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  1. It's an HP. Just over a year old. They were referring to the connector on the motherboard that the screen plugs into.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yes, he's referring to the connector on the motherboard that the screen slots into. He was deliberately vague about this though thinking he could bamboozle me with jargon. I don't want to take the laptop apart to look as I'd rather a pro inspect it first. The fault seems logical to have happened when they replaced the screen. I'll write to them as mentioned and take it from there. Thanks both for help.
  3. I'm hoping for some advice on this one. Our two year old stood on the screen of our laptop and cracked it in the top corner. We took it in for repair and a few days later received a call stating it was ready for collection. On collection and payment, the person at the repair shop stated that they didn't have the correct charger and so couldn't demonstrate it working but that they had replaced the screen and all was good. At the time I thought this strange as it's a standard HP adaptor. We got it home plugged it in and sure enough the scree didn't work. I took it back to the sh
  4. Last year I was changing jobs and moving away from London. As I would no longer be relying on public transport to get to work I needed a car. I've not had any credit for over 7 years and so only my bank account showed on my credit report so I had minimal credit history, although a very good one according to the 3 CRA's. Although I did have some debts over 6 years previous but these no longer showed on my credit file and were not with Lloyds. I therefore turned to my bank. Their branch staff showed that their system would allow a loan way above my requirements and so I applied for a loan t
  5. Hi all, I have a linked address that I have never lived at but that a company I'd never heard of (NCO Europe) was linking me to showing on my credit report. The same company was still trying to link me to old addresses from over 10 years ago. I have since found out that this company is a DCA although can find no reason that they should be confirming me living at addresses in the past 4 years that I haven't lived at for 10 or more or not lived at at all. I have notified the CRAs concerned and they have contacted NCO to request they are removed but the requests have been refused by NC
  6. It's possible they have credit from my historical problems. Yet on their systems it said I was good to go. Behaviour was excellent etc. Can they use data that is over 6 years?
  7. After tidying up my credit report and getting errors removed and now showing as having a good rating, dispite a couple of blips of 2 missed payments in 2007, (no default) I have gone to get a car loan today and been declined. When the bank did the credit check it came back as a lfat decline dispite me having a great rating with them. They used Experian and Call Credit both of whom show me as having a good rating. Why could this be? Are there 'hidden' entries on a credit report, that mean lenders searches will decline based on certain information contained within the report that woul
  8. Can anyone point me in the direction of some template letters I can send to both CRAs showing searches for Statute Barred debts on table one of my file unlawfully and/or to have this information removed by the CRAs themselves? Thanks...
  9. Can someone confirm that the CRAs have to update the files with electoral roll info within 30 days, and is there a template letter I can send to tham demanding compensation if they haven't done this? Thanks....
  10. I received my credit report back in March from all 3 agencies and none had me down as being registered on the Electoral Roll. On contacting my local authority they confirmed that due to an administerative error on their part I was not showing and promtly sent me the relevent documents to fill out. These were sent back and I was on the electoral roll by the 12th April. I contacted the CRAs to get their information updated and was informed that they have to wait until it is issued out by the local authority and they then have 30 days to update their records. I contacted the local autho
  11. I want to write to the DCAs who are doing this to attempt to get them to stop and remove their searches. For them to do this they will need a copy of any credit agreement that I have signed giving the original lender permission to conduct a search on my credit file. I doubt they have this. Do any of you know of any solicitors who I could hire to write such letters so that I do not have to give my home address - the last thing I want is these guys trying it on by knocking on my door?
  12. Thanks for that, I will take a look. ...and good luck with the surgery! I find it hard to understand how, after a debt can no longer be chased, (the six years passed last August and these searches are since that time) the DCA can still place a search on my record. Can they carry on doing this for the rest of my life? Surely there has to come a time when they can no longer place such searches without them being unlawful?
  13. I have no doubt that these searches were done to try to show other lenders that I have had outstanding debts in the past. Thanks guys for clarifying that. Questions is, is this unlawful or not and whether I can have them removed. These debts in question are over 6 years old and I have never given these companies my permission to carry out such searches, nor instructed them to do so; although I would have done with the original creditor. Also, is there any course of action that I can take that will allow me to stop such searches being made in the future?
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