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  1. Thanks postggj, Im just about to call them. It also occured to me over the weekend that I sent off a CCA request (recorded delivery) in April but have had no response to it. Have you also heard that Cattles are closing down Welcom Car Finance? Thanks again and I will let you know shortly how I get on.
  2. Ok So I have sent off the CCA request form today, and also I received my final response. It states that they were not involved in the original sale of the policy, and that they merely provide finance which covers the insurance premium. They have now told me to contact Guaranteed Car Finance. Is this a fob off? Thanks
  3. hiya I had an inital response saying that on the 7th Feb to say that they had received my letter and also hold the receipt for the recorded delivery letter that I sent to them. It's just occurred to me that I also requested a copy of my CCA at that time as well and have had no response to that. If I put the account into an official dispute for these reasons, then am I required to continue to make payments whilst it is ongoing? I had read that if they are unable to provide me with a true copy of a signed agreement then they are unable to enforce the agreement. If thats the case I have
  4. Hi Yes its been well over 60 days, its into the 104th day now!
  5. hi postggj When originally I took the loan out I was a contractor and Welcome were aware of this. When I lost my job and tried to claim the PPI they said that I could not as I was a contractor. I then sent a letter to them requesting that they repay the PPI premiums and also to stop the PPI, and was expecting a response on the 30th March. Since then I have heard nothing and they keep chasing me me for payment, even though I have said that they have not responded to me. Ta
  6. Ok Got in touck with Karey, going to fill in the claim pack and see what happens. But I do need someone with knowledge to give me a definitive answer on if whilst I am awaiting a reply to my complaint I can hold the account in disoute and make no further payments. Karey has said that if I do so, even though Welcome have failed in their duties, I am in breach of contract and can be passed onto a DCA for non-payment. If I can withhold further payments until the matter is resolved, can someone please tell me how to do it as I'm going to have to do something by end of tomorrow. Thanks
  7. Hiya princessT Thats the letter that I am after stating that I do not want them visiting me or calling me, and that I would like all correspondence in writing. Im just searching through the forums trying to find a letter to that effect now. Cheers
  8. Hi Princess T Thanks for the info. To update. A few minutes ago, the collections agent came round from Welcome to collect paypment on the second account that I have with them, although I tried to make a payment on this at the beginning of this week, I was told that as the two accounts were linked, I would need to make a payment on both, else both would go to the DCA. I've just had a letter stuck through the door stating that the second account is in arrears and I am being charged for letters being/sent people around - even though I tried to pay and they wouldnt accept it ;( Is there
  9. Hi All, Ok so this morning I received a Notice of Sums in Arrears letter from Welcome. I have also received continous phone calls from the local branch office demanding payment, failure to do so resulting in the account being passed to a DCA. I have responsded that I am still awaiting a response to my complaint re: PPI which is not 6 & 1/2 weeks past the 8 week deadline (14 & 1/2 weeks in total). I would appreciate if someone could advise me as to what to do next. Also, has anyone had a chance to have a look at my CCA, I have worked it out and the total cost of credit show that in
  10. Hiya I have pasted the links to the 2 pages of the CCA in post earlier on today. I have just got home and have received a hand delivered letter stating that the account is now in arrears and the Welcome are taking legal action against me. I have spoken to the collections manager today and they have said that they are starting to charge me interest on the outstanding amount and also charges for phone calls/home visits and that if I do not make a payment by the end of this week, that both accounts shall be passed to a DCA. I have told them that I am waiting on a response to my initial co
  11. Hiya postggj Thanks for replying so quick, I was hoping you would. I am ok to make the next payment but then after that but have already sent them a letter (recorded delivery to Nottingham) stating that I believe that the account is in dispute and shall not be making any further payments until the matter is resolved. I did not make the last payment as I was getting no response from them. I've also posted up my CCA to see if anyone can tell me if this falls in/out of an unenforceable agreement, and you seem to be the best person for it considering you have already gone through this.
  12. Hi all, sorry for not replying for a while, this is where I stand at the moment with Welcome. I took out a loan against a car with Welcome in Aug 07 and even though I told them that I was a contractor, had my own PPI insurance through my business, I was told I would have to take out theirs, specifically as I was a contractor. In Jan 09 my contract expired and I approache Welcome to activate the PPI cover, but was told that as I was a contractor I was not covered. After speaking to a member of their compliance team in Nottingham, the person that I spoke to thought I had been missold t
  13. Hi Sol Thanks for the reply. I have had no response from WF in regards to anything that I have sent them. In regards to the PPI, I'm sending them a letter tomorrow to say that I think that the account should be on hold as I have not had a response in 10 weeks. As far as the interest on the Acceptance Fee, I don't know what I should do as the fee is shown as a figure and at the bottom of the agreement it states that interest can be charged upon it. Any thoughts? Cheers
  14. Hey All Thanks for the replies that I have had. I have a couple of points which I could do with having definite answers too, before I give Welcome a rollocking. 1. What is the difference between an agreement taken out before and after April 2007 regarding an 'Unenforceable Agreement'? 2. My agreement is from August 2007, and although the Acceptance Fee is stated as an individual figure, it has been gathered interest. On the bottom of the agreement it does state that interest is chargeable on the Acceptance Fee. My question is, is this legal, or do I have grounds for an Unenfo
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