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  1. Did you tell your employer the you couldn't work the ss tills because of your eyes? If you have worked both then presumably you would have known the layout of the numbers on both? Are you admitting that you did add extra points/bags because other people were doing it?
  2. To be fair my dad will never work again and we have always known this would happen we just want to make sure that everything is above board. Can we ask for a copy of his contract so we can see his terms and conditions especially regarding his pension?
  3. He is 48, started with the company 21 years ago and was earning roughly 22000-27000 pa (dependant on overtime)
  4. Hi, I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction. My dad has been long term sick since 2000 (multiple sclerosis). In September a manager from his work came to the house to offer him a severance package. No notice was given over the nature of this meeting and no union rep was offered and neither my sister or I was present for this meeting. They offered him £8500. My dad asked how they came to this figure and he was told "we took a ball park figure"!? My dad declined as no info was provided about his pension, holiday days etc.. In October he was invited to a medical and the outcome was that no alternative employment has been found for him. Now this isn't a surprise but I just want to know what my dad is entitled to and the legalities of it all. Only long term sick were approached for these packages(my dads job was contracted out years ago), is he entitled to holidays not paid (his work said the british government stopped this) and how they would work out a payout. Sorry for the long post.
  5. Yeah I agree. But I don't think that that means you should pay nothing and I think that there are always people who will try to avoid paying anything and that just makes things harder for people who have been genuinely ripped off.
  6. I do agree with the new ruling. People should pay what they have borrowed and spent. But I don't agree with bad practice and dodgy dealings which are unfair and cost us more . Hmmmmmm..
  7. They may have allowed it previously but what impact would it have on the business if you now dropped hours? Would they be able to cover that day that you dropped?
  8. Yeah you can get tax relief for laundering a uniform
  9. Yeah that's my thoughts too. Perhaps there should be some discount or initial allocation of the polo shirts with the logo on it, but I wouldn't expect them to pay for the trousers.
  10. Manage them through AWOL. I know with my comany you can dismiss someone in about a week through the process.
  11. I would start the AWOL process and manage them through that. Don't think this is an attendance issue its conduct.
  12. Did everyone get their annual statements? It's past the 1st of October
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