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  1. Thank you, Funnily enough about six months ago, a sales person came to our house and asked if we wanted to make a will. After consideration, we said YES. They said they would contact us within seven days, in order to pay the fee for writing up the will. We had the money, ready and waiting, but they did not show up. Makes me believe that perhaps this was a [problem]. But it didn't cost us anything and we never looked elsewhere. Since this episode, crappy 2013, very unlucky for me! The first thing I did was asked my parents if they had a will and my brother too, as if one thing I le
  2. Thats OK. It was what I was suspecting, and realistically it was what I think will happen.Like I said, in the post my wife's estate has very little assets to speak of and the bank has told me, they would be looking for funds from the estate to pay the mortgage. However, they told me that even if the house was going to be sold, poss. auction: It will not be immediate, but dependant on when they receive the letters of administration, from me. Obviously they are not going to wait for-ever and thankfully, I do have somewhere to stay, when the time comes. It is NOT my debt, therefore I am
  3. No, Although it is quite a high figure/amount. It will not cover the outstanding debt
  4. Hi Folks, New Developments: 1) Finally after nearly 8 Weeks (YES 8 WEEKS), Natwest have finally decided to talk to me. Unfortunately what they had to say was, (to put it mildly) BAD. As stated in a previous post. My wife passed away and had a mortgage in her name only. This has now been confirmed. There was NO Insurance on the property. I have been informed, that because the mortgage was in my wife's name, I am NOT liable to pay for the outstanding debt and the bank will look to my wife's estate for resolution. They want a letter of administration? Basically a letter that
  5. Your members might be interested to know, approx. 2mins ago I received a telephone call from Natwest enquiring if they could speak to my Wife. So despite sending them a Death Certificate, she passed away on the 6th of August, attended her funeral (27th of August), they have mediums or psychics on their pay role Two letters of complaint coming up: 1) For the idiot who said I should wait for the Default Notice regarding the Mortgage 2) Having absolutely NO Communication between departments & tact obviously isn't in their staffs' training manual As an aside, my wife had a b
  6. Hi there, further to my enquiries, I have been given a free legal consultation and here's what the solicitor said: Firstly As the mortgage is in my wife's name I am NOT legally liable for my wifes debts including the said Mortgage. They looked into the Land Registry and found the asking price was £84K when bought in 2006. The Solicitor informed me that they would recommend either I register my interest in Probate (because of the large sums involved, although not a necessity) to become the "official" administrator of the estate, or they could provide this service (obviously wi
  7. My wife does have a family - brothers, sisters, father, NO children: as far as they are concerned any money in the estate belongs to me, they are not contesting any inheritance etc I agree with your comments regarding the bank staffs idea - wait until you get a default notice, like they are not working or their husband has just died, simple things like that, I really wished I had a tape recorder and recorded her message.maybe if she's feeling so generous she'll pay the mortgage! NO The Bank Account is NOT a Joint Account Sorry for re-posting the above
  8. Hi guys, unfortunately a few weeks ago my wife passed away very suddenly after a short illness, now Im having to try to both deal with the loss and try to pay off the bills etc. She had paid all the bills upto the end of July including the mortgage. I went into the bank Natwest as to inform them of the situation, as pertaining the loss of my wife (the borrower), they have a copy of the Death cert and Marriage cert, but told me that they could not deal with this and I would have to speak to the Mortgage dept. I also have to send them a letter regarding probate, executor of my wife's estate
  9. Re Unauthorised Payment:I have since contacted NatWests Fraud Department, where I explained the situation regarding stolen Debit Card and a subsequent unauthorised transaction.They first of all informed me that they are now Officially opening a Fraud case for this transaction; will inform the Police, and because the transaction was a small amount ie £10, they will refund in full the amount back into my account. Thanx for your help/advice.
  10. Hi Folks, Have a problem. On Saturday (11th Feb 2012), I went on a shopping trip and when I went to pay discovered my wallet (with driving licence and debit card) had disappeared. I phoned NatWest (my bank) to inform them of my missing card and it was cancelled. I also was given an "Emergency Withdrawal" of £60 to buy some food for the weekend and have funds until a new card was issued, and at the same time was issued with a mini bank statement showing a balance of £160. I received my card today (14th Feb) and as I use NatWest Online banking, I went on to check my bank statement
  11. Hi Guys I hope you can help. I purchased an item on ebay from Japan, finally after three weeks, the parcel arrived (18th Oct). Unfortunately the postman (who obviously cannot read English) decided to try to deliver the parcel to a house two streets away; and because there was no answer he left a card saying it was too big to be delivered -the address (mine) was in plain sight and hand-written so the postman surely must have seen that he was at the wrong address. (Also there was no parcel number or post id on the card) On the 19th of October, the houseowner who received the card, gave
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