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  1. Exclusive: Sacked directors at Cattles launch legal action against firm - Yorkshire Post
  2. Hi Anyone any idea what I should be doing next??:(about this?
  3. HI Post I did a SAR request to Nottingham in June, have heard nothing back from them since. No I have not as yet been in touch with Direct Group, Should I SAR them as well??
  4. Hi everyone My mis-sold PPI I am just going round in circles. Welcome have said its nothing to do with them, its the Car Dealers Wrote to The dealers, they said they cannot refund or cancel the PPI, I have to go back to welscum, and that I would have had a period of 30 days to change my mind!! I NEVER even recevied any documents, until I was unemployed. The same apparently applies to the Mechanical Breakdown, apparently (NOT) I had a choice at the time of buying the car. And its my word against the long gone Salesman @ Car Craft. They also sent a letter for m
  5. Mines a night mare havn't paid since Feb as I am now unemployed with mis sold PPI.. etc etc:(
  6. Well I sent of for SAR to Nottingham in June and still Waiting!
  7. Hope they shut down the brainless employees at Southgate/London.. Who dont even read letters you send them!!
  8. Well I did my SAR request beginning July they acknowledged this.. To date no info has been sent through. Wrote to the Car Dearlers Car Craft re missold PPI, they said they would respond in 10 days time nothing!! so I will SAR them as well In the meantime, local branch are sending threatning letters saying I have ignored them, despite sending them all copy letters I have sent to Nottingham by recorded post! They have said they will send the Collectors round, even though in March I sent the Trespass letter!! They have lost the PLOT!!
  9. Thanks Andie I received a Copy of the CCA.. But no SAR as yet .. Where do I find details for the Information Commisioner?
  10. I to received the same letter from N/W no trace of my address but a SAR for the N/W credit card, info arrived to home address. I WILL not collect it.. they can send the SAR info..
  11. I requested a SAR from Welcome 40 days is up..Nothing from them!! Could someone please put me in the right direction to the letter to place the account in dispute whilst I contact FOS.. Thanks
  12. Hopefully they WILL GO... But right now..Damn annoying having to waste paper on them and postage!!
  13. They are total and Utter MUMPETS at my Welcome Branch, today I receive yet another letter from the Local Branch (Unfortunately still there) WE have been trying to contact you!! Well I have sent the trespass letter/ Told them I have no phone/ Sent a copy of my SAR request.. All these letters to Local Branch and Nottingham and they still bother me!! What part do they not understand...and will they ever go away?
  14. I was on contract work, so never qualified! The car I have paid well over a 1/3rd for it
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