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  1. Would proof of all payments made by her be useful? I'm sure she could provide these proofs. Seeing her ex is a no go, he is an evil, evil person who if my friend have had the confidence, would be serving time at hotel Her Maj for what he put her through.
  2. My friend took out a loan in 2002 to buy a car, she was a student at the time on a meagre bursary so her then partner went on the loan with her. They went on to split up later that year due to his belief she was a punchbag. She fell into arrears with the loan but all correspondence went to her, she went on a DMP and has now paid it all off - her ex never paid a penny. She then received notification recently that she was missold the PPI and was due a refund, to the tune of £1300. Snag is that they need the signature of her ex to release the funds. Obviously, she doesn't wish to
  3. We got our course fees written off when I threatened them with legal action for miss selling the course to my husband. My husband is an IT graduate and the course recommended to him was basically computers for dummies.
  4. BCW. as I recall, they threaten allsorts about taking you to court, getting bailiffs involved, stripping you naked and marching you through town for a public flogging, etc.... then they don't follow through and send it to Scheri, Clarke and Mitchell. SCM do just the above but on a better class of paper, it's light grey too, I think dulux do that particular shade of paint, it's nice. In reality, they do nowt and pass it onto allied international credit. I phoned these numpties and told them pretty much to bite me and I'll be reporting you to the OFT, tatty bye. Now nothing.
  5. I had an interview for the collections department of a mobile phone provider, their basic literature states that in order to obtain payment, they need you to ask for full payment by credit or debit card, then if that's not viable, ask the debtor if they are able to borrow the money in order to clear the debt. My personal favourite from my own conversations with dca's was possibly from Wescot, I was telling him I was going to be paying by standing order on my terms, he disagreed, I said no standing order, no payment, he said: "Miss Peroni, ar u gonna take some rezbonzabeeleety for dis
  6. I've had dealings with Rossendales recently (not a bailiff in a black 4x4 is it? He arrived in that and attempted to charge me a van fee.) and the bailiff I dealt with attempted to add unlawful fees to my account. I spoke to the council and after I informed them of his intimidating and threatening manner in which the bailiff had addressed me over the phone, so they agreed to take the debt back which I then paid in full after they deducted their admin fee error which then halved the bill.
  7. Coalville, you can't drive too slowly or you'll get your wheels nicked. The abbey has improved significantly but it has 2 sets of families living there, one being the old working class types who have rtb'd their council homes and refuse to move as it's 'their' abbey, then you get the burberry brigade.
  8. I've often wondered what that ad was in the sentinel, I think that anyone would be barmy to consider it - especially in the areas that resemble Beirut.
  9. We may be solicitors or we maybe not, but just pretend for one sec we are, ok? We may take you to court where you may need to give oral *fnar fnar* evidence of your means. Maybe. Maybe, if you phone us, we may be nice enough to let you pay by installments, possibly, if we are in a good mood which we may well be. Phone us now or this may be serious, ok?
  10. Marlin are fun to wind up, they refuse to speak to me now. *cries a bit*
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