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  1. Hi all Just doing some research into a company called Kensingtion financial consultants. They are wanting to offer us a debt solution (my other half contacted them) for a debt problem we are having. Has anyone had any experience with them. They are telling us to go for a debt managment prog, not an iva or bankrupcy and we are little unsure about all this. We are seeking some advice from the CAB but that wont be for another week .. all advice would be most welcome. Sara
  2. Hi Well i have had a site with them for nearly 2 years, and had problems when they changed hands, with site going down etc. Basically all i can say is i have never had a problem with getting any advice from them, the best way is to email, sometimes (from experience) they are very busy and you may be kept on hold. I always send a support ticket (email) when i need advice. even if it is for something so simple that i cant do they help. i do not use the product feeds and upload all my product myself, the new owner Stephen is very nice once you get used to the way he works and is completly to the point and in my opinion honest, keep trying to get through and have a chat with them and then you can make up your own mind. pop into www.thedropshipforum.co.uk and have a look in there. my advice is to do some research into different companies and go for what you feel can give you what you need. I have a site with dpbuk and also have just created one through doyourownsite both have been very fruitful with support and each one gives me something different to work with. I hope this helps. Sara
  3. i think thats why they are asking for half of it back. just miffs me that they award it then say your not entitled. What a strange way of working. They had all the figures and released the payment after i had re-given over the phone, so they cant have made payment based on 0.00 earnings. They love to confuse.. I will be disputing anyway due to the mis information we were handed. Oh and is that £547 per month ??? when i was a single parent i was awarded working tax and child tax credit on the basis of around £407 a month, which wasnt paid in one lump sum for the year was paid 4 weekly ??? now they are saying it is paid in one single payment for the year
  4. Hi all.. anyone else having problems with the dim views of the tax credit juniors ??? I am soooo mad right now... Back in May, me and my partner decided to live together (him in the armed forces me had a small chalet.) we found a place and being an honest person, phoned up the TC and reported the change... started a whole ball of poo rolling... Firstly i had to cancel my current single parent claim and open a new one.. simple .. hmmm.. all went well.. I sent off the paperwork with ALL of the details on... in the first week in June after waiting for the formss... didnt hear nothing for 2 weeks until i received a letter stating they had not received my forms back... hmmm.. I rang up and said i had sent them 2 weeks ago have they got them.. young man ummed and ahhhed a bit and then got all confused with my now canceled single claim.. got me all confused.. in the end found what he was looking for a said they were now waiting for our incomes ... so confused me .. told him they were writtenon the form.. he said "they are not on my screen/system... they must not have scanned in .. we cannot proceed without them.. so i found our P60's again and rang the figures in .. not once was i told we were not entitled to any child tax or working tax credit .. our incomes combined come to around 27,000 my partner works 48 hours, and i work 20.. we have 1 child.. anyway.. 2 days later we receive in our bank no less then appox £1000 ish, combined working tax and child tax. we though this was a backdated payment as the original lady i spoke to said would happen... 3 or 4 days later we received a wodge of confusing paperwork with our award on which should have gone in on the 22 july .. it didnt so i rang up to enquire.. apparently they had sent our award out in one single payment, and on the basis of 0.00 incomes as they didnt have our incomes.. and in fact we are not entitled to ANY tax credits at all.. !!!!!! ???? yep confused.. yep somewhat.. unfortunatly i didnt photocopy the original forms .. i wish i had now.. as all the info was their i checked it 3 times.. plus we were not told in any shape or form that we were not entitled to anything.. no letters not info no phone call no nothing.. In fact my partner has just phoned this evening whilst i was at work to find out as he is all confused by this .. and apparently we now have to owe them half the money back .. !!!! Surely this is a mistake on their part, their staff dont know their *** from their elbow.. and now we have to pay the price for their mistakes .. is it wise to appeal, when all we get is " ah well, thats how it works am afraid, its your responsibility to report an overpayment !!") i mean how do we bloody know.. !!! Sorry if this is soooo long,,, but i am right on me soapbox now.. and now we are going to be out of pocket again because of goverment f ups.. !!! they need an overhaul of some kind.. there are too many families in this position, it feels like a goverment con.. they give you TC one year and then take it away the next year .. what is all that about.. sorry but i am really miffed.. a very angry and confused Sara :-?
