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  1. He lives with his partner but whether they rent or own the property is not known. His partner has a good job. He has cars he drives and races but finding out if he owns them is something I do not know how to do. He also once told me he has two rental properties he owns in Staffordshire. I got the impression that he was accustomed to not paying suppliers.
  2. Hi, I have recently been to the small claims court to claim £200 from an individual who owed for services I supplied. The defendant failed to attend and after a hearing, I was given judgment with costs. After 14 days no payment has been received so I went to instruct the county court bailiffs but was told this costs £150. Now I thought this seems a lot especially if they are unsuccessful. I decided to call on the defendant and suggest he pay me to avoid adding bailiffs cost to his bill. His was not interested and said bailiffs or not he would not be paying. What if any are my options. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the reply dondada, I have never ignored them and wrote to them explaining my position and a copy of my last statement from my supplier which confirms the amount.. I will not discuss the matter on the phone as per advice here and elsewhere . They have been calling me for 12 months but now the debt is paid £200 they say I owe £466 in charges . This demand has never come from the company only the DCA.
  4. I cannot believer Shire Recoveries ! they threatened me with all sorts whilst neatly omitting that they would need to actually take me to court for their charges and win. I wrote and pointed this out to them and that I had no contract with them. I thought they had seen sense and given but oh no today I am getting the 'urgent' call to call their litigation woman back immediately! Should I report them to the FSA for making demands and action?
  5. Citi Cards AKA Canada Square Operations have replied to my SAR and say they cannot process it as my name address does not match the details they have stored on their system, even though I gave them my previous address. They are asking for documentary evidence of a change of name and address. Well my name has not changed I will send them a utility bill. Are they allowed to do this as it postpones the reply by up to another 40 days.
  6. Great answer. They are real robbers and I hope no one pays them.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Nothing from them today!
  8. They do not say what the compensation is for. The DCA is Shire Recoveries http://www.shirerecoveries.co.uk/
  9. Thanks for your reply Andy. DCA are trying to get £324 compensation! I have remitted the £60 I owe directly to my supplier.
  10. Good afternoon. I owe a trade supplier £200 for goods I have received. I have returned stock to the value of £139 which they have agreed to credit me with. Therefore I owe the supplier £60. However they have got a DCA to chase me and the DCA are claiming £566 presumably made up of some jumped up charges. I have asked the DCA to confirm what I owe for Goods supplied but was wondering what else I should do? Thanks in advance
  11. After recently sending in my SAR to Citi Cards, I have received an amended default notice from Opus. This default is now dated 21st March and says I have until April 11th to pay the arrears. Confusion reigns. All advice gratefully received. Thank you.
  12. In the latest letter they have sent states: 'Opus previously understood they had issued a default notice on the 4th December 2012. This corresponds to the 30th April on which they registered their default' I have only done a cca request so far. Thanks
  13. Sorry to resurrect this but I am still trying to get the default removed 1st Crud just keep sending silly replies. Now they are have sent a screenshot of the comms log from Opus which they are using as evidence that the default was issued. As I had written to Opus and told them that I could not afford more than £25 per month due to my ongoing divorce I thought they should have accepted the payment and not apparently defaulted the account.
  14. I have had an ongoing billing dispute with the Utility Warehouse which has now been looked at by the Energy Ombudsman service. The Ombudsman does not agree with my contention that I have been incorrectly billed in the past despite me providing comparative evidence as follows. Since January this year I have changed my gas and electricity supplier to OVO. This means I have a direct comparison of charges for the period Jan to June 2015 to compare with the same period this year. Nothing in the house has changed in terms of equipment, use, or people living here. My bills from OVO for my gas and electricity usage total £494 for this period. For the same period last year Utility Warehouse claim my costs were £1642. What if anything can I now do to reduce the amount UW say I owe them . Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks for the reply..I remember you saying that before but the old date for the default is better than a new one. Also I find once they enter information on my credit file I cannot ever get is corrected
  16. Dear all, after nearly twelve months of nothing from the Ist Credit (apart from an annual statement) today I received another default notice from Opus. The content of the letter I find quite amazing. Both docs attached. Any ideas/help much appreciated. Opissmall 2.pdf opussamall 1.pdf
  17. Hello I am in dispute with The UW over the erratic and high bills I have been receiving. Since early September I have been emailing the CEO office and trying to sort out what is going on . In the past year my so called smart meter has never been read by anyone other than me and I am not sure how to check it. They send very long wordy emails saying how good they are but do not answer my concerns. Eventually they suggested fitting a test meter. A meter inspector was sent to read my meter and he said that my smart meter was very old and that particular type was unreliable. An appointment was made, confirmed by letter,email and text but no one turned up so I decided to call them. After a long conversation with no explanation another appointment was made for today and guess what - no show. In the mean time I decided to change supplier, after all enough is enough. Initially UW objected but the new supplier says they are taking over both gas and electricity later this month. So after this lengthy pre-amble; should I contact Uw and tell them about the no show or do nothing and see if it swops over to new supplier?
  18. Just by way of an update. I have received from 1st Crud what they say is a proper copy of my original agreement with BMi. Whether or not it is who knows. In the letter they say that they are still waiting for a copy of the default and as such my account remains on hold.
  19. Thanks for your reply. I have stopped paying them and I will do nothing more
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