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  1. Thanks loobyloo, I am 40 years old and until now had a perfect credit rating and never missed any payments. I was self employed for 10 years but have not worked properly for over a year. I feel so depressed at the moment i can.t even think straight. My old accountant is asking for 500 plus costs. Is it definitely better i make myself bankrupt? What would happen if i don't? Are there any do's & don't concerning bankruptcy for a better chance of an early discharge and to avoid the 3 year pay back so that it would be a fresh start, i already feel that i'm too old to start again and i'm f
  2. Hi, I'm in such a huge mess and I'm making myself ill with worry. I found this site by accident looking for a dca's telephone number and of course soon found out not to phone them. I hope so much that someone can give me advice on what i should do as i can't carry on like this. I will try to keep it short and to the point. I have run up considerable debt which i had been paying off for some time. It all got out of control and i got into more debt to pay debt. The final straw came when the tax sent me a bill for 7,500 after a one year investigation due to some mistake by my accountant which i s
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