  5. Hi again,... Well unfortunatly for me i now have NO website and NO email. After sending another support ticket and trying to get through to someone. I received a reather inapt phone message, regarding and statement i placed on to a whoelsale forum in response to a thread.. Rather un degrogitory i might add. and i did not slate the compnay. the new OWNER said it was deemed lible and also he would threatem legal action if i did not retract it !! ... he also has stated i am receiveing free hosting and have not paid a penny for my site. I paid an annual subscription when i first purchased the bussiness template and hosting, it is renewable on june this year, i have not received any invvoices to say the contrary and no emails back from dpbuk, only once someone says they are not happy on a freeedom of speech forum do they reply !! .. therefore it has been suspended and i have lost my email also. i have customer who are waiting for products etc so i am not very happy at all.. i think i should opt for the trading standards approach to as i do not owe them any money as of yet, if so where are the invoices to prove it, i have none. !!!!!! and no point drafting them up with a past date now please.
  6. I am still getting the same problems Pisces1966... i still have not been able to contact any one regarding the problems i have still with my website, unfortunatly i cant fix these my self... since they turned it off on a Friday about a month ago resulting in losing the work i had just put on and my frontpage i think they should have better customer service. i never had a problem in reaching anyone before the company was taken over as stated. I am thinking of switching to another hosting company, but that means totally re -working my site..(sighs).. Let me know how you get on ok .. Sara
  7. Hi again Well i have checked my credit account via the link you gave,, thank you cerberusalert.. Its clean, thank god.. no outstanding ccj's etc, no defaults that i can see although i had to upgrade to premium to make sure, i cant see anythig that appertains to the debt at all..
  8. Hi all Thanks for the advice so far, the account is being dealt with not by abbey but by the DCA have spent a year trying to get information as to where the debt was accrued and why, no joy as abbey didnt have any statements etc so the DCA told me, i think they were just getting me to start paying and leading me on a bit, the letters have just started agin which i havent replied to and so glad i saw this forum right now lol.. i shall send one of the cca letters and see what happens lol.. will keep you posted .. x
  9. Hi all.. I am a DPBUK customer and have been for learly a year now and i have to say in DPBUK defence that , i have had nothing but good communication and service from them. i was able to email or phone if i had any site problems or did not understand them and i received a prompt reply on all counts. Until now.. unfortunatly it seems that DPBUK has now been taken iver by DPBUk solutions, i was patientwith regards to the server migrations that may have taken a few days, but took nearly 7 and well after getting my business back up and running, i turn my pc on yesterday and nothing, No website, no email, No admin no control, and i cant get hold of anyone from DPBUK Solutions, the office is now closed and no one on hand for remote assistance or email ,, and yes i have emailed them 4 times on Friday with no response. So am not sure what to do really maybe just sit and wait until monday unti lthen i may have lost alot of custom who knows, thing is i update my products manually and have put alot of work into this, so i will be miffed if everything has gone !!.. This for me is a shame as i was very happy with the way DPBUK handled things, not sure how DPBUk Solutions will be though :O(
  10. Hi all newbie to this site here.. i musy say reading all the threads has been an eye opener for me and i wish i found this site yonks ago. Basically i had an abbey national bank account years ago like 1999/early 2000, lost my job and was receiving benefits, i had wrote a couple of cheques out stupidly and they crashed, i was then slightly over drawn, below £100...my benefit went in and abbey charged me £25 peer letter to say you are over drawn, i was receiving at least 3 letters a week, so by the time i put my benefit in is was well over, i asked them to freeze the account but all they wanted me to do was send the cheque book and card back which i did. I never heard anything from them until 3 weeks after my son was born in 2004, via Debt Managers Ltd who wer in fact so rude to me it was unbeleiveable, i said well i dont know what this debt is and how it was conceived, the debt had reached over £1000 !!! all i was overdrawn back then was around £250. The (Edit) on the phone told me they would take my child benefit as payment each month. So i put the phone down. They got back in touch again, and i panicked, well after having a new baby you tend to about everything !!.. i asked them to send me proof and they couldnt apparently Abbey did not have any records or statements going back that far. I went to Citizens advice and was duly informed that i should not have made any payments ( i had made one payment of £15 as that was all i coudl afford.) as the 6 year thingy was nearly up for them. So i think they got me hook line and sinker there. I still do not know how this debt was blown up where the proof was.. and now after a year of no correspondence has passed i am now receiving more new letters, threatening legal action court summons the lot. i am so not sure what to do at the moment, so any advice woudl be grateful. i have cut down the qwhole story as it woudl be a novel but thats the gist of it ..
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