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  1. Thanks for all of your advice. I agree with you zippygbr that the ambulance and medical admissions unit are my closes allies. I have seen my mother's medical notes in the hospital which testify to the serious condition she was in when he was admitted. As far as I know the nursing home is funded by the PCT which is a recent venture in a bid to improve intermediate health care services. When I have made a decision on how to proceed I will update you. Many thanks for all your help
  2. I have been provided with a patient consent form by the Local Primary Care Trust for my mother to sign enabling me to act as complainant on her behalf as well as the release of any relevant medical information necessary in investigating the complaint.
  3. My 86 year old mother broke her hip in August this year and received a partial hip replacement to repair the damage. This was a success and 3 weeks later she was discharged from hospital to a nursing home with a recently opened rehabilitation unit. On many ocasions I visited and there was no water in her room and I brought this to the attention of the nursing staff there. Morning medication was being administered around lunchtime - this consisted of pain relief very necessary to help my mother mobilise. I have many other minor complaints that I won't go into. After she had been there about a
  4. Hi I would just like to offer a few words of support and encouragement to those affected by private parking companies issuing parking charge notices. I was a victim of Excel earlier this year when I was issued with a parking charge notice for having turned my car around in an Excel car park in Wakefield. I used this forum for advice which was to ignore the letters, which I did. I received all in all about six letters at 2 weekly intervals threatening me with court action and threats of escalating costs. I ignored these letters and so far it's over four months since I last heard from t
  5. Thanks for your reply. When I received their first letter informing me of the penalty notice it frightened me to death and also made me very angry. However, I no longer feel afraid and in fact I feel empowered and will follow it through to the end and if that means court action then so be it.
  6. Hi also live in Wakefield and at the moment I have an issue with Excel parking but with the car park on George Street where I was issued with a £60 penalty notice for literally turning my car round in this car park. I have not paid the penalty, nor do I intend to and would prefer to go to court if necessary. Wakefield at the moment seems to be over run with Excel car parks - Providence Street, opposite Unity Hall and a new one down on Ings Road as well as the retail park. The Wakefield Express frequently has articles about Excel's parking victims. I for one will never use one of these ever
  7. I have just received my 4th letter from Excel Parking for a penalty notice issued in February this year when I used their car park to turn my car round in. I have followed the advice given on this forum and have ignored their correspondence. They are now demanding £100 stating that this is their final demand notice and failure to pay will result in court action - are they bluffing or do I have anything to worry about. Thanks in anticipation of your replies
  8. Yes if the car park were full you would have to enter it to find this out which I agree would be an excellent defense. Also in order to read the notices with the contract information, you would also have to enter the car park as there are double yellow lines outside on all sides and you would also need a magnifiying glass to read them as the print is so small.
  9. That´s not strictly true as I did accept the advice previously given and I have read and thoroughly digested all information given and I am very grateful for all the advice. I did choose to reply to their letter but did not mention who the driver was on the date in question as advised in this forum, I have no intention of replying to any more. The reassurance and support given on this forum is invaluable when faced with problems like this particularly to people who have never been on the wrong side of the law and find such things stressful and intimidating to say the least and that is the re
  10. About 10 days ago I posted a thread requesting advise after been issued with a parking charge notice for £60 from Excel Parking in the George Street Wakefield after literally turning my car around in this car park. After taking the valuable advice from members of this forum I replied to the letter and acknowledged that I was the registered keeper of the vehicle but I was unable to tell them who the driver was on that particular date. I have promptly received a reply to this letter the main points being: Car park is managed via ANPR cameras which work in conjunction with the pay and
  11. Has anyone got information or advice on Ticketshield where for a a fee of £37.50 the company deals with all letters of harassment in relation to private parking tickets.
  12. Many thanks for your advice - I have to agree with you on every count - I suppose I just wanted to make a stance but as you say all they are interested in is the money
  13. I posted a thread yesterday about having received a parking charge notice for turning round in an Excel car park and I have been very pleased with all the advice given. Could someone give me some advice regarding the letter that I intend to send in response to this charge. I know I am incriminating myself with this letter - but its the truth about what happened (I'm probably too honest for my own good). However I would welcome any advice that can be given. Thanks - here it is Further to your letter dated 26/03/2009 I understand that you have obtained my details from the DVLA and I ac
  14. I actually repeated the action on Thursday and I have done it on a weekly basis for quite a long time - so it wouldn´t surprise me if I get another parking charge.
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