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  1. just seen this thread . I have 2 files from Welcome removed from my credit report this week. I wonder what is going on, but I am happy they are no longer there Someone stated that the debt obviously hasnt gone and may re appear if the debt is sold. So that brings a question to mind ... If there was a default date on one of the files will that still stand if the debt is sold ? The other was never put to default, just missing payments .. Just asking as the defaulted file was defaulted on 06/06/2008 so in effect would have disappeared next year anyway
  2. ok I have a new question based on the original opening post ... I check my Experian credit reports regularly to see how its going, hopefully in the right direction I checked yesterday and my credit score has whomped up about 250-300 points .. See the 2 debts in the opening post ? Both are with Welcome finance, these are the highest value ones I have on my account and probably the most damaging.... ..............Well they have gone ?!!?? Vanished. Not that I am not happy, I am very pleased lol BUT how come they have gone ? One was never put into default by Welcome ( the highest one ) The other went into default on 06/06/2008 so obviously not ready to leave the account for a few years yet Anyone have any ideas ?? And NO I didnt pay anything or acknowledge them in any shape or form
  3. thanks guys for the help, much appreciated Will be printing the letter out tomorrow, posting and lets see what happens. Funny how they chasing it now its off my records:???:
  4. i have made no payment or acknowledgement to anyone about this debt ever.
  5. found it thanks OK I had a bit of a brain wave moment in the shower...i must spend more time in there lol I had an account removed from my credit report as ii was over 6 yrs the other day 13/9/13 to be exact Just had a look for it on an old report and ta da guess who it is/was Nationwide for the sum of £360 started 06/07/04 default date 13/09/07 debt assigned to CAIS member 01/08/11 therefore it came off on the 13/9/13 so now what lol Can they still chase this debt?
  6. ahh oki thanks Never seen the doorstep letter tbh lol
  7. bit hard to ignore them when they are knocking on the door tbh If it was letter only then yes I agree, but its a hand delivered letter
  8. hi all Just a bit of advice please Out of the blue I have had a visit from Scotcall in relation to Nationwide for £359.84 I wasnt in when they called but they have left a postcard for me to call them I used to be with Nationwide a long time ago, having a current account with them I had no credit cards/loans or even an overdraft on this account so Im aonly assuming these are bank charges So how do I play this ? Its not on my credit record, well not as far as I can see. But obviously they are braying on my door for the money What the next step for me please ?
  9. If I SAR them. wont it then make it a live issue again ? With it being not long to going off record is it worth it ? Also the statue barred - the rollover on this site says ...... In principle, a debt cannot be enforced after 6 years from the date upon which it became due. The 6 years runs from the last time that the debt was acknowledged in any way or from the last time that a payment was made towards the debt. So does that mean that as soon as the 1st debt hits 72 months then it should disappear from the report ? It is showing as up to date on the 65th month so maybe that was when i last made a payment to it. The 2nd debt is defaulted so should go in June next year as that would be 6yrs from default date, if I understand correctly I am only concerned with these 2 as they are the 2 largest ones and I dont want to be waking them up so to speak
  10. Hi all I have now decided that it is time to drag my butt out from under the debt rug and sort it out ! I am now in work and want to get my credit report looking a lot nicer than it currently does ! I have a couple of questions though and wondered if you guys and gals could shed some light on them for me. Im not the smartest smartie when it comes to dealing with financial companies and the lower level so called companies... My credit report is Very Low ! no suprise to me, but I would like to get my act together now and sort it out or at least try The 2 main ones I have concerns over are 2 for Welcome Finance Ref 1 Account Type: Hire purchase/Conditional sale Started: 20/08/2004 Current Balance: £6,433 Payment Terms: £246 x 49 months No default date - states 6 payments late in the status column Last payment they have recorded is in the 59 month section ref 2 Account Type: Loan Started: 30/11/2005 Current Balance: £4,309 Payment Terms: £99 x 37 months Default Date 06/06/2008 Last payment they have recorded is in the 55th month section I have the paperwork for both these, somewhere ... What I want to know is. I havent had any contact with Welcome for at least 7 yrs. After reading a few threads on here I am supposed to be getting annual statements ? Yet I have had nothing from them since the accounts were defaulted I dont want to contact them and awaken the debt as if I am reading things right the 2nd loan will be removed from my credit report on 06/06/2014. I am assuming they are keeping the other one open and have no intention of defaulting it ? I also read that they are not in a good situation as a company, so how does that affect me with the outstanding debts to them ? So what do I do with these ? Sit tight on them ? I have a few other minor debts on my file which I intend to get information for and clear off. I have 1 that will be 6 yrs on the 13/09/2013 as its default date is 13/09/2007 i am assuming i should leave that be and concentrate on others that wont clear for a while. ? Hopefully that made sense to someone somewhere lol I am just trying to get my act together at long last and ahavent a clue where to start other than pay .. Any advice is much appreciated Thank you in advance
