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  1. Hi, Just phoned virgin to query charges on account and lady said she would refund 1 of the 2 charges as I had never had charges before, I asked if she can refund 1 why cant she refund the other, as I advised I received no letter confirming the charges had been applied (due to missed payment). Does anyone have a standard letter to claim these charges back as I dont believe they would be the same letters as for banks. thanks
  2. a quick question, I have seen my local court is staying all cases, is it better to apply directly to the court in person or is it better to put the cases through MCOL, or does it not really make any difference now as both are staying cases.
  3. thanks for the advice, will have a look around for the forms needed to apply to the courts directly.
  4. Hi, I am trying to get charges back from A&L. I have sent prelim approach told to go away. Sent LBA and still told to go away. Since then I have incurred a lot more charges and I am planning to submit MCOL, however can I add the additional charges to the MCOL, or can I only add the original amount to the MCOL, as I am sure the banks do not check all these prelims they just send standard letter and bin it. Also I started this a while ago (3 months or more) and have been wondering about the case going through the court at the moment, wether or not this will affect the claim, or am I allowed to still claim my money back, as A&L seem to be a bit high on the old charges.
  5. yes I received this as well
  6. yes i did receive the charges back, funny enough I received the letter saying they were going to close my account, however they havent as yet, i dont use the account so will see how long it takes them
  7. Hi, Last year I claimed all 6 years back, plus damages for leaking my account details out to another forum member, I then had more charges over the xmas period, I then requested these, i received standard letter saying they would pay the charges, (I am still waiting for money - only 5 days), I have now received another letter saying they are going to close my account, I recently just updated my loan with the bank as they told me I was a valued customer and they could offer me a better rate, which I excepted as it reduced my payments, so I am a valubale customer one day and a problem the next as they are going to close my account, I also have an outstanding complaint with the bank which has never been resolved, and was wondering what I can or should do next.
  8. Hi, I have a loan for a while now with Abbey, abouut 18 months ago I checked my credit report and it showed they had been marking a "1" on my account for 12 months, t(this means 1 month late), i contacted abbey and they said I was up to date and this was an error on there part so they eventually rectified this, I then check my credit report again and they have again for the last 7 month been adding a "1" next to my report, this is off course been affecting my credit applications, what can i actually do or get from them for this. any help suggestion greatly appreciated.
  9. no, only wheni first started with them, they just moved me up to the next level
  10. Hi, I have an ongoing issue with the gym. I upgraded from an off peak membership to a gold membership in Feb of this year, I sent a letter more than 3 months to cancel but have just been told after questioning why the payments are still going out, that my account is now on a new 12 month contract and can not be cancelled until the 12 months are up. I have written to the regional manager and no response and no-one in their head office is willing to deal with it cause it is a branch issue. Does anyone know how I can get my money back? I have lost all faith in these people so please let me know your thoughts or suggestions. Thanks Rob
  11. Hi, Does anyone know what is happening with refunds for this, As I had a package with them and it was terminated early due to them going out of business, I was directed at the time to a dslredfunds link, this link now does not work, anyone have any ideas where I go to get my 7 months line rental back. any advice greatly appreciated.
  12. i had a claim for £3000+ go to mcol, and during this had more charges, i claimed back the new charges and had refund of new charges before the large claim was settled, and my account wasn't closed and is still open now. go on claim, it is your money
  13. also within the letter was the amount for my cheque with markd address, so this is all HSBC fault and they will be sorting it out.
  14. have spoken to bank today for nearly 2 hours, and has got me nowhere I have threatened to take them to press. I have also demanded this be dealt with today and still not done, they ahave as usual assured me it will be dealt with on Monday now, I am now claiming full amount, I was happy to take 90% of inital claim, plus compensation for calls, anquish and general crap service also not to mention the fact they breach the DPA by sending my info to someone else. As soon as I mentioned I had spoken to the Financial ombudsman and the DPA they seemed to move a little bit quicker. I also received a call from the solicitors today a Debbie D'aubrey and she said they would pay me some money into my account today for 280.00, she was talking to me about someone else's account whn I informed her my calim was for nearly 20 times that amount she apologised and said send the details, so tried by fax and still have not got a fax to make it to them all it says is busy all the time. Generally between HSBC and DG solicitors they could not organise d a p**s up in a brewery, they have both today messed me around and generally since the 27th of september I have been fobbed off. FA and DPA seemed very intrested in what I had to say.
  15. that is what I thought, so I have pm'd bankfodder and waiting on advice really.
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