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  1. Hi Toulose LeDebt, I have recieved a Self Asseement statement from The revenue for £801.71 with no covering letter saying what period this is for. I have telephoned them on a Liverpool No amd the Lady says she will be sending a statement. This invoice is part of the self assessment that we said was Time Barred I have recieved another letter from the Debt Management Office Asking me to fill in a form showing what assets and income I have and any other assets etc Also on the Back page is a section to make an offer to settle the Debt. What should I do, Do I have to fi
  2. Hi, Is this what I need to send, Can you ammend if it is not correct or too much Blah Blah Blah from Me Dear Sir, I wrote to you on the 00/00/0000 and I am still awaiting a response in writing and I have enclosed a copy of that letter. I need to have things in writing as I have a frontal lobe atrophy which affects my memory recall. I would like a copy of the PAYE assessment and the date it was made, A copy of any documentation used in your decision making regarding why you hold me personally responsible for any amount alleged owed instead of the Ltd company being held liable
  3. I will try and draft a letter tomorrow asking for what you have said, I will post tomorrow what they have sent to my old address regarding stat demand. What ever that is, It says it in the papers they sent from the data people etc Thanks Bighomer
  4. Hi, I have had a telephone call to say the HMRC are in receipt of my letter (Copy of what you wrote). The man I am in contact with says the self assesments are time barred but has not respond to my letter in writing. I have been doing some research and I do owe the monies. My solicitor made an offer of £10,000.00 a few years ago and they made no response. I have again offered on the telephone 10K and I have been told they will send forms for me to fill in too make the offer, But I don't really want to fill in a means form. So my question today is what do I do to make an o
  5. Ohh well, It will not be possible to sue, He has gone bankrupt. Caravan shop owner turns caravan thief I am now in contact with the police (When) they reply, to see if my van has been recovered Boss ?stole 16 caravans? (From Chorley Citizen) Thanks Bighomer
  6. Hi, just a quick one, i sent my caravan in for a service whilst it was there it was stolen along with about ten or fifteen more, He was paid out by NFU Insurance without even cosulting with me about value or contents, After he got paid out for all the vans he went bust so no one got any money off him for the vans Should I have been paid direct or not and do I have a claim against his insurers although they say they have settled it all with the dealer I had no insurance on the caravan personally. Only insured on his policy as he had it in for service. Thanks in advance
  7. Yes it is the same partner. As regards assets, Well i have had to sell my home joint names of course and bank accounts stripped etc etc. after things were sold they took there money and I was left to buy a home which i am in and I recieve disability living allowance so I don't have huge assets I know all the vehicles were sent to a dealer for storage and he sold them and went bust but nobody wanted to know at the time because of what was going on. Any way I will send the letter and ask as to how the money is being borke down etc, And see what the response is. I sup
  8. Hi, I have contacted my former partner and I am getting some more detail in the morning. Just a little background. I was diagnosed with a frontal lobe atrophy in other words my memory was shot for about three years and is now recovering slowly, early onset of Alzheimer's. Anyway I had little to do with the running of the business even as a sole trader And I know it was my responsability i am led to believe we had over thirty employee's and she said i more than likely owe the money as there were more priority's than that one. Like shopping and living the good life. So do
  9. Hi, I think it is a cut and paste job for my letter of reply, And thank you very much I have requested info from that link data protection etc My Nic's are upto date I paid them last October as they affected my pension status even though I am only 47 I will send the letter Recommende (Signed for) and will be posted in the morning. We will see how quick they respond to it. Thanks Bighomer
  10. Hi, I now have a reply from the HMRC I don't have a scanner to scan the letter in but there is no mention of any regulation they are asking for this money. they say Dear Mr.......Bighomer self assesment tax return(s) outstanding for 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04 Paye underpayment £54607.77 for the period 5th April 2002 - 5th April 2003 Class 2 NIC £358.80 outstanding for the year ending 5th April 2001, 5th April 2002 & 5th April 2003 please send me your overdue Tax Returns and payment now or contact me immediately I will estimate the tax you owe and issued
  11. Hi, I have just spoke to the HMRC It is the recovery section that deals with people who do not have a UK address, He has after a lot of persuading agreed to send me a breakdown of this debt, Also the dates they refer to. He says he does not have copies of letters or the file to send any copies of anything else. It will take three days to arrive with me if they post today (Friday) it might arrive by wednesday next. the tax year involved is 2002 to 2003 I think I hope he will confirm this Bighomer
  12. Ok Bed now and I will keep my eye on this thread for some glimmer of hope, Should I contact them at all and ask for anything or just leave it till you come back tomorrow
  13. I have mailed you a link to your e-mail account If you do not get it I will send it by PM So do you have any advice for me regarding the people you know so well And this is a Mr D***L I suspect from his name his parents are not from british soil, But that is only my perception of his surname
  14. I have tried to phone the No and I know they will be shut but there is no reply I expected an answer machine to say what department it is etc I will telephone them in the morning and ask them what periods they say I owe and for what and also for them to send me any info they can
  15. Hi, I am sorry I was mistaken with the No It is 0044 1274 204714 and he gave me a ref :- 106 P*** *** Can i contact you by mail or PM
  16. sale of company to Ltd in year 2003 years ltd was run succesfully 2003 - 2004 years ltd dissolved 2004 I am guessing at these years. I might be a little out. I had major problems with my partner with the business If it is possible to e-mail or private message you I can send you a link to a news paper article that will explain a lot
  17. Toulose LeDebt 1) Did you complete and submit an income tax return for the year in question? I Honestly Do Not Know 2) Which tax year(s) is the liability for? I am going to have to find out by phoning him back 3) Was any income tax outstanding when you moved to France? I presume it was 4) Have daily penalties and surcharges been applied to this account via application to the commisioners? I will have to find out 5) Has the initial tax liability been calculated as the result of a self assesment return you submitted yourself or by a determination made by an offic
  18. Ok I started a business as a sole trader running two small 35 seat buses the type you run around town, After a while i was advised to sell my business to a Ltd company , Which my self and my wife(Partner) were directors. My accountant at the time said he would sort out the paperwork and it was done. When I was a sole trader I employed 4 staff, Before the Ltd company went down it had 40 staff and fifty vehicles. Unfortunately I am a Mechanic and not really a business person so relied on my wife and the accountant to basicly run everything whilst I repaired vehicles. At a l
  19. Thanks Oldshep, I have had a look at the site, but I am quite a thicky really and can't make head nor tail of it. This is about a Ltd company who never paid all there paye for the employee's, And now the inland revenue say I owe it all But thanks
  20. First of all I live in France, I had a telephone call today from the inland revenue asking for £55,000.00. They say I owe this from years ago roughly about six. I was a sole trader and my business,assets and all were taken over by a Limited company. The ltd company took over all the tax and VAT Liability's of the sole trader. The Vat Office accept that the ltd company which went bust took over but now that the ltd company has gone bust the Tax say they never accepted the transfer so I Personally owe this debt. The chappy on the phone told me that if I did not pay this then they
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