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  1. Hiya just an update, my husband has been sacked and we are lodging an appeal against this as we have been informed that we could go for constructive dismissal due to errors in the procedural side. here is the letter: Having received the notice of dismissal on the 25th June 2009, I wish to appeal against this. There are several reasons behind why I want to appeal. This first started when I was assaulted by J's partner after work. She was present at the time and the assault was a result of her extending a dispute outside of the work place. Your duty
  2. Hiya thanks for the quick replay. My husbands work does not have a union, he was only allowed a member of staff to accompany him but he didnt trust or know anyone well enough to involve them in this. There was no substantial evidence apart from what the employees had said. He answerd them to the best of his ability and knowledge. He had been with the company for 3 1/2 years and the manager for 3 of those years, he does not have any marks on his record nad has won several awards for the shop and continuously hit targets set! Which is why this is difficult to digest that he has b
  3. My husband has just been sacked (i have posted about it in the employment section) would he qualify for any type of job seekers or any other benefits as i earn £15000 a year? My income does not cover the bills at all so anything he could get would be a great help. He wants to get a job asap! Thanks in advance
  4. Help needed please............. My husband has just been sacked today by his work. 3 weeks ago he was assaulted by a member of staffs BF after all staff refused a 1-1. They were not doing their jobs properly after countless training and friendly discussions. After realising the collegue may get into serious trouble for her BFs actions all members of staff made false allegations towards my husband, saying he was rude, angry, was stealing etc etc. He was suspended on full pay whilst they were investigated. He had a disciplinary and handed in a doctors note as he was diagnosed as havi
  5. I cant quite remember his name, i think he has told me it once but thats it. Must be a tactic so i cant make a direct complaint. In the process of producing and sending another letter as they still havnt responded. I will also record the phone calls if i do decide to speak to them at all. They are evil, all of them. I would love to see what they would be like if the shoe was on the other foot!!!!!
  6. My electric meter just has one line to read from with a dial that spins at the bottom but you cant read anything from it and my gas meter reads m3 on it with one line to read from! Sort of come to a full stop i think, I have double checked my appliances, they are all AA rated. I have a few energy saver light bulbs, dont leave things on standby etc.... Luckily though i think my application to transfer to scottish power has gone through, they have asked for a start reading for electic and have said my gas should follow on the 26th june, fingers X-d. They want £70 a month by DD for gas
  7. I have been disputing with lloyds trying to reclaim my bank charges, i posted this in an earlier thread - "i recieved a letter from lloyds complaints dept today, it basicly says that because i signed the terms and conditions of the account when i opened it, that i agreed to the charges! they say that they think their charges are fair and that if i take them to court they will ask to put the case on hold. They also say they will not refund the intrest charged on the charges as this intrest it standard among all lenders as i had the 'benefit of borrowing the money'. I didnt borrow money i
  8. I stupidly took out a 'debit card advance' with the money shop at the begining of january. I had to write out cheques to the value just incase i didnt pay by card. I rolled this over 3times at £40 a time as i was in no financial state to pay in full. I explained that i was struggling, they said i need to pay or they would cash the cheques and i would incur a £25 charger per cheque (3 cheques). They cashed the cheques! So now i have been issued by one of their default notices as they didnt clear. My balance is now £325.00 balance! They ring me allllll the time so i wrote saying
  9. hiya, i live in a property that is just 1 year old, i privately rent. I may have to move soon but am a bit worried as several things have happened in the house. Near the front door the plaster has cracked down the edge, same at the patio door, some of the plaster on the walls is cracked slightly and the skirting board leading up the side of the stairs has cracked at the bottom which is quite noticable. I dont think we have caused this and think its because the house is new and still setteling down into itself. I have however caused a few scuffs to the paint work from moving furnitur
  10. Hiya, it was quarterly on reciept of the bill, when i set up the account they said that as they wouldnt know my usage to ring up when i get the bill to arrange a re-payment plan. The bill was for 23rd december to 23rd April (had to ring in march when i got the first bill and give accurate readings as they only had estimates). The ammount owed for gas is £312.39 - 522 cubic meters first 22785 at 9.016p and the next 3028 at 2.488p. The ammount owed for electric is £312.39 - (from 23/12/08 - 30/03/09) - 1829 kwh used based on the 1st 196 at 15.52p and the next 1633 at 12.91p - (from 30
  11. i took the meter readings when i moved in, me and my landlady went round together. I agreed the units with npower over the phone in december, so i have no paperwork to state what the unit costs were that i agreed to. bearing in mind this is my first time dealing with my own bills like this. my first bill i revieved from npower had the correct opening units on in, but the final readings were estimated so i rang up and gave the correct readings and this doubled my bill to £655 my meters are outside in those flimsy lockable cupboards child is 6years old, is my partners son, and st
