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  1. Thank you all so much for your responses. It seems to me that my son may be in with a chance of receiving some sort of compensation for this injury and I will shortly be contacting some PI lawyes regarding this. I realise that this could be a very long process but I feel I have to try on his behalf. I also realise that anything recieved would not be awarded to my son until the age of 18. As far as Im concerned the damage done to him physically and mentally cannot be undone but it would be nice to feel that some kind of justice has been done. After all he went through, somehow a forced half hea
  2. Hi, PeterLucas, can you tell me what you mean by tort? Thanks x
  3. Thanks so much for your kind reply. I felt like some kind of money grabbing witch after some of the responses I had on this matter. I thought I had made my posts quite clear about this unfortunate incident. The fact is, this was in no way an accident, there were half a dozen pupils interviewed who all said the same thing, this being that it was a completley deliberate act of purely yobbish behaviour. To have a boy in year 11 thinking it was hilarious to knock younger, smaller children off their feet by shoulder barging them into walls and lockers makes me so so angry!! Obviously it was a delib
  4. Thanks for your reply. I was thinking the same thing. Although the school has very strict rules about running in corridors etc Im not sure who would be held liable for his injury. Many people who were questioned about the incident has admitted that the boy who caused the injury was indeed shoulder barging into smaller kids to make them fall (apparantly he thought this was funny)! He ran off laughing even though my son was a sobbing heap on the floor (the thought of it makes me soooo angry)! The pupil was questioned about it and admitted what he had done and was further suspended from school fo
  5. Hi, Im wondering if it is possible to claim some kind of compensation on behalf of my 13 year son but Im not sure how to go about it. Last August he broke his wrist whilst playing football for his local district team and being on the receiving end of a nasty tackle. Result was, arm in plaster for 6 weeks and no sports for 3 weeks after the plaster came off. This brought us up until November last year. He went to school one day to do his first PE lesson after having his plaster off and lo and behold I had a call from the school to say "we think your son may of damaged his wrist again, can you p
  6. Hi, thanks for responding. Ive been looking at my original paperwork regarding this agreement. The only proof I have that it was signed in my home is the fact that I also have a copy of the order form for the conservatory which states the style/colour and brickwork chosen etc. The guy who signed us up took measurments and drew up a small plan of the structure. This form is dated the same date as the credit agreement as everything was done on the same day. Obviously he must of been in my home otherwise how did he get the measurments and the plan of where it was being erected.
  7. Hi, do you mind me asking who your credit agreement is with? Im having the same trouble finding answers to the same question. I have 2 agreements, 1 doesnt mention anything at all about my cancellation rights and the other 1 tells me I have no right to cancel. Does your say anything similar?
  8. I seem to be going around in circles trying to work this out. My credit agreement states that "I have no right to cancel this agreement". I have since found out that as this agreement was signed in my own home that there should of been some kind of cooling off period to protect people from pushy salesmen (which he was!) etc etc. I took the agreement out in Sept 2006 and it still has quite a while left to run. Could someone advise me as to what my rights may be regarding this matter. Many thanks x
  9. Thanks for your response. I guess my next step would be to request a copy of our original credit agreement from them (even though we didnt recieve one through the post and sign one) and see what their response is. Is this the right route to take?
  10. Hi, me and my husband both applied online for capital 1 cards, we recieved tham in july and august 2004 but never actually signed agreements. Everything was done on line. Is it true that the law about online applications changed in dec 2004. If so could someone please tell me where we stand regarding this. Many thanks x
  11. Ok thanks for that, I will check out that link. I am struggling more and more each month to keep my head above water right now. I had one of the agreements on a reduced payment amount for 5 months last year as I couldnt make the full monthly payment. I have read something on here about the way credit agreements should be set out. This particular one is spread out over 4 pages (none of them are numbered), also there is nothing on any of the pages at all relating to my cancellation rights, in fact the word cancel or cancellation does not appear in any of the pages at all. Is this worth investiga
  12. They are both still ongoing agreements. One started in Sept 2006 and one in April 2006, both are over 5 years. xx
  13. Hi, I still have original copies of 2 credit agreements so thankfully I dont have to go through the process of requesting them. I just need to know where do I go from here. Can anyone tell me what the next steps to take are? Many thanks for any advice you could give me. xx
  14. Hi, Ive just found a 5 year credit agreement for Paragon Personal Finance which I took out back in 2006. After looking at different samples posted on this site regarding my cancellation rights Ive noticed that on my original credit agreement, under the heading "Cancellation Rights" it says, "you have no right to cancel the agreement". From what I've seen so far companies are supposed to give you a short time to cancel the agreement. Am I right about this as this whole thing about unenforcable credit agreements has me totally confused. Could I maybe have one through Paragon and if so what woul
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