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  1. Miltonguyphil, yeah I understand there are many benefits to the employer in doing this such as what you mentioned plus them having to pay out less to employees like my girlfriend in the case of sickness etc as they are working over their contract. What made me think they may be in breach of regulations is that they are basically circumnavigating laws that were put in place to protect employees.
  2. zippygbr, she has been asking for more contract hours for over 18 months during which time three permanent part-time staff have been taken on in areas she is trained and experienced in.
  3. Thanks a lot Postggj - I should probably clarify though: Her hours have ranged between the low 20s and mid 40s over the 2 years. Her average hours are probably mid 30s, which we could confirm by checking wage slips / p60s.
  4. Hi, My girlfriend has worked full time for 2 years on a 16 hour contract but her employer will not increase her contract hours. During this time she has been a model employee and is very well trained, but they are just flat refusing even though new employees have been taken on during this time. This is now upsetting her to the point where she feels she will have to move on as she has no real protection for sickness, maternity, holidays etc and sometimes has shifts taken away and is left broke that month. She would really like to stay though so I was wondering if they are in breach
  5. Phew! I think it's over with - spoke to a different adviser this evening and she said it's sorted and confirmed by email. Must have just got a daft one yesterday. Thanks a lot for all the good advice - I guess the Ombudsman or cancellation would have been the only ways to go if they continued dragging their heels. Hopefully I won't need to bump the thread again! Many thanks, Wet shoulder.
  6. It was two years with no claims. However, the first year was as a learner (although still in my name on my own car etc) - is it possible that the second insurer accepted this first year's no claims then added one of their own, but present insurer has somehow found out about the first year and will not accept it? And if so, would they ask for proof without saying why? Regards, Wet Shoulder.
  7. Yes I claimed 2. They said to me that the previous company confirmed only 1 year (I guess that would be via the database you mentioned?) therefore I need to pay up or provide proof. The previous insurer said definitely 2 when I rang them and provided the document showing 2 by email so I've no idea how the mix-up occured, but perhaps that is why they're being fussy over the proof. Not sure what I can do about it though. Maybe I could try and put the burdon of proof on them - I have provided a document showing 2 years, so they should provide a document showing 1 if that is what they wa
  8. Yes it does. I can try printing it and sending it with highlighted sections (I got it emailed to me), but they seem to have an issue just with it being a renewal notice. They said: "This document only shows that you will have 2 years no claims bonus at the time of renewal, this is only a renewal notice, if the previous insurer could give you something in writing that would be more beneficial" I wasn't sure what the problem was so I replied asking for clarification. Their reply: "The document is only a renewal invite, not proof of no claims, we would need a proof of no claims
  9. Hi, Most insurers seem fine with accepting the renewal notice as proof of NCB but my new insurer won't and is threatening a big increase in premiums. Anyone know where I stand on this? My old insurer is adamant that it is the best they can do so I can't provide more 'proof'. All advice appreciated. Wet Shoulder.
  10. Ok, noted thanks. Before this advice I had actually assumed that Sky would be the people to contact as long term it is their money that is in jeopardy not the installers', and also they would be able to offer me something where as the installers would not. Was I mistaken?
  11. No, I need a dish. Why, do they usually only subcontract (right word?) when there is a communal one?
  12. I contacted Sky and they took a few details then fairly quickly put me through to their 'local installers' who arranged the installation date.
  13. I am now - the smilie made all the difference. It's either going to get me some kind of compensation, or off the ship. Either way I will have made my point and will be happier for it. If more people did the same, even large companies would have to change their ways. Correct, subcontractors I believe.
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