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  1. Ell-enn they have all post forwarded to a po box, then i had to wait for them to collect it and sign for it. they now have done it was on the 8th june. so now they have untill the 18th july to send back my sar and the 8th july to respond to the financial omsbudsmans complaint. Jono.
  2. I'm not having much luck with getting letters to them at the moment, sent them one letter on the 29th march by recorded it's still not got there yet, and sent two by special delivery last Wednesday, they haven't got them yet either. bloody royal mail, £4.95 guaranteed by 1 next day, will have to wait and see what today brings. Jono.
  3. Sorry about that I changed my mind when I was at the post office and sent a crossed postal order in thier name.
  4. Tritts this is a copy of the SAR I sent, I put a £10 note in with it so they didn't have my bank account details. Carter & Carter Financial Limited 173-191 Mansion House Wellington Road South Stockport Cheshire SK1 3UA 3/6/2009 Data Protection Act 1998 “Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 entitles an individual to request from a data controller a copy of the information constituting personal data about him. This right is subject to a number of exemptions in Part IV and schedule 7. There is nothing in section 7, nor Directive 95/46/EC, limiting
  5. Ell-enn thanks for that I hadn't thought of a SAR but thats just been posted special delivery, I've spoken to trading standards and lodged a complaint with them, I also have copies of everything I've sent and receipts. Tritts, you should do the same. I'm not happy with just getting my money back I want to punish them. I had four direct debits returned when they took this money off me putting me further into debt, I'll be asking for this to be repayed also. Jono.
  6. it doesn't matter if you don't have any paperwork, just send them a letter to the address i have Carter & Carter Financial Limited 173-191 Mansion House Wellington Road South Stockport Cheshire SK1 3UA also lodge a complaint with the financial ombudsman 08450801800 and trading standards 08457224499 I don't think it would do any harm talking to the police, it could be identity theft or fraud or obtaining money by deception. As for Duran Duran I listened for three hours non stop the first time i rang, I've been told by the financial ombudsman not to bother ringi
  7. Tritts, don't give up I'm not going to stop untill I get my money Back.
  8. This is the letter I'm sending them today. Carter & Carter Financial Limited 173-191 Mansion House Wellington Road South Stockport Cheshire SK1 3UA 29th May 2009 Dear Sirs. Application Ref: ***** I have received a letter on the 28/05/2009 from you dated 21/05/2009 saying “congratulations you have been approved in principle”. As I said on the phone to you on the 12/05/2009 I didn’t want to go ahead with any part of an application with you. Yet you debited £499.99 from my account whilst I was on the phone. As I said on the phone after bei
  9. This is the first letter I sent them Carter & Carter Financial Limited 173-191 Mansion House Wellington Road South Stockport Cheshire SK1 3UA 18th May 2009 Dear Sirs. On Tuesday 12th May I was contacted by your subsidiary Easy Step Loans, I was cajoled and lied to so that I gave my debit card details under the pretences of it being used as identity verification, I questioned this a few times asking if any funds were to be debited, I was assured by your agent that at no point would any money be debited, it was only for identity purposes only. I was
  10. I've had the same problem with Carter & Carter Financial / Easy Step Loans, they took £499.99 off me. I tried my bank and they can't do anything about it because I gave my card details.
  11. Hey Tritts, no the bank can't help at all. They have to follow Visa rules and if you give them your card details then they can't do anything about it. I sent Carter & Carter a letter, they received it on the 21st and sent me a letter back dated the same day saying, how i've been accepted in principle for a loan ect ect, it arrived today. I'm ringing them in the morning to tell them where to shove it.
  12. As from looking more closely into Easy step loans and Carter & Carter, it’s a quite large company, there is nothing about easy step loans but there is an easy loans group, this has a few subsidiaries and as the financial ombudsman said there are nine different addresses for this group. This seems to be quite a targeted [problem] on people who are the least able to afford it. I was cajoled and lied to, to give my card details all under the pretences of checking my id.
  13. I immediately contact my bank and cancelled my card, I’ve put a complaint in with the office of fair trading and the financial ombudsman, both of these couldn’t find any info on easy step loans only easy loans group and Carter & Carter, both these companies are based at the same address in Stockport so I’ve gone after Carter & Carter as they were the ones who debited my account. I went to the police and they’ve said that it might be an administrive error and I should give them chance to correct this, but It could be a case of obtaining money by deception and should mention this in
  14. Hi I’m new here and I’ve been ripped off by easy step loans / Carter & Carter Financial. A couple of months ago I applied for a loan with another company and was unsuccessful, on Tuesday I received a few text and phone calls about loans, obviously my details have been passed around or sold on. Easy step loans contacted me on Tuesday teatime offering me a loan, as we were talking they came up with a half decent loan offer and asked if I was interested. When I said yes they passed me on to another person who was going to verify my identity to do this I had to give my debit card details. At t
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