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  1. Thanks everyone for your help do what should I do next, email them back quoting the consumer rights act? And if they still say no, who do I take it to?
  2. Hi I bought a mattress 2.5 years ago which had a five year guarantee.(£270) The springs have gone on one side. I emailed the place I bought it from who passed on the complaint to the manufacturer. we sent a photo of the sagging and told them we have regularly turned it, which we have. They sent sent an email saying "they do not believe the mattresses has been kept in accordance with the guidelines and will be taking it no further" as far as we know we have followed all the guidelines and rotated it regularly. Is that the end of it now? We thought it wo
  3. Hi, now being sent letter from "clarity" debt collectors, telling me to contact them with an offer, or get onto a payment plan. I havent replied to that one yet, but I just got an other saying I've got 10 days before they start legal proceedings, unless I contact them and arrange to pay. should I reply as I have to the others stating they have no credit agreement? Everytime I tell them this they pass it on to another agency!
  4. Just an update, now recieving debt collection letters from clarity pay
  5. Hi both my sister and dad have received tax underpayment letters, one for £900 and £600. They were both made redundant not long ago, my sister gets jobseekers and my dad lives off a small pension. Can they claim hardship and have the repayment held off for a bit, or spread over more years? as they are struggling on what they get now, I cant imaging how theyd manage if they get money taken off them. If they can do this, is there a special letter they need to send or can they just ring up?
  6. Thats what I thought but I read about someone on here going to court with no agreement and they lost.
  7. thanks! I got a letter today from hsbc saying as far as they are concerned it is a legal agreement and they have complied with the law in regards to SAR. They also state that they "have the right to exercise options available to them under the credit agreement" the agreement, they dont have! I was getting a bit worried, what are they likely to do now? They seem to keep threatening me with court, then once past the deadline, they pass it on to somewhere else. I will have a read of other threads to see what is happing with other people.
  8. Just got a letter from "central debt recovery" in response to the letter I sent to metropoliton, basically saying the FOS ruled in their favour that they had done all they can to find the agreement, therefore I must pay the total amount now. I still have no agreement, they say they do not have it. The FOS said HSBC forfilled the requirements by sending me the terms and conditions, and said I should pay because although there is no agreement , there must have been one at some point. I didnt even ask FOS opinion on this part, they just chipped in with it. I appealed to the FOS and they said t
  9. I sent Metropliton and Hsbc a letter telling them I had not recieved a credit agreement. I included the letter from HSBC stating they do not have one, and I reminded them of the law. Today I got a letter from "central debt recovery" stating that the debt has been passed to them and I need to pay the full amount by Aug 1st. So, I take it I should send them the same letter?
  10. ok, I rang but it failed to record properly, you can only hear my voice. Doh. They said they'd sent me a letter asking for a medical certificate to prove I was ill/disabled, I told them I'd not received any letter to that effect. (I don't know what thats all about) they kept asking me how much I could afford and I said, I can afford nothing, I'm disabled and out of work, and I have recieved no agreement, and have been told there is none. They said that because the financial ombudsman had found in their favour, I must have received an agreement. I told them that is not the case. They told m
  11. Can you please give me a rough script of what I should say to them when I ring tomorrow? I don't want to say the wrong thing. thanks
  12. lol I don't know, should I tell them?
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