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  1. Ive just had a letter of apology from CQ for an incorrect default - was very surprised at them giving in so easily, I demanded a copy of the default notice and termination notice prior to issuing CPR31.16 (risky but worked) and gave them 14 days to clear my credit file, apologise and confirm this to me. 14 days was 7th August - on Friday 7th August guess what was delivered..... shocked was an understatement. maybe they recognise the pattern of letters and realise we're not giving in to them. Thats another point for a Cagger - Cag = 50 Cabot = 0
  2. Yea - i'd prefer them just to shut shop and go away into a dark cupboard never to be seen again! Started an interesting Poll over on MSE - Are CRA's Dodgy? - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums Who is dogiest :eek:
  3. I'll resend it now mate! One of your posts contains personal info......
  4. Chris, Did you get my PM - i'd read it cos it is important and personal to you mate! Also, the lenders are not allowed to 'decline' upon a manual processing alert (i.e. whenever a NOC or s.10 is in force) - it must be processed manually..... I know in essence this means they will decline you but they shouldn't be doing this......
  5. Me too - here: Petition to No.10 Downing Street - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums
  6. I know! Can you believe some of the drivvle they were coming out with! That poor woman who had to give opinion on what they were up-to was horrified - you could see it in her face! :lol:
  7. Car Sorry to hear the outcome - gutted for you. (at least this post will move this interesting thread back to page 1)
  8. Can you please provide me a link or something cos i've been told they can't (for obvious reasons) as they can be amended..... This would help in one of my arguments with the CRA's..... they seem to tell me one thing via email and another on letter. Sooooo frustrating!
  9. I can but it's email format so not like I can legally use it anywhere anyway, unfortunately! So its a copy/paste job or a screen dump but either way, its one of those that I cannot conclusively prove! They aint daft are they.....
  10. Nooo, not in the email but he has in the past - I have a letter from him where he tells me that 'contrary to the belief of consumer warrier websites such as CAG, a default cannot be removed because you have not seen it' So I know he comes here - searched for Experian-muppet but nothing came up so at a loss myself.....?
  11. LOL - that's a very good way of describing it! Thanks all the same...... Its one of those grey area's, yno!
  12. It was Leeds. Yes they wimped out big time...... they didn't lose as such, just obvious they would lose! so they threw the towel in, shame!
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