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  1. i have just had another letter from these con artists today, saying if i dont settle the payment within 10 days, a field collector will be round to collect payment from me.... anyone else had any of these letters?? i have had the court ones twice, now they have moved onto this, i have tried to settle the ammount i owe but they want too much!
  2. They sent me another letter this morning, after giving me a deadline date, which i couldnt meet and i told them that! In this letter they are saying i owe the full amount now and they are proceeding with the next steps to recovery.
  3. got another letter from them this morning, saying they are taking it further if i dont make contact and settle this claim, another court form was attached!!
  4. the original poster hasnt been back on for ages and other people are having similar probs, so its not too confusing... anyways anyone heard anything else?
  5. CRS sent me this on friday!! We recommend you get your Solicitor or legal advisor to contact us immediately regarding your outstanding debt, our position has been made quite clear. As you have failed to pay your monthly instalments your file has been referred to ourselves
  6. Recieved a letter from these extorniate bunch of jokers on tuesday, they are saying, sorry we have not been able to correspond with you, but the money is still owed and they ended by saying 'We are not prepared to enter into further protracted correspondence over this matter, as we have made our position quite clear.' i am getting really sick of these losers now.....
  7. Hi dcwinter, but the gym dont want to know, they say you have to deal with CRS now as its been passed onto them, i have tried to contact the gym and pay but they dont want to know. And CRS are useless they want the gym fees aswell as there own extortianate fees, which is double in my situation!!
  8. checked my contract and it does not mention anything about facing credit companies if payment is not made etc. But i have letters which supposedly the gym sent me saying if i dont make payments they will pass my details onto there legal department which will result in further debt, CRS sent me these letters as i didnt recieve them as i had moved out.
  9. will check it properly tonight and let you guys know, had a quick look over it but will have a proper check tonight. If it doesnt say anything about this does that mean they cant do anything?
  10. i have rang the gym and they have told me they have passed it on to the said collection agency, will this be in my terms and conditions on my contract?
  11. they have already supplied me with the contract. Also this court threat, i have had one of these before. They have told me that the debt has been passed onto them from my gym.
  12. hi guys, just received another letter, court action is due to commence against you unless you contact us asap, this will be issued through the courts. also it says on the letter a county court claim has been prepared by our legal a copy is enclosed to demonstrate the seriousness of the matter, although this has currently not been sent to the court. the copy of the court form says DRAFT across it also it has a £30 court fee payable by me. just thought i would let you know.
  13. Im not too sure about the hot air, as they have written to me previously saying i will be taken to court and it had a court letter attached which looked quite genuine, a £30 fee will be charged to me if it goes to court. They rang me last week but i have not rang them back yet, im not sure what to do, i am willing to settle but they want an extortianate ammount! Regarding a solictor, i cant get legal aid, so dont want to really get a solicitor as it will cost me atleast a couple of hundred.
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