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  1. I was scammed on gumtree with travellers cheques via an Internet job, the Nat west took these off me , I after a number of transactions I was informed that the T.C. were forgeries , the bank took them off me in good faith and I was paid sterling for them , the bank now expects me to pay the full amount back to them, despite the fact that they didn't recognise forgeries either, how am I expected to know the difference if experienced bank cashiers accepted them. The Nat west fraud squad have washed their hands of the matter, I have asked for the matter to be placed "In dispute " during the police investigation but one dept tells me to contact another dept and my local branch has said they can do no more and have refused to see me again. I have received one letter so far from Triton and dread arriving home from work in case a Triton debt Col. is waiting for me, I would feel such shame if they attempted to take my car. Has anyone else experienced this treatment, if I had spent the money and accrued the debt myself , I wouldn't object ,but I am a victim in this situation, my only mistake was naivety and being too trusting, .
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