  11. ok I think im getting there lol Ill ring DVLA on monday and see if it logged with them So what do i plead ? guilty/ not guilty /confused ? And what do i put in writting to them in regards to it Grr next time i will check check and triple check everything I dont have a problem with my bike stuff lol, then again i dont sorn them as theyare cheap as owt to tax
  12. thanks for the quick replies all.. much appreciated, though still a little confused still.. Im assuming that it should have been insured regardless to it being on sorn.... hasnt been driven unfortunatley i dont have proof that i sent off the sorn notice, but it confuses me that i havent has a renewal notice either Im guessing i need to disregard the letter done for me, thanks though Brig so still none the wiser what to plead or what to put in the letter lol
  13. hi there Sorry Im struggling to get my head round what to do in this situation I have had 1 letter which is a requisition that I attend court on the 4th Oct ( which i cant as I am working ) And I want to reply to the case stating my side So it is for no insurance on a vehicle which I, probably in my naivety, thought was sorned and okay I sent the sorn notice off in Feb, didnt get any response but to be honest never chased it. It was off road and still is, parked on private ground. I didnt know it had to be insured when sorned, and again, never took much notice to the new rules... I am not insurance dodging as i have 2 motorbikes which are insured and tax n tested. I have not received any other letters from anyone until this court letter, so didnt know anything about it....also the tax on the car runs out today and i havent had notification, so this makes me think that there is a problem in the system somewhere as surely i would have had a notification unless it was noted as sorn? As soon as I got this letter I insured the car, seeing as it has to be done so by law I have looked up the penalties and it says up to 6 points, to which this can make me unemployed as I am a bus driver which 6 points is a no no .... SOOO can anyone help/advise do i plead guilty/not guilty /write a letter in my defence ? If so can anyone help me draft a letter, pretty please Thanks in advance
  14. I have actually made a payment of £25 today not £20 and will do so every week on Wednesdays. the total bill is for £900 but the bailiff amount is £1005.50. I am now concerned about the cars, my partner works from 7.30 -7 so his car is away from the house from 7am till between 6 - 8pm. Mine is at home with me at the moment as I dont start my work training till the 31st Oct. I can however park mine away from the house. can they take the car if it is needed for him to get to work ? Im assuming they can. The council tax is in his name so I'm assuming they cannot take my car ? Or am I wrong? What is my next step of action in regards to bailiffs/council ? Is there any form/letter I should be issuing to them. I printed a receipt off for my payment. Is it worth drawing up a letter stating the offer of payment and sending a copy to the bailiffs and council ? Also asking for the debt to be reclaimed by the council. I have read people asking for the breakdown of fees included in the bailiff total.Should I be doing this ? Will this stop any bailiff action on the cars ? also I am still in doubt about the 'Bailiff in Charge' as his name doesn't come up on the search, I have rung but only get automated answer and it still doesn't come up on that. Another thing is, can they issue a 'Final notice' if it is the only notice they have ever issued ? Nothing has been received from this company prior to this hand delivered letter. Sorry for all the random questions thrown, just when I think we will be okay I read more and then more doubt pops into my head
  15. thanks for the replies all The situation is i start work at the end of the month so payment amounts 'can' go up but would prefer to keep at £20 a week and if i have extra pay a lump sum off it when i can The bailiffs are due again today if the letter is anything to go by. Should I talk to them? Or just ignore the door? From reading other threads im not so sure how to go about this. I have read some answer the door and others dont. I am also assuming they cannot gain entry unless something is open like a door/window? I have made a payment of £20 today online and will do so from now on every Wednesday We are not eligible for CT benefits or rebates and not classed as vulnerable. Just lazy in paying the CT ( i admit it ) thanks all for the help so far, still worried but not as much lol
  16. Also, I might add I have just checked to see if the bailiff is certified.. via a link posted on another thread on this site and his name doesnt show.. Company is Equita Name of bailiff is C Withers ... unless I am looking at it wrong . If this is the case what does that mean for me ?
