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  1. Thanks for dropping by lookinforinfo - all input is much appreciated. I think in my case I will need to forward a complaint to the ICO and maybe the OFT as pinky suggested and see what they have to say. Will keep the thread updated with developments. Cheers:)
  2. Hi lookinforinfo, Don't want to argue about this but are you are saying that a creditor has a right to report on a credit file even where no legal agreement exists? Surely, just because they do it, it doesn't make it right! After all, there is a lot of things they do that are wrong but they still do them because they think they can get away with it. I have just had a quick read through this thread and came across this post from Pinky69 who started this thread. It reads. 'A DN is not necessary to make an entry on a credit report -a default indicates that the relationship between the
  3. I see your point but in the above scenario one would be giving their permission to report the payment and would expect their file to be updated. I have told them to stop reporting now that the alleged agreement no longer exists. I would think the FOS would let the creditor do whatever they wanted but the ICO's guidlines in relation to filing defaults states 'Any default record should be accurate. We normally expect a lender to keep records that are necessary to show an agreement exists and to support filing a default.' So I think their reporting should cease once an alleged agreement
  4. Having read through a lot of the ICO guidelines for creditors am I correct in my reasoning that once an alleged account is terminated the creditor loses the right to continue reporting to the CRA's? In my case they placed a default on my file more that 6 months after termination. I have told them they were wrong to do this and told them to stop reporting but not surprisingly they just carry on! my thread is here if anyone is interested in commenting cheers:)
  5. Got a reply to my previous letter to which they say they have nothing to add to their last letter. They do suggest complaining to the FOS if I am not happy!
  6. Giving them one last chance to remove the entries. Don't think they will comply but it will show that I have given them ample opportunity to do so. Thanks for the help Pinky, it is appreciated. Cheers:)
  7. Thanks for dropping by Pinky - much appreciated. Have been reading through your thread on getting your credit file default entries removed. I have a similar problem in that after unlawfully terminating the alleged agreement they then wait more than 6 months to put a default on my file. I have told them to remove it and explained that they lost the right to report once an alleged agreement is no longer live but they just don't listen!
  8. Received a letter from RW re my offer to settle the arrears. They are asking for I&E details before they consider the offer. What's that all about? After all, I'm not going to be paying the arrears up. Any comments as to what they are up to, if anything (I'm always suspicious!), would be appreciated. Cheers:)
  9. Thanks for the link haggis1984. Will have a read through.
  10. Hi IainHL, Sorry for not replying earlier. Unfortunately have had some family health probs to deal with so have not had the chance to answer. Well, surprise, surprise it appears that the CRA entry was a mistake! I did think that this would be the case but had hoped otherwise! Still getting the lovely letters from the DCA and had a similar reply to my query that Lexis got from the Coop regarding the cancellation/termination notice. Anyway, will keep this thread updated from now on. Cheers:)
  11. Enjoying reading this very interesting thread! Had a couple of questions though.................... Noticed in a previous post a suggestion that a default should be registered on your credit file within 6 months of a default notice being issued but cannot find any confirmation of this. I have looked on the OFT website but no luck. Does anyone have any details of this? Also, if a default notice is invalid are they still allowed to place a default on a credit file? Thanks for any replies. Cheers:)
  12. Hi Slick, Yes, sorry about that! This is for a mastercard the other a visa. Would it be possible to change the thread title of the other one to something like LAD Vs Barclaycard Visa? Thanks for the help. Cheers:)
  13. Thought I would start a new thread relating to a mastercard dating back to 1990. I went onto a payment plan with BC last year paying token payments. I then found CAG early this year and decided to send BC a SAR. I have been trying to get info from them for almost 7 months now! They have never sent a copy of the agreement in this time. So, in Sept. I sent off a CCA request. Got the usual photocopy T&Cs allegedly from the date. Sent the account in dispute letter and again requested a true copy. BC sent the standard 3 page letter about how they have complied. They seem to think this is
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