  12. I am absolutly fuming, got home today and have had a letter from npower saying that they will instruct a debt litigation officer to come to my house and cut off my gas an electric!!!!!!!! on or after 9th june 2009!!! I have a child!!!! They want me to set up a payment plan of £158 a month to pay them off.... i cannot afford that but they said no this is the only option or pre-payment meters! Im not allowed pre-payment meters!!!! i owe them £655.15. HELP please coz im livid! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  13. Hiya, Wondering if anybody can help me? Got my quarterly bill from npower and it is £650 for gas and electric. My house is less than a year old, has A rated appliances, gas central heating on a thermostat, cavity wall insulation, uvpc doors windows etc, and a 3bed semi. This to me sounds rediculously high and they want me to pay £158 a month which there is no way i can afford as i am going to uni soon so will be a poor student. They said the only other option is to fit pre-payment meters but my landlady wont let me and i hate them. My husbands wage will just cover the bills and thats
  14. Thanks for the advice, i recieved a letter from lloyds complaints dept today, it basicly says that because i signed the terms and conditions of the account when i opened it, that i agreed to the charges! they say that they think their charges are fair and that if i take them to court they will ask to put the case on hold. They also say they will not refund the intrest charged on the charges as this intrest it standard among all lenders as i had the 'benefit of borrowing the money'. I didnt borrow money i went overdrawn by £60 which has resulted in charges now totalling £300+ The weird thi
  15. Hiya, I recently sent letters off to lloyds reclaiming bank charges and to complain about the exceptional level of telephone calls. I have recieved letters saying it has been passed to various departments (all letters are the same wording just different contact details for the various depts) now i have had a letter saying my account is being passed to a DCA! I though they couldnt do this if the account is in dispute? Needless to say i rang them up and they have placed a 14day hold on the account! Another thing, i downgraded my account from silver to normal yet am still being charged for the si
  16. Carphone warehouse provide a digital photograph of the water damaged area, this will normally show the area or corrosion, which is normally a rusty patch or a white powdery patch. Water damage can be caused by a number of things as mentioned above, i have seen a water damaged phone of someone that put it near the kettle whilst making tea, the steam got in the phone therefore causing irriperable damage
  17. Hey, im leaving full time work and going to uni (providing i get excepted) in january 2010. I will be doing a diploma in nursing. Because of this the NHS pays a monthly bursary of £560. Is this classed as income? I am currently on a DMP and am thinking that when i become a student, maybe a debt releif order may be better for my husband and i. We had no assetts, but im worried that they will class this as an income when in fact it is for my studys, transport to and from uni and hospital placements, books, uniform etcetc. I will be going from a full time worker to a full time student. My course
  18. Hiya, have recieved a quick reply to my leter to lloyds ' i am just writing to let you know we have recieved your complaint. thank you for taking the time to get in touch. It is important your complaint gets the attention it deserves so we have sent it to our andover customer service recovery center which specialised in complaints like yours..... It will take a couple of days for the complaint to reach them blah blah blah our enquiries should be completed within 4 weeks .......' I gave them a 14 day deadline, do i stick to this? and is this letter a standard reply? Thanks i
  19. dont get me started in these people, they make me sick, i was 2 months late with council tax so they sold the whole years debt to moorcroft, had a baliff round my house saying unless i let him in i will get arressted!!! He could see how distressed i was yet carried on! i was then forced to pay £300 a month to them to clear the debt - only now do i know my rights and when i rang to complain the woman shouted at me down the phone!!! SICK BULLIES
  20. is it legal for lloyds tsb to ring my husband 4 times at work during the day, and several times on his mobile everyday? He told them to stop ringing because it was harrassment and therefore illegal and they said it wasnt. Getting beyond a joke now, good job hes the manager or he could be having to answer to someone over this! im sending the telephone letter tomorrow by recorded post but just needed a bit or reassurance so i know what im talking about when i fight back thanks
  21. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Recieved a letter from a dca on behalf of quick quid offering me a reduced final settlement fee, i have written a letter in responce stating i am not in a financial situation to settle in full and included a £5 token cheque untill we set up an appropriate re-payment scheme. I am going to write to the money shop to see what can be done Thanks again
  22. Hiya, my husband has a payday loan, an old one with quick quid. this was constantly rolled over for a period of 4+ months untill it just got too much and we stopped paying it as it was spiralling. My husband has now recieved hundreds of calls, at work and on his mobile so i have written a letter requesting all calls to stop and email to be the primary method of contact. I have included a request for total balance so i can sort a re-payment plan. The issue is they have our old address, i do not want to give them our new address, is this ok? Also, i have 2 payday advances, one with the mon
  23. Hiya, had the same sort of problem, i had a pre-payment meter fitted but was told by the engineer that they would never cut you off if you have a child! Hope that gives you some peace of mind.
  24. Thankyou for you help, i have internet banking so i will be checking on there, i will be sending both the letter for the charges and the letter for the telephone calls, as again my husband has had 2 phone calls from them... on a sunday!, thanks again
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