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  1. hi guys.. advice pls.. sorry if im repeating what has been said- so far i have sent 3 letters 1. the one saying they have breached there contract etc.. 2. stating why computeach arnt like for like etc.. 3. the dispute letter. I have had no reply to any of them and have only received the generic we have found you computeach letters.. my payment was due out on the 15th.. i didnt pay.. today i receive a text saying my account is over due.. perhpas it was an oversight and to call them to make a payment. Im due to contact the fos-going to phone tomorow and see what i need
  2. hi guys, i sent my letter of disoute last week but have had no reply.. my paymetns are due on the 15th but im not paying ( scared about that thought) i sent the letter guaranteed delivery,nad have proof it arrived. If they do not write back acknowledging my dispute letter does the fact that its in dispoute still stand or do i need a reply from them Im only asking as they have ignored all my letters
  3. I understand your horror at bpf.... not long ago( june 2009 to be precise when my payments started) me and my partner had a baby.. he lost his job and i was on mat leave which is 500 a month. the woman from bpf basically told me.... once i asked if i could lower the repayments due to our circumstance.... that i knew i had an agreement with them when i fell pregnant.... so i asked her .. whatwould you suggest i do.... not have the baby because i owe mony... she just repeated herself to me. I was so horrofied to what she may be suggesting.it still angers me. i hope bpf get whats coming.
  4. unbeleivable!!! is there anyway of finding out who owns this 'new ' company!!!i find it so frightenening that advent can still be used as a training scholl just under a slightly different name!
  5. orperhaps you are talking about the computeach legal action group?sorry was just rying to find any other groups on fcbook about this so i can post the no win no fee lawyer
  6. hey bluedo, i think the group you mean is advent training scammed us- we want our money back.... im on there and we have over 1000 people on it... i cant find group thats called advent legal action.
  7. thnks fuzzbutt for getting a lawyer organised!! im so relieved!! how many people have emailed you now? do you know where we stand with paymetns... bpf have not requested paymetns from me yet but i know some people have had those letters. did the lawyers mention anything or will they clarify this in your meeting?
  8. hi guys, on the facbook group advent scammed us there are ex-employees on the group. I have messaged on of them and hope she will get back to me .doubt she will though!
  9. just wondering if anyone has it written anywhere that advent said if after th 2 yrs you havnt finished all you have to do is call them and can get it extended another 4 yrs.... i remember this but i d not have it in writting... and i agree computeach acnnot take over the advent contract so they cant pick up on the time scale anyway
  10. hi tenpack, yeah y partners says the same thing but there is no date written on it. his 2 years are up in june.. he ashnt even passd the a+ yet so the likely hood o f him passing the whole MSCA by then is unlikely. i thought with advent you could study for as long as liked?even after the 2 years is up i tought you could extend it free of charge? does anyone have any knowledge of this?
  11. 1 years worth? my partners course is supposed to be up in june if the 2 year thing is anything to go by... not exactly a year!this whole thing is a mess.
  12. i rang them to, i was told if you did the exams locally then you miss out on the workshops... as they do the workshops and then the exams straight after
  13. Bluemoon, i have read and re-read the advent contract, and unless you havea different from me no where does it state a time limit.. even on the front page that states a start and end date there is nothing written, AS far as im concerned if it isnt in any contract then they cannot hold me to it. This is a clear ' like for like issue'..... we all went with advent with the promise that we had no time limit and given that no contract states this and cant see hoe bpf canstick us with this,
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