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  1. Hi, dx100uk, sorry for the late reply but I've been away. They haven't sorted it our and have not replied to my letter sent on the advice of the Citizens Advice Bureau. The CAB have passed my complaint on to Trading Standards saying I may or may not be contacted by them, I now wonder if there is anything else I can do. Steve
  2. Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late one back. I paid cash and it was around the end of April. As it was at a major show I didn't expect to have any problems. Steve.
  3. I bought a x-hose from a garden show and it was faulty, I managed to track the traders down ( Swissclub ) all I got was a contact who I think was the manager and they sent a replacement. This failed after 2 uses I called him again, no problem he said to call with my bank details and he would refund my money. I then could not contact him as he wasn't answering my calls even if I used a different phone. I then managed to get an address and e mail I contacted them and was told to send the hoses back, something which the manager never mentioned, but it woud be at my cost as they have a time limit on returning stuff. I've contacted Citizens advice and they told me I should expect a refund and not be charged postage and to send them a registered letter giving them 14 days to reply. I did this and I've not had a reply my complaint has been passed on to Trading standards and I have to wait to see what they will do. I was wondering if anyone else has heard of these traders or what I could do next. I could just send the hoes back and hope they refund me I feel that my consumer rights have been breached and theses traders sell at well known garden shows and there is nothing I can do to get my money back if Trading Standards decide not to do anything. Sorry if that all seems long winded. Regards. Steve.
  4. Satnav73: I had a ticket from MET over a year ago and followed advice on here, everything was spot on. It took a bit of nerve to ignore heavy fine threats and solicitors letters etc but in the end nothing happened Ignore and enjoy your xmas. Steve.
  5. I havent heard anything from MET since my last post until today, I missed two phone calls from, Graham white solicitors, a message was left just saying they called and with a ref no. Is this the usual practice? I'm still ignoring but what do I say to them if I'm caught out and answer the call?
  6. I've had another 'FINAL WARNING' from Graham White, saying things like 'If you are in any doubt about the seriousness of the situation you should seek legal advice' and Please be asured this matter will not go away without solution or resolution' is this the standard type of letter they use? I really want to complain and write or phone these people but reading stuff on here that would seem futile. Should I do anything or just carry on ignoring?
  7. Hi All, Just wanted to post the latest update, I just recieved a letter from Graham white soliciters saying they have been requested to take legal action and that balifs could be used to take goods to the value of the 'fine' Is this their usual procedure or should I do anything? getting a little bit nervous!!
  8. I've just received a letter from Roxburghe solicitors stating that they have been instructed to collect the debt, if they do not get a response within 7 days they will pass the matter on to Graham White solicitors who will review the case for potential legal action. Do I still ignore everything ? or do I need to prepare for legal action, if so how?
  9. Just wanted to post the latest update, I've now got a very red letter with 'final reminder, important legal notice' and price increased to £150 and debt collector threats etc. I'm still ignoring it!!
  10. Just wanted to keep people informed I've recieved a second 'important legal notice' from MET about my 'offence' I'm still ignoring! By the way there seems to be new parking conditions in The Brewery, would anyone know if it's still run by MET?
  11. Just to update everyone I've recieved a letter from MET parking saying 'important legal notice' and requesting a payment of £100 etc etc. I'll keep it for future reference!!
  12. Cheers guys I'll keep posting and let you know what happens.
  13. I've now seen the pics of the 'offence' on their website and the disabled badge details have slipped under the black are on the bottom of the windscreen,does this alter anything? the badge was valid and if they bothered to look down the windscreen I'm sure you could read the details. I intend to do what most people on here advise and ignore everything but am a bit nervous!
  14. Almost a week after the 'offence and there's no photo on there website and I've since found out that one of my mates got a ticket from them whilst going to the machine to buy a ticket!!! How can they get away with such stuff, can I complain to someone about them? Thanks for the help guys.I shall be ignoring, I'l let you know how I get on.
  15. Seems a bit scary to ignore it, would I be breaking the law although that seems to be the general feeling with MET parking. Should I not challenge the 'fine' and then not pay as I feel I've done nothing wrong at all?
  16. I got a ticket whilst taking my mum shopping, it said 'vehicle parked in a disable bay without valid badge' My mum was with me, the badge is in date and I can only think it wasn't displayed properly! There's no photo yet on the parking companys website so I cant see if it had fallen down the windscreen ( it was taken out before I noticed the parking ticket) The company was met parking in romford. anyone know what to do?
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