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  1. believe me, i am on CCCS and its not easy, all creditors are still charging interest and i pay £237 a month to them and hardly any debt come down. I don't think its such a good thing going with a DMP and i am considering come off it. It just helps the creditors to stay off your back for a very short time and then they come back at you with a vengeance. I know how you feel and after 12 months of fighting to pay my way i am still struggling, you're not alone
  2. i have to do a review for CCCS and now there's only 2 adults in our house so how much do i put for housekeeping?
  3. myself and hubby are at our wits end, we have realised that none of the creditors will freeze any interest and after 12 months on DMP, we have hardly paid anything off even though our monthly payments are £237. Do you think it would be easier to come off DMP altogether and try to negotiate with the creditors a payment from us direct. My husband wants to re mortgage, i have told him our credit rating is zero and wont get one, he said there's got to be someone who will let us loan out of our equity on the house. We dont want to down size as we would not have enough to re-buy so would end up renting, and i aint paying someone elses mortgage for them! Whats the best idea do you reckon?
  4. to be honest i have not asked any creditors for CCA's because all my debts are within the last 5 years so thought that they would all be enforcable? i sthis right?
  5. 3 loans, credit card and overdraft fees.
  6. I ve been on a DMP since last august, which was a help at 1st, but Lloyds have been a nightmare and still are. CCCS reckon it will take me 9yrs to be debt free if all the borrowers stop interest, well none of them are. I have sent letter after letter and still they charge interest. Lloyds are now charging 3 times the amount in interest than what i pay per month on DMP, they say after 6 months i have to make normal payments, i argued the case and they give me another 3 months, now thats up and they are now charging me £60 plus a month in interest, i will never be free from debt, is a DMP really the answer ?? because it certainly aint stopping the creditors charging me more money. Don't know what to do next
  7. hi 121 Things not brilliant still, received a letter from lloyds saying ' after the court ruling in november i will not be getting back any reclaim on charges and if they dont get a reply from me my file will be closed on 8th march' (wondering what letter i could write back to keep it open). Have sent yet another letter about my credit card, asking for interest to be frozen, and to accept i am on DMP, even though they have been receiving monthly payments from them since september last year. There seems no easy end to this until my last payment of debt in approx 9 years!!!
  8. Hi Got to be honest here, LLoyds are the very worst of all creditors and the sooner i can get free from them the better. They are so unhelpful and are constantly phoning my house, sending vile letters and not acknowleding my DMP with them, even though the money is sent every month to them. Fed up to the back teeth with them
  9. I'm on a DMP which is being paid monthly, and all creditors have stopped interest except for LLoyds credit card. I complained to FOS about my Lloyds current account being charged interest and LLoyds stopped charges but they haven't stopped interest for my C.C. I am paying £28 month but interest they are adding on is £60 month, so balance just rising all the time! What letter could i send to them asking to freeze interest and if not warn them that i will go to the FOS. I have lost my last letter i sent about current account and i ve lost the will to live or think. Please help, i've tried looking for a template but getting frustrated and angry because of these vile inconsiderate bxxxxxxs, meaning Lloyds, they are the PITS of all banks
  10. I am on a DMP which my credit card is being paid in this way, but Lloyds are telling me i can only stay on a DMP for 6 months and after that i have to pay in full my monthly amount. Also, every month they are getting £28 from the DMP but are charging me £60 in interest so my balance is going up and up. Can someone give me advice on what i can do please?
  11. I put in a claim for payback of bank charges, and i know lloyds technically won the case. I have received a letter from them saying they will not be paying back any charges after the ruling was in their favour, and if they do not here from me before march 10th they will close the file. Do i just let it go as i don't know how i have a case against them now? I was really shocked when the courts ruled in their favour, typical
  12. constantly still having phone calls off Lloyds, they are the worst! They are now saying that every 6 months my income & expenditure is looked at, and reviewed. But the last person i spoke to said that i can only pay on a DMP for 12 months at the most. After that my debt will have to go back to being repaid the usual way. Also they have not froze the interest so not really paying anything off on the DMP. Was hoping to win back my bank charges but even lost that after the ruling. Are they really telling me the truth or just frightening me again?
  13. Just Wondering when All This Stress Will End, A New Year And Looks Like Another Stressful One
  14. have just phoned lloyds yet again they now say my DMP ends 9/12/09 and i have to go back to paying the minimum payment, i told them i could nt afford to thats why i am on a DMP. They said it ends and thats it! I became a little vexed a swore at the guy, and told him to stop ringing my house daily, yes its STILL happening, twice a day every day. Even on sunday nights!
