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  1. A very well done. I have been watching this thread...impressive, most impressive. Trooper68
  2. Hi Joly Well, looks like you have an open market, if it was me i'd do as the judge suggested, get a SOL and nail them, open season.. Sue them for the car + damages, costs...etc etc. A good sol's letter with the threat of going further up the court chain will snap them back. Say 5k (court limit) + costs and replacement car.... WELL DONE...its your game now. trooper68
  3. Hi Buddy The police should give you your car back, ASAP, unless they let it go to LBL....then oh dear... What of the IPCC complaint? You could argue with your case unlawful detained- Did the SOL mention anything on the case so far other than the police have dropped it, it was not the police it was the CPS that dropped it, otherwise the Police would have dropped it the FIRST day- trooper68
  4. Hiya Ok, if what you state is correct with the date and signing then the BoS is void, it must be 7 clear days(unless one of them are a bank holiday), chances are your is void, but you have to get it void. heres the act http://www.opsi.gov.uk/RevisedStatutes/Acts/ukpga/1878/cukpga_18780031_en_1 have a look at the amendments after. look at point 8. clear as a crystal. Now if the BoS is void the CCA can still be enforcable and that they have to follow the CCA 1974, to stop them repo you must have paid more than a 3rd, after that they need a court order. If it was me, I would challange the BoS and get it void. as it clearly is-one issue down Then I would then write a letter to the company and complain, letter only no phone calls, you want a paper trail (keep the envlopes-date stamp) Send all letters via reg mail. SAR the company, this will get all the information on your account, even telephone transcripts and CHARGES to said account. Complaining puts the account under serious dispute (you can put that in the letter) they have 6 weeks to sort your issue out, if you still do not get satisfaction make a complaint to the FO and TS. You can tell them if you wish that the BoS is void, stating the 7 days rule and you can then as them for a explination on why your signature is on a piece of paper you have never signed...see what they say-if anything... trooper68
  5. http://www.comparelogbookloans.co.uk/logbook-loans-guide/ i'm still trying to find the document i clocked the 8 year rule... trooper68
  6. Hi Sleepingdog This is the problem with BoS loans, the Lenders go for the car not the person who has taken the loan... You could nip this in the bud first and have a SOL send them a letter to them, that way you can keep the car on your drive and all the parts where they are, i would warn them that taking the car would result in litigation...realy a scare letter.. The police are correct they have no powers, the only way would be a court order and a court baliff, the police usally turn up to keep the peace, but many have made the mistakes and let the car be taken, really helping in an unlawful act. Be warned LBL have been know to log the car a stolen, its not, but they abuse the system... hope this helps trooper68
  7. Did you recieve a Letter of Assigment at anytime? The letter "should" come from the original crediter not the dca....strickly speaking it needs to be whats called strict proof, a signed for letter... This might fall under the Enterprise Act, as there are certain things they need to follow, clearly in this instance they have not follwed, i may be wrong.... There is also the question of if they handled your data correctly, it seems to me that the DCA had a copy of your data before you had the LoA, don'y give up on the request for the CCA, make sure you request a copy within your defence and to date they have not sent you anything... trooper68
  8. Hi Buddy Oh dear, the reg is completely wrong and they have taken you to court, err, is the court aware? Its seems to me that they may have the wrong account details. they use the reg as the refrence to the account. To put it simply, you may have a good argument to dismiss the costs and judgement, because GMAC don't know there ars*s from thier elbows and screwed up they have been persuing the wrong account. Simply they have no idea (by your phone call whats gone on) Did you go to court? or did you accept the default judgement? Did you get anything from the SAR? trooper68
  9. was it taken from the road or your drive? so islington that would be Templar or Anglia... I would chase the agent, you could call both be coy with it, see if they can bang up your reg on the car....if they do bingo SAR them, you could ask who the agent who recovered the car.... trooper68
  10. You may find that the Baliff was an AGENT working for LBL, LBL don't know there ars*s from there elbows, did the AGENT have a removal truck? It could be that the payment you had was too tempting for someone. ***where are you based?, as LBL use different AGENTS depending on where you are located*** trooper68
  11. Correct CCTV, the BoS has two but i have seen 3, its usally in the bottom right side and its a SoL's office stamp.... Hip Hop, a poor photocopy is not a good enough for court, the Judge could chuck it out, what you need to do is ask for a "true" copy from the finiance company, you may also request a "true" copy of the CCA, if they sent you them my email its not realy good enough, as s photocopy can be changed.... Request this by reg letter, and put in the letter that you consider that the account is in dispute and by letter only no phone calls...you must REG the letter and keep all envolopes... These guys are slimbags and you must treat them as such that are the lowest of the low (i suspect that they do trawl through the cag pages spewing their vomit all over the place-), so everything must have a timeline, it can make and break a case. trooper68
  12. I think you may find that he wants them in front of him, they may have abused the court process- relax for now, give the court a ring and have a chat with the team there... I cannot see where you would be in the spot light... trooper68
  13. Jesus H Christ, what in the hell did they try to do, railroad the Judge by pulling the wool over his eyes? So how did the plod investgation turn up? Very intreasting reading, thanks.... trooper68
  14. What am i missing here? whats the secret, i'd love to know.... trooper68
  15. Hi Stubs, No don't give your address, you can get the post office to redirect all you mail from the old address, thay way you get your letters but keeping the morons from your door... As for the 7 days issue, easy solveable, BY law you should have atleast 14 days to reply to any court letters...its often an abuse of process if you start recieving any letters by delay of the post this even includes if they send it by secound class, once you recieve anything, call the court (if its late). Now, heres the thing, if you do strip the bike, don't forget to keep all the recipts for matirals work done, if they do covince the court they own the bike, you can hit them unjust enrichment.....but i don't think they have a leg really, the death toll is ringing.... trooper68
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