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  1. Thanks for that but i am not aware that i owe anyone anything, and i am certainly not ringing them as i have been looking on the net and its being said that this is a premium rate number. I have no details of their address or anything surely it would be professional of them to contact me via letter???
  2. I have had a call this morning from an 0845 number and also had one last week but i thought i had missed the call but looking on the internet i have learnt that this a collection agency and mainly looks like CSA???? Apparently when you try to answer these calls according to what i have read no one is there to answer. I have now recieved a call asking me to contact them and a reference number. As i dont have any dealings with the CSA as i have been married for 28 years i dont see it could be this. Would they be chasing any other debt??? Although i was ,made bankrupt last novemeber. I am
  3. I thought so i will do this now and get posted tomorrow thankyou
  4. yet again i recieve another letter from Credit Security limited stating as i have disregarded numerous requests for settlement they are not threatening to issue a claim in the Aylesbury County Court. How come they still continue to chase me? They dont take no for an answer do they and they obviously do not read their returned mail that tells them i am bankrupt. Bloody idiots!!!! oh well i will return it with a copy of my bankruptcy order and again will post it to the OR at nottingham county court. Any advice?
  5. Hi there Can you help me, I declared myself bankrupt in November 2008 but i keep getting letters just from one company in particular Credit Security Limited saying if i pay the reduced amount i can save 60% of the debt. I am sure i have sent them a letter stating i am bankrupt and to contact the Official Reciever at the county court. Now this letter is threatening me with action and a county court judgement. What i dont want is to go through bailiffs turning up at my door as i went through a harassing time last year when i had an arrogant b*****d of a bailiff at my door. What else can i
  6. Thankyou for the replies - i know they shouldnt be contacting me but just wanted some advice as to whether i should ring the number or not. I will do that write a letter and send it recorded to them. You also say i should contact the OR and report Lowell? ok will do Thankyou again
  7. I keep returning all the mail that keeps coming from Lowells - then Red letter Debt agency ( i think thats what they are called ) and now have recieved a postcard with a reference number on and asking me to call 0844 844 4720 i obviously googled this and found out it was the debt company again. I declared myself bankrupt in november 2005 and have always send back information to these companies with my bankruptcy number and asked them to refer all mail to the official reciever. Shall i just ignore this or simply write on the card "declared bankrupt " It seems they are not bothering to amend
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