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  1. Hi all , I run a small buessiness and we are the defendant in county court case, ill keep it short but it involved a customer who left his car with us for repair and Mot and said there was no rush to repair and we could take as long as needed but turned up the next day ranting and swearing because it was not ready, just charged him £30 for mot and asked him to leave, he then issued a summons against us for £370 for breach of contract, he actually issued the summons in my managers personnel name even though he does not own the ltd company and his just paye em
  2. HI it was a finance hp agreement, thanks
  3. Hi , we have a car on finance with black horse, there are some arrears so ive offered to setlle it in full, the total amount payable under the agreement is £13780 we have paid just over £12900 in total back, i offered to settle the remaining bit in full, they came back with a figure of just over £2700, then sent me a notice ending the agreement and asked for the car back, i,m going to ring them tomorrow and try and sort it out, any advice on which way to approch them..thanks
  4. Thankyou so much, once again if i receive any thing from the court ill post it striaght away, i really do think they will have applied to the court so we will see what happens, kind regards
  5. Thanks again, point to me donating aswell , i really do owe this site some payback...
  6. Hi , Thanks yes you were the main helper and steered me spot on,thankfully things have improved alot money wise since then and really have kept our heads above water, helping with the letter would be great , just to add ive noticed that they have laso charged me 20 payments of £33.97 a total of £679.40 for there building insurance, i already have this with direct line myself..they say they have already asked the court for a eviction date , i phoned the court they say they dont have a request as yet, do i need to take some action with the court..
  7. Hi yes had two house at one point(one let), managed to sell one, have really managed to get things sorted money wise since then thats why im so gutted by this..
  8. Hi Thanks for reply, its Morgage agency services no 2 Ltd
  9. Hi All, about 14 months ago our mortage company took me to court for arrears, they suspended the repossion and made a order that i must pay normal monthly amount plus £200, I have done this and to my suprise got a solictors letter this week to say they were applying for a warrant to reposses the house due to the order failing, I rang the mortgage company and they said i had missed 2 payments, now to be honest last Febuary i lost my sister suddenly and life turned upside down for a bit, but this really was a genuine mistake(They have never wrote to me about this), they also said i did not pay M
  10. HI All Passed all to a solictor now , for councels opion, had a good letter back from Halifax at last stating that 100% that the CCA the DCA used in court supported by a statement of truth could have only come from a much later date than 2002 (time of agreement), means they completed mislead the trial judge in cliaming it was given to me in 2002, will keep you all updated off course
  11. Hi All need some quick advice, i have today got home and a DCA that got a county court judgement against me in Feb,2010 have popped a Stat demand through my door(by hand), they got a judgement against me in my absence, the court nor the claimant never gave me the court date, anyway lost set a side hearing because the judge said i should have been checking for the date, anyway the credit credit agreement(application it said on it dated July 2002) they used i know is floored because it had no perscribed terms, they later produced a seperate sheet with perscribed terms, this one did not have my
  12. Hi do i take this money or tell them to stick this low amount, they took me to court and made my life hell, think i will get them tell what all the charges were on the account and get them to explain how they come to this amount..
  13. Hi All Just had this offer letter through from Gmac, had completely forgot about this old payed up account and not sent a Subject Access Request or anything, there letter seems to be backing up what we have all be saying for a long time, what does anyone think? gmac offer picture by sellyservice - Photobucket
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