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  1. Just a bit of an update, I sent the PPI complaint off in September 2012 and they have only today responded, shocking:shock: As you might expect, it's the usual 'thank you but **** off' spiel, holding out as long as they can in the hope I'll get bored... It made me laugh, despite it being their 'final position' it says something along the lines of "as for the sale being pressured, we highly doubt this is the case because our staff are highly-trained. However if you still feel this is the case please contact us again". They have totally dodged the issue that they could not make a decision if that it was not missold without listening to the call or reading the notes, and implicitly admitted they don't have any record of it. They have also claimed that I took the PPI out when I made the call to activate the card, but in fact it was some weeks later in an unsolicited phone call that they made to me. I'm gonna sleep on it and send one more direct letter tomorrow as I feel they might still break without getting the FOS involved (especially since my total claim is expected to be lower than the £850 that the FOS would automatically fine them just to investigate my complaint).
  2. Thanks aa, nice to see you back. This can now be added to PPI successes thread and sig will be updated, just Cap One left to defeat now
  3. They've sent me a cheque today for £2700-odd, I know I'm entitled to a bit more but I'm gonna take it because I stand to lose more if I don't have it soon because it'll be tight getting a new house. I will inform the FOS that I'm accepting it but still not satisfied that I've been redressed in full, they will probably say that's it but they might still chase the extra few hundred pounds.
  4. Good luck If you are confident in your calculations, it won't hurt to include a number. In mine I put something like "I am therefore owed by your organisation, at the very least, £xxxx" I've been on the phone to HBOS asking to them to tell me what they are now doing to rectify my claim ASAP... they tried to tell me on the phone that they have received no letter, despite me sending it Special Delivery and having EPOD They are just downright liars.
  5. Hi, this is where I've sent all my correspondence: Halifax, PO Box 761, Leeds, LS1 9JF. They have been obstructive the whole way from sending my SAR in, then despite giving me information on it when it came to making my PPI complaint they tried to tell me the account never existed. They then dragged their heels, denied misselling and only admitted it once the FOS were involved. Then they make a pony offer... expect a long battle
  6. Hi intend, It was missold as it was never explained how front-loaded PPI worked. I actually didn't realise I was borrowing more money simply to insure my own repayments, it's madness when you think about it and I would never have agreed to it had I fully understood. If I had fully understood, I would have put the extra 25%-odd into a savings account each month and if needed to use it to cover repayments in the unlikely event, it would be there. I also had other means of supporting my repayments should I have been out of work. It was nearly 9 years ago now but I certainly don't recall being asked any questions at all regarding eligibility for PPI when I applied for the loan. I have posted the cheque back to HBOS with a polite but direct letter telling them that they need to refund me the full amount within 7 days and I will disregard any extra interest accrued (it's going up about £0.42 per day), if they don't then I will take them to court if necessary, they have already admitted they are at fault and they don't have a leg to stand on.
  7. Quick update... HBOS have been in contact with the FOS and supposedly overturned their rejection of my claim back in April 2012. Unfortunately I moved house between making the initial complaint to them and then to the FOS so they didn't have my new address on file and I never received their letter. They have today sent me a cheque for approximately £1400 however this is considerably less than my calculated claim of about £2800. They claimed they sent me a letter to my new address last month admitting the PPI was missold but I never received it, I only got it forwarded on to me by the FOS. Just to check my calculations are correct, the statutory 8% pa is calculated from the date of each repayment instalment right? What I have done is basically calculated the days between each payment to the redress date (supposedly 11/01/2013) and multiplied that by a daily interest rate, worked out simply as (8/100/365) which is 1/365 of 8%. My stat interest calculations come out at over £900 (it was about £31.95 per month, paid back between 2004 and 2008 + the settlement of about ~£526) but the breakdown in their letter is about £30 stat interest!! I'm very tempted to cash the cheque and get the FOS to get the rest for me as it is already with their offers team and I am moving house soon so could really do with the money but my sensible side says that if I do that then HBOS will be ********s about it. Should I just send the cheque back with a letter saying why I think it's not enough? The letter from HBOS is a clear admission that the PPI was missold, not one of these 'goodwill offer with no admission of liability' type letters.
  8. Halifax have just made me a silly low offer, as said you need to get all the data up together payments etc. Just for example Halifax told me that my 8% interest was £30 odd but I have calculated it as over £900!
  9. I would think you are probably right How much are you expecting to reclaim? If it's less than £850 it's worth emphasising this in your letter since they will automatically be fined this amount by the FOS to investigate your complaint should you refer it to them, then if it goes in your favour (likely) they will have to pay you back your monies owed as well.
  10. I'm not gonna ask "how long until I get a decision?" because that's unfair and no one here will know. What I wouldn't mind knowing is if anyone has currently got an outstanding complaint, how long it's been ongoing and what stage it's at? Mine is approaching 15 months since I complained to the FOS and is still awaiting allocation to an adjudicator...
  11. This reminds me EXACTLY of how my appointment at my local Natwest branch went when I was missold PPI... shame on the management putting such pressure on their staff.
  12. This seems to be standard bullpoo from Sainsburys Bank, I got the same response even though I gave them the account number! I sent another letter straight back telling them it was correct, and they finally "found" my data. Good luck, keep updated
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