  17. hi thanks for the quick reply, my head is in bits Its with Coventry council. As i said this is the first I have heard of this company, so unsure how to proceed. I have read a bit on here and wont be answering the door, nor letting them into the house to write down items ( im assuming thats the Levy?) I will pay some on the council website tomorrow against the reference number i have from the council, ( which is the same as the bailiff reference) but it wont be anywhere near the full amount probably only £20
  18. Hi there We are currently in arrears with our council tax for april 2011 to March 2012 I previously made a payment arrangement with the council directly, made one payment and unfortunately couldnt make the rest Today we received a hand delivered letter from Equita bailiffs. This is the first time we have seen or heard from this company It states - Payment due in full - 24 hours £1005.50 ( our council adjustment states £900) It also states No further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now required in full by clear funds only - We have NOT made any payment arrangements with this company ! It also states - i will re attend at your address with immediate effect and may remove goods even in your absence also - No contact will be taken as your refusal to pay All stamped behind it with FINAL NOTICE I am terrified that they ill turn up tomorrow and remove items. We cannot pay this amount in one go, its just not possible. We have signed nothing with this company and this is the first I hacve heard of therm. I have read on here not to contact them and not to answer the door,but this is stating no contact is refusal. Please help. Thanks
  19. oki thanks Well the options of getting the car fixed atm are not going to happen, not sure if i can get it put somewhere though, might have to look at this option. Bust - the credit report shows the following start date 20/08 - correct default/delinquent balance - £6065 Current balance £6433 HP of £246 @49 months - WTH !! My agreement says £245 for 48 months to start with .... Agreement states £4673.96 for Termination £3155.97 for repossession Im not up on all the legal stuff though as this is the first and only HP agreement I have ever entered into. What is the grounds for statute barred ? ( oh lol read the link... ) So does the date run from when they last contacted me ? as im not sure when it was And if I do contact them I'm assuming that statute barred goes out the window ? Not got time to google as have to go out now but I will have a look and try and decipher it lol How do I know if the agreement is enforcable ? I rmemeber seeing an advert on tv for one of those companies ages ago, who can tell you if it is or not, I thought about it then but never went any further. Thanks for the quick responses, sorry I'm such a dimwit on this guess thats how they get their money The credit report shows the account as In Arrears not Default. What are the implications if it is in default as opposed to arrears ?
  20. ok thanks for that, Ill be off to get my statements from the bank tomorrow, unless i can find my paying in book as I know it was recorded in there.