  15. Well, another month gone by and still no let up with Lloyds bank, everyday i am getting phone calls with messages left for me. I have sent them letters telling them not to phone me, i have given them my CCCS number and they just will not give up. I am really on a 'low' and very tired of it all now. I had a letter fromm CCCs saying that Lloyds have let them know that they are no longer accepting a DMP on my credit card! CCCS have advised me that they will still take the payments from me and send it to Lloyds and see what happens. Looks like nothing going to be easy, especially with Lloyds TSB. I always thought they were a great bank, how wrong could i be, when you're down and in trouble they only think of themselves
  16. got my head into gear and wrote letters today and sent them by recorded delivery, so hope this helps me again!
  17. Really can't change my number as my husbands business cards have our number on it, to change all that would mean more costs. I ll have another gop at more letters to creditors, no way am i speaking over the phone
  18. Once i had been accepted on the DMP and sent all the letters back, i was told by them that it would take 4-6 wks to sort out. They said at the end of July my first payment would be beginning of August, then i got a letter on the 2nd July to say my first payment would go out on the 5th July( 3 days later!). I simply had nt got the money straight away and phoned them to tell them about the mix up with the dates. They said they would write to the creditors and tell them of their mistake, but looks like LLoyds are either ignoring the fact or they did not get a letter from CCCS. My 1st payment did go out on the 5TH August, but the creditors probably won't recieve it until 25th (thats what CCCS said to start with) What a mess!!!
  19. well set up my dmp, but CCCS got the first payment dates wrong and so all the creditors think that i have defaulted on my 1st payment. Have tried explaining to Lloyds, but as they are Asian i cannot understand a word they are saying and they are not helpful in the slightest. Now getting loads of phone calls yet again, even though i have made my 1st payment to cccs, i have utterly had enough now. Had another letter off another creditor saying they haven't received my 1st payment so have took me off the DMP already, they now want £105 of arrears. All this just aint worth bothering with, i feel i am just going to give up, 7 months i ve had of this and its completely worn me down. I don't think CCCs is really the answer or any other DMP for that matter
  20. FOS sent LLoyds a letter about my complaint with them, Lloyds just sent a pre written letter to me stating the same thing, until the Test Case is concluded they will put everything on hold. Lloyds are now charging me for interest and overdraft charges, over £130 per month and i aint got any D/D in the accounts and not using account at all. In my opinion they are certainly not helping. CCCs have sent them a letter stating i am now on a DMP and have given them the amount they will get. I am now receiveing 2 phone calls a day, and have received a letter saying i am not returning my calls when they leave a message and i have not responded to my overdraft, meaning i should be paying £50 off per month(which is what i agreed with them some months ago). Don't know which way to turn, do i ring Lloyds and tell them about the letter they should have received from CCCS or do you think its a way for them to pressure me into paying more (that i can't afford) or should i contact FOS in 3 wks time (8wks are up then) and explain what Lloyds are doing to help my financial hardship( zilch)
  21. Thanks diamondgirl, this site has really helped me find my way enormously. I would not have known which way to turn, and what to do for the best. I know its not a good situation to be in, but all thats happened this year has certainly turned our life around. I hope i will be able to help others after all the heartache i've been through the last 6 months. Just hope i come out of this a more wise person.
  22. Hi, I think carteroo should have opened a new thread, not on mine. Have received DMP agreement, the least they will accept is £237 month. Gonna take 9 years to pay off, thats if the creditors stop charges and interest. All phone calls have stopped except LLoyds, they phone twice a day everyday and leave messages for me to call back. Now i wonder if i should speak to them, CCCS's advice booklet says that you should keep on good terms with creditors and if they phone be courteous, but don't be swayed into paying any more than what i have on the DMP. What do you think i should do for the best? I know months ago Lloyds gave me the number to phone paypal, so wondering if they don't like it cos i went to CCCS instead. Oh there goes the phone, spoke too soon.......
  23. thats a good one??? I will have to check that one out, because i'm sure they did it in writing
  24. hi I also applied under hardship, they agreed i was in hardship but still sent template letters. They did agree to stop all charges but are now charging me again since i have complained to FOS about them. They have still only responded with normal template letter. Lloyds have no heart, they are waiting for the test case and i suppose they are praying they win. Well i hope and pray the lose heavily
  25. Can't believe some of this, i was told yesterday that we need at least £200 surplus a month before they will take us on a dmp, we owe £24K
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