but I didn't think they actually would. You can imagine my surprise when I saw a brown envelope on the doormat this morning with my name handwritten on it. Postcard inside they "called today for the 1st time regarding your account" with a ref number and number to call (an 0844 one ). I'm currently living with my parents (due to job loss) so obviously this is causing me more stress and worry as I don't want them having to
  3. I received a "Postcard" from a DCA on Saturday saying that a representative would be "calling" at my home within the next 3 days. The card was dated the 10th Sept, so I don't actually think they will be coming. Just trying to scare me I think. Is there a letter I can send them about this? I've already sent one about no phone contact. It's embarrassing getting these cards for all to see,obviously the intention, I do want to sort the debt out I have with them but receiving these things makes me very reluctant to do so! Thanks for the advice in advance
  4. I hope someone can help me out as I'm really confused and don't know where I stand. I'm not sure what my next course of action should be. I have/had a loan with Northern Rock, it got passed onto Eversheds "Solicitors" Got lots of threatening letters etc. Wrote to them to stop harrassing me by phone, which they did. Also I wrote to Northern Rock asking for help as I was experiencing financial difficulties (even though I'd told them this COUNTLESS times over the phone!), I also complained to them about their useage of Eversheds. Had NO RESPONSE from them. Letters from Eversheds stopped too
  5. Yep, I sent all letters (to NR and Eversheds) recorded. I stated in the letter to Eversheds that I was seeking help from NR for reduced payments etc. When I spoke to someone at Eversheds I did say to them I was in financial difficulties and was having a DMP drawn up by the CCCS. They weren't very understanding about it, told me "if you had no intention of paying the loan I shouldn't have got one" (!!). I told them that my other creditors had been very understanding with the matter and they said back to me that "they didn't work like that." IDIOTS!
  6. The last paragraph of the letter says... Failure to hear from you by 27 April 2009 will result in our seeking immediate instructions to proceed, with a view to obtaining a County Courty Judgement.
  7. Hi all, I posted on here a week or two ago about Eversheds Solictors, well I've had a response from them and I would like some advice please So, cut a long story short... I got behind with my payments on a Northern Rock Loan, I got a letter from Eversheds stating the debt had been passed on them and they were demanding full amount. Spoke to someone at Eversheds who was very rude and nasty (made me cry!). I told them I was currently seeking advice from the Consumer Credit Counselling Service. (They still weren't very understanding about my situation!) So I ended up writing a letter t
  8. thankyou all so very much for the advice, it really is a big help. I'm going to try and talk to my parent's about it tonight. they have been very good to me and are letting me live back at theirs whilst im job-hunting etc. I just don't want to stress them out. I think what's distressing me the most is the word "solicitors". I have googled them and realise now it's just a scare tactic. Still, it doesn't stop it from being scary Lol. I did say to them if I could afford to pay something I would, but it still wasn't good enough. On the upside I have just received a letter asking me to atten
  9. Thanks for the advice, looks like my last remaining £18 will be reaching £17. Lol. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to ring Northern Rock though?
  10. My Northern Rock loan has got passed on to Eversheds Solicitors (are they really solicitors though) and I am so distressed about the situation!! I don't know who to turn to... I had a letter from Eversheds saying they wanted the full amount of the loan (£7900) by 2nd April. Everytime they rang about it I got a dead-line. Which immediately made me think they're not trustworthy. To confirm this when they rang on Friday it went something like... "Hello is that Carly? [as in me!]" "Who is this?" "Tell me if this is Carly and then I'll tell you who I am" "Urm, I think you must have
  11. I hope someone can give me some advice... I have a loan with Northern Rock, but on Friday I got a letter from a company called Eversheds stating that the loan had been passed onto them and that I needed to pay £7900 by 2nd April I have been sick with worry ever since, especially because the letter threatens that debt collectors may come to the house if I don't pay up. It's not even my house, it's my parent's!! I lost my job in November and so my loan payments suffered because of this. I'd been making £30/£50 payments to NR instead and I thought they were aware of my financial situat
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