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  1. Thank you for your help, Will do that tomorrow, Can I possibly fax them to you it will be quicker, have started a new job, and have access to fax, If you could let me have a fax no please. If not will do tomorrow afternoon. Thank you again
  2. No, just by telephone to ask them what it was about, They informed me that I was liable, and told me to seek legal advice. Thanks gatesgirl
  3. Yes. It states on the Application for Credit Account that the two Directors are responsible for the Company. I signed this to open the Account, at no time was I ever made aware that this was a personal guarentee. I signed this as Book-keeper Accounts. Thanks gatesgirl
  4. Yes. On the application for account it states that the two Directors are responsible for the company. I signed this to open the account and never told at any time that this was a legal document or that I was responsible for any debt. I was only an employee of this company and had no legal obligations for any of it. I signed my name and signed as book-keeper, Accounts. Thanks gatesgirl
  5. Hi Can someone please help, and give me advice. I was employed by a carpet retail company for 15 year as Book Keeper. However the company went into receivership in December, I lost my job and have been unemployed for 3 months. I have received a letter from a Solicitors for a company that was a creditor who was owed £1500.00. They state that I signed a personal guarantee for this debt, It was in fact an Application for an account which was signed by me 10 years ago, but the last paragrah just before the signature states that I am personally responsible for default on the debt. Is the l
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