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  1. It is now the end of Ocober and they don't give up. A couple of weeks ago we got a letter from Roxburghs debt collection agency to ask us to now pay £160 and to get in touch with them. If we didn't it would go to their solicitors Graham White. A week ago a phonecall came from a James at Roxburghs but we were out so didn't get back to them. Today a letter came from the solicitors Graham white. My husband wasn't going to reply to it so that was my fault as it said if you have a defence let them know before it goes to court. I obviously believed it to be a true solicitors, but have since seen
  2. Well a few weeks have passed now and nothing more from them. Do you think they have given up or will we suddenly get a letter for court?
  3. Thanks for all your comments. Hope yours goes okay Chris. These are all stresses we don't need in our lives. We will wait another 7 days and see what comes next when they don't get paid. I was talking to a lady today who said she got a ticket for being just slightly over the line of her parking space. The worst thing for her was the fact that it was free parking but you had to stay within the lines. She said it was a very expensive day out.
  4. The final demand came today saying in large letters 'failure to pay will result in court action' and that failure to pay will result in court proceedings which may lead to a warrant being issued to the bailiffs to recover payment or seize goods. We have 7 days to pay. I reckon if it does go any further they may send men out pretending to be official bailiffs, but surely if it is legitimate we would have an option of going to court and not just having it decided for us.
  5. Well lets hope it doesn't happen and that they just give up trying to make us pay them. We will keep you all informed. Thankyou.
  6. That is so true. It is so obvious that in todays society morality is no longer 'the norm' which is a sad state of affairs.
  7. Thankyou. Most things worry us when we are honest upstanding members of the public and I guess that is why they can make most of us pay. They know we would be worried about the consequences of disobeying 'the law' so make it out that THEY are the law. We will not give in and will go to the real 'law' if we have to.
  8. The next expected letter came today informing us that we have lost the right to appeal and that we have to pay £120 within 7 days or it may result in court proceedings. It says in Large red letters "DO NOT IGNORE THIS NOTICE" Which obviously we are going to do. So we will await the next notice coming through in a weeks time. I think the thing that worries me is that they may clamp our car next time it is seen in the carpark or not even let him in to park. I suppose though that they would have to have different grounds to clamp us as we would have a valid ticket for that day if it ever came
  9. Thankyou so much for your help. We will ignore anything else that comes through. It just shows that they don't care about anything else but the money they can get out of us. Even the council only charge £40 for a parking ticket which is bad enough, but these start at £80. We will keep you informed of any letters we get from them after they realise we are not going to pay...
  10. My husband parked in a carpark which he has parked in every working day for over 4 years. Last week he recieved a parking charge notice for not clearly displaying a valid ticket. This is a minimum of £80 charge. My husband had the ticket and had it displayed on the dashboard as usual but it was a severly windy day and he can only assume that it turned over with the wind as he shut the car door. They do not have sticky tickets. Unfortunately we did not see this forum until after we had appealed against the ticket explaining that we had been parking there for over 4 years with no previous p
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