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  1. just had a word with her over the phone, looks like a bailiff was there today and apparently has put a paper through the door saying he has put a levy on MY CAR for an alleged debt under her name... this is definitively getting me involved now... grrrrr!!! Can you advise on how to proceed... ? any help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Yes, you are absolutely right. I apologize if i was either unclear or confusing. I never intended to submit anything such as e.g. the TE9/TE7 myself, or under my name. I meant SHE will submit any paperwork under her name. I am doing part of the research on the situation on her behalf though in order to assist her on deciding on how to proceed.
  3. the car i indeed mine. I bought it with my own money years ago, and i got the seller to sign a document of sale with my name on it, which i still have, to prove it, as i was not comfortable to give all that money away without anything written to confirm it was indeed sold to me by that person. she is just the RK, as i bought the car for us both to use it but she loved the car so she used to drive it around up to a couple of years ago, but since then it was mostly me who drove it due to her disability. regarding the BB it was correctly displayed when we left the car,
  4. thanks for the help so far i'll gladly clutch at any straws, since at this stage it is either pay up the £96 to the Bailiffs hoping they won't try any dirty tricks or go for the long shot. She's saying i have to be the one who pays up the £96 now because i own the car and i said i would look into it and do a bit of research in order to help her a while ago, (about 1 week before she got the letter from the bailiffs) but was too busy with work, so i was unable to actually do it for her for the last couple of weeks so she figures i am now responsible for the bailiffs
  5. Thanks Do you know if there is any template or relevant thread around regarding similar situations when the RK was not the owner that i can look into, in order to to get some ideas on what to put on the late TE9 to submit to TEC asap?
  6. thank you for your reply She asked me to help on this, so i am the one doing the research and the work for her and she will be the one signing and submitting the forms. I fully understand this may be a long shot now... but i wanted to know if this was an actual option, because at this point i don't see any other option apart from paying £96 to the bailiffs. Yes, I know that at the moment they are considering her to be liable. What i want is to understand if a RK receiving a PCN/NTO on a car owned or driven by someone else is able to identify and thus
  7. I guess so. she only gave me the Order for Recovery and the Letter sent by the bailiffs, but i have no reason to think she didn't received the other ones, so i am assuming she got them. basically the problem here is that she apparently ignored this and now she's asking me to help her out i think she could have appealed this on the basis that she has a Blue badge and it was displayed correctly when we left the car, but must have fallen somehow as it was on the floor of the car when we got back and the parking ticket was issued... Consequently, i am trying to explore on w
  8. Hi, I'm trying to resolve this issue with a PCN that has gone to Bailiffs for parking without a Blue Badge issue, (because the BB fell from the dashboard) on behalf of my partner and i would like to know if anyone is able to clarify 1- Who has the actual responsibility over this PCN under the law... Is it the Owner, Keeper or Driver? and 2- point me towards the legislation and/or case law that supports this? I am asking this because 3- i was wondering if it is still possible to submit a late TE9 appeal to the court on the basis that the notice
  9. Many thanks for your comments and advice. You are absolutely right. I could not agree more. My mother always told me that form a certain point on every communication without exception must be in writing. The problem is that communication in writing before that point can sometimes be a bit overkill, and trigger an allergic defensive reaction so there is a degree of common sense to pinpoint and decide when to go stop being informal/verbal and start to go down the exclusively formal/written route. To me it was during last phone call where he out of the blue sta
  10. As i just got access to a voice recorder i was reflecting a bit on regarding exactly what to do at this point, and basically i was thinking of going there one last time with the voice recorder and record whatever happens to see if i can sort this out which would be brilliant, but i am not putting my money on it to be honest or if it does not get sorted out then at least if i can get him to repeat some of the things he said to me on the phone the other day, but not sure if such recording would be admissible in court. I suspect it will take me perhaps the whole week an
  11. Hi thank you for your reply you may be right, i may be too presumptive here but i am just getting worried and worried and my disbelief in his good faith stems from my experience so far and especially from our last conversation over the phone last friday where he suddenly changed his behaviour from his previous very friendly, very informal, easy going and approachable attitude to a sort of passive/aggressive, "i waaay smarter than you, so you better not test me and do as i say and shut up" stance, suddenly starting talking to me in a way as if he was a lawyer, getti
  12. I meant to say he has a lien on the amount owed for the work completed so far. Are you referring to the situation if i take my car paying only for the work done so far? When i mentioned that i was referring to the situation (which in my opinion is what he's planning on doing) where potentially i would be forced by him to pay (under protest) the full amount just to get my car back. Can you please clarify on the above? I do not see why this not being possible in the scenario where if i end up paying the full amount for the full repairs just to get my
  13. Hi, thank you for your reply no quotation i writing, but my partner can witness what was the agreed amount, agreed work to be done and agreed time for completion of repairs as he came to our house the day we took the car to the garage and she was present honestly i do not think he will dispute the agreed amount but do i see the point that it all should have been in writing. it crossed my mind at the time but it looked a bit excessive as he looked a very easy going person so i regret it now. The damage was very light. The car was
  14. Hi, I need some help!!! my car has some collision damage, that needs repair with a jig. Found a garage close by that does collision repair, jigging, bodywork and etc... Asked the guy there to take a look at the car and tell me if he could fix it. A mutual friend who is a mechanic said he worked ok, so it looked like i could trust him with repairing my car. The guy from the garage had a good look at it and said it would repair it for an xxx amount. and that it would take just less than two weeks. After 1 month and a half the car is still not fully repaired.
  15. thanks for your help so far Hallowitch regarding your questions -any correspondence went to her house as it is the keepers address at DVLA it is possible she received letters about this PCN previously but she's not sure as she had 2 other parking fines that she paid at the time and she thought she paid this one as well she says she might have confused PCN nrs thinking she had only 2 parking fines to pay she guesses that's why it remained unpaid, -dont think i paid within 7 days of the baylif letter she asked me if i could help out in paying on her behalf , as s
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