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  2. i will do that thanks.i had thought if there was a ccj it wasnt statute barred. thanks
  3. thanks very much for your help.i will leave it. if the internet and this site were available back then,it would have been easy to deal with then. this site and the people on it are fantastic.thanks
  4. thanks for the advice.they havent but what if sleeping dogs turn up.for a very long time i was moving around ,unorganised and lived with cash.so effectivley i was unfindable,checks would show i wasnt hiding though.my point is if i evade them now,intentionaly,or lay low,am i going to pay for it later.there has been no contact what so ever.
  5. one at 45K with ccj poss two more at 5k with ccj for the both. how do you be honest and not open the can of worms.advice please
  6. thanks, its a large debt.i do want to pay it. i havent had contact in atleast 12 yrs.i dont want to make contact and get steam rollered over.i want to pay it but at what i can afford not what some hitler says.also i dont want it to affect my children,dont own property but dont want hassle and goods seized etc.its a long time and we all grow up.hope i sound reasonable.
  7. hi.are debts and ccjs from 15 years ago enfocable.some will definately have been ccj d
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