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  1. How can I find out about the £400 for the Welcome brokers? Squaddie where did you find this?
  2. I just posted some rubbish on here and then realised I had boo bood lol.
  3. I will post the letter including appendices and await a response from Welcome. I will keep you guys updated. Thanks for your help, Onslow.
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate your help.
  5. Sorry guys, I just get frustrated, welcome keep texting and ringing, getting very annoying! Just worrying that they might escalate things. Brig Draft letter as requested below. LETTER OF COMPLAINT ACCOUNT NUMBER: To whom it may concern: I am making a FORMAL COMPLAINT due to the following issues identified with my Credit Agreement and DEALINGS with WELCOME FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED (“WFS Ltd“) and I wish for them to explained and then be rectified by WELCOME FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED, if the following issues are NOT explained and rectified then I will be making a
  6. CAG I would like to thank you for your help with Welcome, but it seems you have deserted me, squaddie why would agree to help but then disappear? It seems that I am now doubting whether the help you provided me is right, why would you just ignore after potentially identifying major issues with my Credit Agreement with Welcome???? Is this just a joke for you to raise hopes and then disappear? Thanks!!
  7. squaddie, I know you are busy etc. but have you managed to put together a letter for Welcome? I am waiting on you, if you are to busy then please let me know. I will deal with it myself, but you keep saying wait? Sorry for the moan but I want to sort this "Welcome" issue once and for all. Please let me know either way. onslow.
  8. Thanks squaddie, I will look forward to it. onslow.
  9. Squaddie, I have drafted a letter of complaint for Welcome, can I send it or have you managed to sort a letter out? Please let me know ASAP. If you would like to review it, please let me know. Thanks Onslow.
  10. Just notice that the Option to Purchase was included in to the CCA, so why has Welcome charged me again for this??? squaddie how are you getting on with the letter? Regards onslow.
  11. Thanks squaddie, sorry for being insistent, but these people are very persistent, as you are probably aware.
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