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  1. Thank you omalleyr so much for getting back to my post so soon. i did have the option of appealing but i wasnt going to or planning on appealing aslong as i got my basic pay while i was suspended along with my hoilday pay. i was due to get paid Friday just gone & the last appeal date was on Sat Just gone too that was the day i rang up to find out WHY my basic wage didnt go into the account. i had also asked her in reguards to this 200 pounds what happens with it will they take it out of my wage or what the HR manager in trainning said IF i would of went to the disciplinary i
  2. Hi i hope someone could help or be able to give me some advice as i am lost. My employment was terminated for Gross Misconduct & i shall try & explain as much as i can. This is how it all happened I was a 'teamleader' in training at the time of this happening, One busy saturday i was running the dept on my own 'Checkouts' A colleague had approched me & had asked me to change him some 20 pound notes into different nominations of 5's & 10 pound notes as it was a busy Saturday he thought he would come & ask me to change it up rather than have waited in a long qu
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