  21. hiya and thanks for the quick response, I agree with the whole 'can of worms' situation lol I have already been on Equifax this morning So im obviously heading in the right direction The accounts status is - 'in Arrears' - so i guess the written off bit isnt relevant. I havent had any other company MKKR or whatever its called (read about them earlier) contact me so Im assuming the account is still with Welcome. Last updated on Equifax was 03/03/2010 so not that long ago.. I havent paid 3 yrs infact Im not sure if Ive paid a third.. will have to check but def not 3 yrs . (sorry my bad just corrected the date in my original post )
  22. Hi guys I dont come on here often but I have been on here all day yest and today reading threads and gaining a little bit of knowledge Ok my situation is as follows I took out a HP agreement with Welcome...stupid me but didnt know better and needed a car ! The agreement was date 20/08/2004. Its not signed by Welcome on my blue and yellow copy, just a copy of it sent to me on 21/08/2004 with a welcome letter. I was making payments regularly up until about April 2006, i need to get my bank statements for the exact details. I then left work to go to Uni. I couldnt make the payments and informed Welcome of this,they stated I could make minimum payments (no specific figure given by them or myself ) whilst I was at Uni. Being a student, full time mum blah blah, I didnt make any payments,. I received no communication from Welcome following that conversation. Nor have I made may further payments or received any communication whatso ever from Welcome. I dont get any statements either yearly or monthly, nothing,. Now My agreement was for 48 months so obviously the agreement date is expired as of 08/2008. Being new to all this and stupidly swept everything about it under the carpet... although no correspondance as i didnt get anything lol. I am now still not in a good financial situation BUT i do have the car still but it is not roadworthy and being a HP agreement I know I cant sell it. It has to be removed as it is on my housing associations land and they are requesting it be moved. I cannot afford to have the car repaired but I d need another car, so will prob be buying a cheap run around as i need for my party plan. I am unsure what to do, I was looking to hand the car back and suffer the consequences but Im guessing as the agreement has run out I cant ? I obviously cant sell the car( which Id love to do) as its not mine. I dont really want to contact Welcome (lol) as they havent contacted me and Im in no rush to start paying them with money I dont have,.. Im not denying I owe money but Im being realistic. Any advice would be brill thanks x
  23. wow thanks all i dont think i have my cap one statements, so i think my first step for both companies is Subject Access Request to Cap One and a CCA request letter to Lowells Both to be sent recorded. Do they have a set time to reply the requests? And if they dont reply what then ? If they call in the meantime of the letters i will just tell them i have sent the request in. If they continue to call i guess i just log each one. Thanks so much for the help, im sure ill be back lol.Theres a minefield of info to troll through, and if you dont have a clue it can be daunting. Thanks for the forums Now im going to have a read up on Lowells,cap One threads and see what happens
  24. hi yes there are charges on the account. Think it started at about £500 then shot to £800
  25. hi there Im new to the forum and after reading a couple of threads I've also come to the conclusion that Im totally niave, I have a debt of £800 from Captial One which recently apparently has been 'sold' to Lowells. These muppets have been ringing me on my home phone, which is x directory (but i understand its simple to get my number !!). I refuse to give details over the phone to confirm who i am but the woman asked me to confirm if she gave me the details, which i did, firstly was i wrong to do that at all.? I did, after the first call, arrange a direct debit, but then on a hunch that I dont own all the money cancelled the dd. They rang to find out why and I told them that i didnt think i owed the whole amount and that i didnt have the cash at the time of the dd anyhow, which was true. I told them that due to me having to confirm who i am everytime they ring, i was only prepared to deal with them in writing. They have rung me 3 times since, so all 5 phone calls are within a month. As yet i havent written a letter as a couple of days later the first woman rang and as i refused to give details over the phone and told her i would only deal with them in writing, the phone went dead. I was that annoyed i rang them back, spoke to some bloke who apologised and told me he would put details on my account, even though i didnt give a reference number or anything. ! Amazing dude he is I then get another phone call telling me that i have to deal with it over the phone, no i dont, im not that dim,.! And told them that i would be writing to them about this and about the apparent 'dead line', yes she had put noted on it that i had put the phone down on her !!! cheeky mare ! Im struggling now as to what to do and where to start with them, Do they have my account ? have they bought it ? what to do ? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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