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  1. This is fantastic news. A little too late for me however. I bought a park home at a Northampton site (Billing Aquadrome) for £28000. I had a bit of a crisis and needed to sell the home urgently. I offered the home back to the site (this was two weeks after I bought it) and they offered me £8000!! I tried to sell the unit privately and the site management prevented my every move. They followed me and my prospective buyer round the site and all the way up to the home. When I and my buyer were inside the home and I thought out of there praying eyes, they knocked on the door and walked in
  2. No, it was on the Get Out Of Debt Free website forum!!
  3. Thanks Has anyony heard of this approach? Sending the PCN back to them with: REFUSED FOR CAUSE WITHOUT DISHOUNOR on it. Just something I picked up online!! Not entirely sure what it means!?
  4. Hi All Does anyone know of a template letter I could use to challengea Penalty Charge Notice. It was issued by City Of Westminster. I have no real grounds to contest the ticket other than Ijust don’t want them to profit from my mistake (waiting on double yellows). The ticket was issued for £60, but now stands at £130because I didn’t pay within 28 days!!! So it would appear I must be punished!!
  5. Hi, just thought I would add my tupence worth! I think all of what has been said is great advice. It sounds to me that you need a quick fix however. Dont know where abouts you live, but in Northamptonshire there is an orginisation called Community Law Services. I talked to them re my arrers with the council and they contacted them direct on my behalf. They proposed a payment plan at a few pounds a month and the council accepted it. The council viewed it as a formal action plan and wrote to me with conformation. Community Law services also delt with the bailiff company, requesting that th
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